Find out how choosing a good affiliate program will influence your earnings

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There is a saying that “not even a watch works for free”, do you know? The digital entrepreneur has the opportunity to open a business with a low initial investment. However, this business needs to be profitable, as no one works for free. So, if you have chosen to get into affiliate marketing, you should know that one of the first steps to success is choosing a good affiliate program.

What is an affiliate program?

In short, they are the platforms responsible for bridging the gap between producers and affiliates. They are in charge of hosting the products made available by those who produce them and, at the same time, enabling people to affiliate with these products and promote them.

The first affiliate program emerged in 1996 when Amazon created Amazon Associates. The American giant saw in the digital environment an opportunity to increase sales of its electronics and, as we can see today, it hit the nail on the head!

Perhaps, at first, you think that the term “affiliate program” is something very innovative or far from your reality. However, several companies established in the Brazilian market and even worldwide have affiliate programs. It is possible to mention Ricardo Eletro and Magazine Luiza, which are companies that also have physical stores.

In addition to these, there is Netshoes, which operates in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. The company focused on sports already had physical stores, but nowadays it operates 100% in the digital environment and has an excellent affiliate program as well.

Affiliate programs have been growing exponentially in Brazil. The biggest reasons are the possibility of creating a highly profitable business with low investment and that it is a legal activity in our country. Many people are seeing affiliate marketing as an opportunity to get out of their dreary jobs and start their own business.

When choosing a good platform to work, it is necessary to pay attention to the products offered, the types of commission, the support given to the affiliates and, obviously, if they are reputable platforms. Some platforms are known for not honouring their payments and letting their affiliates down.

Products offered

Contrary to what many people think, it is not possible to only affiliate with digital products, infoproducts. There are platforms that only have infoproducts in their catalogue, but there are also platforms that sell physical products.

Platforms like Monetizze and Eduzz offer both infoproducts and physical products. And there are also platforms that work exclusively with physical products, such as the brand new BRAIP.

And we still have platforms that offer services. The HostGator, a company that works with web hosting, has an affiliate program. The great advantage of working with services is the possibility of earning commissions on a recurring basis. This is because commissions are paid monthly while the customer uses the services sold.

The products offered by each platform are fundamental when choosing which one to act on. First, the product must make sense in its niche. Remember, to drive conversions, the product needs to be useful to your audience.

Another important factor is the quality of the products offered on this platform. Always choose to work promoting articles from producers known for performing competent work. Affiliate marketing is within content marketing where the main thing, as the name implies, is the content. The customer needs to be satisfied after making a purchase.

Types of commissioning

In a very simple definition: affiliates are people who work promoting third-party products and earn a commission for each sale, check out the article where I told you all about the work of an affiliate and stay on top of this world.

Therefore, commission plays an important role in an affiliate’s life. Each platform works in a different way, some adhere to only one type of commission, while others use several of them. Obviously, the type of commission will also depend on the product in question.

However, you might be wondering how affiliate programs know who sold a particular product, right? When you join a product, you will receive a link known as an “affiliation code” and it is your responsibility to publicize these links on your social networks and other platforms. For every purchase made using this code, the commission will be forwarded to you.

Commission amounts are highly dependent on product to product. In general, infoproducts usually have a higher commission because they require a lower investment for their creation.

However, you need to study what your goals are and keep in mind where you want to go. With that in mind, you can decide whether it pays more to earn a 70% commission on a $65.00 ebook or 10% on a $1200.00 course.

However, not all commissions revolve around sales. I will talk about the main types of commissioning and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them. Come with me!

CPV (Cost per Sale)

These are the highest commissions on the market, certainly. And, precisely for this reason, it ends up being the most used means of payment. Here the affiliate only earns his commission after completing the sale. Commissions vary by product and platform, but many of them are close to 50%.

The CPV method is used by the Amazon affiliate program. Here, commissions can vary from 3 to 7%. However, the American company works with the related sales system, that is, if the customer buys other products on the site, the affiliate earns a commission on all of them.

