6 out of 7: what it is, main questions and 7 strategies to achieve

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6 in 7 is a sales technique that makes it possible to bill a digital product in the 6-digit range, that is, at least R$100,000 — in just 7 days.

A few years ago, this could have been seen as a joke in entrepreneurship. But the Internet changed everything. Today, you can sell 100% digital products, with the help of ads and content across all digital media, influencers and more.

Next, you will read how the 6 in 7 technique works and what strategies are used to achieve it. Enjoy reading.

What is 6 in 7?

The model 6 7, also called Formula Release or Product Launch Formula, was born in 2005 in the US. Érico Rocha was the Brazilian who brought the model to our country.

Within this strategy, the multiples are also associated:

  • 6 out of 7 — when billing reaches 6 digits;
  • 6 in 1 — when you earn more than 6 digits in a single day;
  • 7 in 7 — that’s 7 digits in 7 days.

After all, is there any secret that these entrepreneurs have to achieve these results?

Prior preparation

Rarely does anyone get the 6 out of 7 on the first release? In general, it requires a community around the brand, a blog or a social network where people already know your digital product or service. This setup also comes with multiple attempts of 6 on 7.

In addition, there is still the pre-pre-release or PPL phase, which are 2 to 7 days of content that generate expectations about the product that will be launched in the digital market. Even this underscores how the launch itself requires advance preparation. You will better understand all the phases later on.

And, of course, the product is unlikely to be developed during this period. Overall, there are months of behind-the-scenes work even before PPL to be able to develop the ideal product and strategy.

Digital skills

Before dedicating yourself to this release, it is recommended to develop some skills that many people may not have yet, such as good oratory and diction, resourcefulness, ability to train a team, knowledge in digital marketing, etc.

First, because throughout the launch, as a product expert or service provider, you will have to speak directly to your audience through videos and lives — in some cases, in person. Additionally, the production of these videos, lives, text content and advertisements demands the help of a group of people who will be part of your routine.

Right products

Some people have harsh criticisms of 6 out of 7 because they tried to sell physical products with the technique. This is a big mistake because, as much as it may seem, R$ 100,000 in a week, this amount is not necessarily profitable to cover the costs of ads and teams, let alone raw material and other item operations. Traditional ones.

And if you provide services that are millionaires and/or that involve sponsorship, as in sports, it will be practically impossible to get sales only in digital. These products require attendance at meetings, dinners and other closer encounters.

There’s even the Spartan launch for that. It is a specific modality for the face-to-face hiring of a digital entrepreneur.

What are the 6 in 7 strategies?

Now that you know the initial considerations for making a millionaire launch, discover the main types of launches and related strategies.

Seed Release

In the seed launch, which is the simplest strategy and geared towards beginners, you will launch your product through a live class that takes place after a series of emails are sent to the leads.

In a way, it even feels like a pre-release, a preparation for the official release. That’s because, with it, you’ll be able to investigate the demand for the product you want to sell, make tests, and receive feedback, study results and gather testimonials that will be useful in the future.

The live class format is ideal because, since it is in real time, it does not require the expense of video editing resources and, as a result, the infoproduct can be cheaper and easier to sell.

Internal Release

This strategy is a little more evolved: before launching your digital product, you should publish between 3 to 5 videos as a pre-release.

All feedback and testimonials obtained with the seed release will be used in the internal release. Therefore, it is important to follow this order if you are going to enter the world of releases.

The name of this release is internal because you will continue to sell only to your audience, without providing links to affiliates or other enterprising partners.

Semi-internal launch

It is the internal launch added to the collaboration of 2 to 3 other infoproducers. It is important that they are people you trust or that you already have a certain audience, to ensure that your product will be well promoted.

This means that your audience will expand and include the potential customers of these other entrepreneurs, giving a greater proportion to your release and bringing it closer to the expected 6 out of 7.

The main skill, in this strategy, is to network to have the support of other experts, content creators, affiliates, among others.

External Release

The external launch is practically a watershed. Now the differences are more significant, as it usually results in revenue 10 times higher than the previous ones.

The first difference is in the number of partnerships: the recommended is at least 10 people, but there are those who have 100 other entrepreneurs.

Typically, they are responsible for the bonus content of digital products and parallel releases of their own.

Perpetual Release

This is the launch that keeps your digital product on the market, with no forecast of closing sales. As with the seed launch, it is recommended that your average ticket is not high — even because the infoproduct will always be available to the public, without shortages.

Lightning Release

It’s a pretty simple release, but with some limitations. In the lightning strategy, you only need to send 6-7 emails to your leads and the shopping cart should close quickly. For that, the discounts must be expressive and its biggest benefit is the generation of cash flow or quick cash for your business.


