6 tips on how to make money from home even for those who cannot invest

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The situation is not easy for anyone, only in the year 2021 Brazil reach an incredible number of 13 million unemployed people. Precisely for this reason, many people are looking for alternative methods to get extra income and tips on how to earn money from home. And that’s the subject of today’s text. Follow me!

However, not only unemployed people are looking for a home business, professionals from the most diverse areas choose to work from home due to all the advantages that this modality offers, do you know what they are?

Benefits of Working at Home

Flexibility of schedules

In the home office, there are no plastered routines, you can make your schedule according to your productivity. Many people say they pay more during the night, for example. Not to mention that working from home allows you to be able to carry out your daily tasks, such as going to the bank or supermarket.


There’s nothing better than being able to work in the comfort of your own home, using a chair that doesn’t harm your spine or, who knows, working on the sofa while drinking a coffee.

Quality of life

Can you imagine how satisfying it is to work without having to face hours in traffic? Also, be able to work from home and take short breaks to help your kids with their homework or watch your favourite show. The home office allows people to have high levels of productivity with lower levels of stress.

How to make money from home

Before we start with the tips, a little note: the possibilities of earning money from home are endless, however, I will focus on the most interesting ideas that do not require a high initial investment. Combined?

So come on…


You’ve probably heard of this platform, right? Airbnb not only allows you to make money in your home but you get paid, literally, with his house. Maybe it got a little confused, I’ll explain.

Do you know when you’re planning a trip and get super upset when you realize that half of your budget will be allocated to hotel rates? So, Airbnb came to solve this problem. The app allows people to rent rooms or entire houses for a much more affordable price.

To advertise on Airbnb you just have to meet certain requirements, such as the house having access to the internet and hot water, for example. On the platform’s website, you will find more detailed information. Registration is free and a single person can register in more than one location.

Renting rooms can be a good source of income for people who live alone or have free space at home. And, in addition to the financial part, it’s a great opportunity to meet people and make new friends.


That the food industry is one of the most profitable in the country, everyone already knows. But, contrary to what many people think, it is possible to open a business focused on this area at home, yes.

Working with the production of lunchboxes allows you to start a business without having to worry about hiring waiters and paying rent for a property. Even expenses with buffet, dishes and energy are lower.

Many people choose to buy lunchboxes because they are cheaper than traditional restaurants and much more practical. If you live in an area where there is a high concentration of businesses and stores, the job is even easier. You can advertise your services in the surroundings and increase your clientele.

And to further expand your audience, you can cook healthy lunchboxes, lactose-free and gluten-free lunchboxes, for example. It would be something innovative and that would serve many people.

Private lessons

Whether you are a person with a lot of knowledge in a certain area or a teacher who already works in face-to-face schools, private lessons are a great solution to earn money at home.

The possibilities for classes are endless, they can be math classes for students who are struggling at school. English classes for those who want to learn a second language, guitar for those looking for musical knowledge. Or you can opt for the culinary and confectionery area, as I said, there are many options.

The investment is very low, as there is no need for a large physical space or travel expenses, students go to your house. Ideally, you should have at least one large table at home.

And to promote your services, you can opt for the traditional business cards, but also bet heavily on social networks. Facebook has several groups of private lessons. Also, the Get Ninjas website can be a great ally.

In addition to face-to-face tutoring, you can invest in online classes. Either via hangouts or through an online course. The great advantage of these courses is the possibility of reaching students from other cities and even from other countries.


We recently published a text giving tips on how to make money on the internet, you can go there and check out some ideas on the internet. But now the goal is to focus on freelancers that can be done from home.

The 99freelas website is perfect for people who want to work from home. The platform bridges the gap between companies and freelancers. And, believe me, the number of daily deals are very high. All offers are sent by email and, if you are interested, just apply and wait for the interested company to return.

Registration on the platform is free, however, most places are available 24 hours only for premium members and only after that period for the rest. Therefore, the ideal is that you subscribe to the premium package and have access to all offers immediately. The annual premium package costs approximately R$34.00 per month.


Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing activities in the country and, even better, can be done from home without restriction.

Affiliates are people who work selling third-party products and receive commissions as a form of payment. Therefore, this activity requires nothing more than a computer and the internet.

Depending on the affiliate program are chosen, the commissions can reach up to 80% of the total product. Furthermore, there are no restrictions regarding the number of affiliations. Most affiliates work with more than one product.

The great secret of a successful affiliate is the knowledge of digital marketing. To drive sales, many people use SEO strategies for affiliates and produce content on websites, blogs and social networks. In general, the contents are informative and according to the niche of activity, however, they are also focused on conversion.

On the other hand, some people opt for Facebook and Instagram Ads strategies, that is, they invest in paid ads served within these social networks. Regardless of the method, the idea is to always attract as much traffic as possible to your communication channels.

The investment is very low, as affiliates do not need to spend on creating a product from scratch, nor on real estate rental and employee salaries. And, first of all, there is the possibility of creating a successful digital business and being your own boss.

Are you an expert in something? Be a Producer!

How about turning your knowledge into a digital product? It can be a podcast, ebook or an online course.

Podcasts and ebooks are educational and inexpensive to produce. In addition, they allow your audience to consume your content on the bus or while carrying out some domestic activity.

Online courses, in turn, engage much more but require a little more investment. But it is important to remember that distance learning courses have become a trend in recent years, many people are choosing to take them due to flexible study hours and cheaper tuition fees.

After producing content, just make it available on a platform specialized in info products and it will be ready to be sold. The HeroSpark, for example, specializes in online courses and offers solutions for producers and affiliates.

Producers who hire HeroSpark’s services rely on consulting services geared towards the specificity of each course and, above all, with an incredible network of affiliates willing to promote their materials in the best possible way.

How to Make Money at Home: Myth or Reality?

Some say that building a successful business with little money, alone and at home is impossible. I cannot lie and say it will be easy as it will not be. And it is clear that starting a business with high investment and several partners makes the task less complex, however, this means that the first option is unfeasible.

João Amádio, CEO of VeteduKa, created a high-impact online course with very little investment in the beginning. Today, his monthly billing exceeds R$40,000.00.

The affiliate market is heated in Brazil and the trend is for it to grow even more in the coming years. And starting to work as an affiliate is not a utopia, there are several documented cases on the internet of people who reached their first sale without investing anything.

And I don’t even need to say that food and education are basic human needs, right? Therefore, a well-structured business with good publicity in this field can yield good results.

However, none of these markets grows faster than the production of online courses! The great truth is that the future is not in universities, but in open courses focused on certain areas of knowledge.