CPC (Cost per Click)

It is one of the oldest methods used on the internet. Here the affiliates do not depend on completing the sale, just that the leads click on their sponsored links and/or banners for the affiliate to receive. This type of commission is used by Google AdSense, for example.

The disadvantage of CPC is the lower commission values, in which case the affiliate depends on a large audience to have several clicks and get a good value. However, he does not depend on finalizing the sale to receive. If there is a withdrawal in the middle of the purchase process, the affiliate will have already received his commission.

CPA (Cost per Action)

The commissions are quite high and are also not dependent on the sale is completed. The affiliate will receive his commission when someone clicks on his link and/or banner and performs some specific action within the producer’s website, such as filling out a form or subscribing to a newsletter.

CPI (Cost per Installation)

This commission model only started to stand out after the appearance of smartphones, obviously. In this type of commission, the affiliate receives every time someone downloads an application through a referral from you. Anyone working with this method should keep in mind that it is a model focused on mobile traffic.

CPL (Cost per Lead)

This method is widely used in B2B business, that is, business between legal entities. The affiliate receives his commission every time he generates a lead for the contracting company.

Affiliate Support

Bill Hewlett, a founder of HP, once said, “Men and women want to do a good job. If they are given the right environment, they will do it.” And in affiliate marketing, your desktop is the platform for your affiliate program. Therefore, it is essential that it provides good support to assist the affiliate in their activities.

Depending on the producer and the platform, banners will be made available to help the affiliate. In addition, some allow the affiliate to have access to a sample of the product in order to test and promote it.

And, above all, always look for platforms with the best payouts. But pay attention not only to commissions but to how and when payments are made. Some platforms release payment on the same day, while others take up to 7 business days to release it.

Become a HeroSpark Affiliate

Here at HeroSpark we have a hot affiliate program! We work with the best portfolio of online courses and we treat our affiliates with care. In addition, our producers provide great commission amounts.

Just so you can get a glimpse of the work our heroes do, see the numbers below:

  • More than 140 thousand courses were created;
  • More than 621 thousand certificates were issued;
  • Almost 90 million reais in courses sold.

The numbers are impressive, aren’t they? On top of that, our affiliates have incredible working conditions and support that is the envy of the competition. What are the advantages of being a HeroSpark affiliate?

Excellent commissions

We work with the commission per sale (CPV) method and, with each sale, the affiliate can earn a commission of up to 50% of the total value of the course. And, above all, we have an advanced control system that ensures affiliates that their payment is made correctly and in a short time.

Support materials

Our producers provide support materials with tips to help publicize their courses. Each material has several keywords and copies according to the specificity of each course.


Our portfolio of courses has the best available on the market! We work with a high-quality control and we only make available courses that add value to our students. Besides, they are courses in little-explored niches, that is, a real gold mine.

At HeroSpark we only work with quality courses, so all our producers go through a process. Our platform only has courses with high quality of sound and video. We also focus on pedagogically well-organized courses, thus guaranteeing our customers that they are making a good purchase.

In addition, all courses have a validated demand offer. In other words, they are courses sought by consumers and that have sales potential.

Platform-affiliate relationship

We treat our affiliates like friends, this is our differential. We have support ready to solve your demands in record time.

And, in addition, our affiliates participate in an exclusive network of producers and affiliates with periodic training. That way, they will always be updated on the news to keep their sales always high.

Open channel

We provide satisfaction surveys for our affiliates, as well as a quarterly feedback collection. Therefore, we have an open channel with our affiliate network so that they can collaborate with the growth of our program.

I think it’s pretty clear how crucial it is to choose a good affiliate program, isn’t it? When opening a new business, it is always necessary that there is a lot of study and commitment, in a digital business it could not be different.

Study and see which affiliate programs best fit your type of business and how they can help you sell more. Any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll respond soon!