It’s simply a repeat of an already made release. It can be done in two ways:

  • Classic — in the classic relaunch, you just republish all release content, such as videos, landing pages, and emails. Of course, you save time and resources, but in return, your expected revenue should be far less than the original release;
  • R2X — here you relaunch your product after perfecting your offer and capturing or qualifying more leads. Thus, there will be more work, however, the expectation is that you will be able to double your sales — hence the name R (relaunch) and 2X (duplicate).

6 out of 7: main doubts

There are several ways to get your 6 out of 7, so having insecurities is normal. Follow the main questions of those who have not yet made any releases:

Which strategy to perform first?

The best thing is to start with the seed launch. It is the simplest and has high chances of making money faster. The catch is that it is hardly feasible to do the 6 digits in a week with them.

What are the steps for releases?

For most launch strategies, you’ll follow these steps:

  1. PPL — as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the PPL is like a warning, a basic suspense in your audience. You should post content like ‘soon…’ or ‘coming soon…’ alluding to your digital product that will soon go public.
  2. PL (Prerelease) — the game starts at this stage. You’ll serve valuable content and build your lead list for one to two weeks. In addition to creating bonds and generating awareness about your business, PL contents generate a sense of reciprocity and commitment. People will consume this valuable content for free and, in future steps, will buy your product to ‘not disappoint’ you.
  3. L (launch) — this phase is the core of 6 in 7. You basically open the cart and make the sales. But pay attention to support, the capacity of the platform’s servers and conversions (number of people who actually pay the bill, credit card problems, among others).
  4. Post-L (post-launch) — this is when leads access your product. It is important to closely monitor all the impressions generated: if your customers receive what they expect (or beyond what they expect), if they can properly access the infoproduct and, finally, in the case of online courses, how many actually complete the course.

It is essential to try to make your students take their course to the end. Because, normally, this is what guarantees the achievement of results for them and students with results means success cases for you and more millionaire releases in the future.

Learn more about making a successful launch:

How do I know my product is good for a 6 out of 7?

It’s okay if you doubt your product. Selling thousands of reais with an intangible product, which only exists on one platform, can cause this uncertainty. Therefore, Rocha developed a scheme to estimate the quality of a digital product:

1. He is your passion

The content of your infoproduct is about something you love, you are passionate about. Doing what we like tends to greatly increase the chances of success involved. This also happens in the digital products market.

2. You are really skilled with it

Liking something doesn’t mean having mastery over it. When you find something you like and have talent, enjoy it. It doesn’t matter if you post 15 pieces of content a day about your course, if you don’t have the skills, people will notice.

Remember that visibility comes from digital, but authority only comes with knowledge. Customers are increasingly aware and empowered with so much information available.

3. The product makes money

Is there a market for your digital product? Be realistic: There is no such thing as a miracle sales technique for products that don’t sell.

If you have passion and skill with something that doesn’t sell, it’s best to limit it to a hobby.

What tools do you need to launch?

There’s a whole universe devoted to releases and you’ll find the most basic features at release agencies. But before you get to know them, check out some HeroSpark products that will better prepare you for your first 6 out of 7:


6 in 7 is a sales technique with many success stories, but SparkStart offers a set of methods to help you sell—regardless of the success formulas.

Almost everyone has product ideas, but who actually gets them on the market? The SparkStart program takes an entrepreneur from scratch to their first sales with an online course.

But why does it work?

Because it was validated among dozens of other entrepreneurs, who started like this, out of nowhere, but consolidated themselves and have been in the market for years, until today.


The sales funnel is practically the main element of a digital business. It shows the number of people and income from those who have just learned about your product to who actually bought it and how much they paid. There are also associated metrics, types of strategies appropriate for each step of the funnel, and specific content for each moment.

The problem is that all this involves a series of knowledge that are beyond your main product: you must understand copywriting, design, automation, etc. But SparkFunnels delivers it all ready for you.

Let’s assume you want to produce a webinar (seed launch).

By clicking on create your account on SparkFunnels, automatically, you will already have:

  • a capture page;
  • a thank you page ;
  • a platform for the webinar;
  • checkout environment.

So, instantly, you take several shortcuts. No WordPress plugins, payment platforms, different urls and other headaches.

Furthermore, instead of creating all this material from scratch at each of the 7 releases, you just have to access the duly prepared templates for your business.


Through SparkMembers it is possible to create and host the course online. It allows the use of videos, audio, PDFs and more.

This tool allows the complete management of the member’s area, which delivers a unique experience to your customers. In addition, it performs the automated issuance of the certificate.

The 6 in 7 release is a millionaire technique that, knowing its basic principles, is accessible to anyone. But to stand out in this increasingly popular medium, it’s essential to follow the best paths, with the best tools.

With HeroSpark you have everything in one place to achieve your 6 out of 7. With our solutions, you can create your digital product, even launch your pages and sales funnels.