How to make an absolute ZERO e-book

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If you have a digital business or plan to start one, you should study some methods to delight your customers. If you came here looking for this, then you are on the right track, as you are about to learn how to make an e-book!

In this article, we’ll offer some tips on how to make a digital book from absolute scratch, including ready-made templates.

What is an e-book?

An e-book is simply a book in digital format. It can be read via mobile devices such as mobile and tablet, or on a computer. In addition to reading devices such as kindle.

The name “e-book” comes from the abbreviation for “electronic book” which, in the literal sense of the word, translates as “electronic book”.

Even though it’s not big news, no one can deny that e-books are wonders that came to be created with the new digital age, as this made accessing books much easier.

And even reading these e-books is less complicated because you can read them at the best time and place for you. Once an e-book is downloaded, no matter which device you use to read it, it will always be there, unless you delete it.

Want to know how to implement this idea in your business? Keep following the reading and find out.

How to create an e-book?

To learn how to make an e-book, some basic steps can be followed to guide the process from scratch:

  1. Define the persona/target audience;
  2. Choose a theme;
  3. Script the ebook production process into topics;
  4. Develop text and images;
  5. Format the ebook;
  6. Review and define the final details;
  7. Host on a platform;
  8. Spread the word!

Define the persona/target audience

Before producing any type of content, it is essential to define for whom it will be produced.

In this case, to define a target audience for your product, you will need the following information: age, profession, gender, preferences, among other data.

They are essential for knowing the language to be used and the information that will be covered.

It will be even better if you work with a persona, that is, a representation of the ideal client. It allows for a more objective and specific view of which group will be reached by the digital book, taking into account behavioural analyzes of its current or potential clientele.

Choose a theme

Now that you know who will be the ideal reader for your e-book, it’s time to choose a theme for your e-book. There is no right way to put a range of diverse and unfiltered information into the e-book.

However, it needs to be clear, well-crafted and convey credibility to the reader. So, choosing a topic that you master and that is related to your business will have a greater impact on the audience.

Furthermore, always being aware of what your chosen market niche is interested in knowing makes all the difference in producing relevant material. Follow the current trends, what people are most looking for on the networks and search engines.

Producing content about something that is really interesting to be acquired will have a positive impact when it comes to promoting and selling the digital book.

Script the e-book production process into topics

This is a very important step in learning how to make an e-book. Organizing your book into topics is essential for it to have a beginning, middle, and end that make sense.

Your sequence of information should convey ideas in a logical and well-structured way. Therefore, this scripting in topics will make it much easier to effectively write the book.

Develop text and images

It’s time to formulate the content of your text. Words and images should make your e-book attractive to your audience.

This will probably not be a linear step, you can choose an image from an image bank, change your mind, write a few pages and reword a few paragraphs.

The process will determine the main parts of your product. So, it can and should be explored to the maximum to bring the most suitable result.

Format the e-book

The content is now ready. Now we need to shape it. At this stage, design and format issues will be decided.

As for the design, many elements must be considered, such as font, spacing, size and other aesthetic issues.

There are several tools that provide ready-made templates for e-books, on sites like Canva. They can help to extract some ideas, but it is always interesting to give the “unique touch” to your business, whether by the colours, the elements or the arrangement of the content.

As for the format and reading experience, two possibilities are at stake, PDF and Epub. PDF is versatile and easily recognized on devices. Epub preserves the arrangement of images and adapts the text to the viewing area of ​​each device.

Make an analysis of what should be prioritized in your case.

Review and define the final details of the e-book

Everything is almost ready! Before moving on to sale and promotion, review everything to avoid the digital book coming out with some grammatical error, inconsistency or needing a formatting adjustment.

Also, set up a distribution and outreach platform, such as HeroSpark, that fully supports the sale of e-books and other digital products.

In addition, with the platform, you can take advantage of a sales funnel management system, which helps in the process of converting leads to your business. It is worth checking!

Host the e-book on a platform

Another fundamental step in the process of creating and disseminating an e-book is to host it on some platform, so that it can reach your audience.

It is important to choose your own platform for the distribution and sale of digital products. This way, you can count on several features that facilitate the handling of the material and make the download process easier for your reader.

Therefore, you must choose a quality platform, which is tested and approved for this purpose. It needs to ensure an excellent customer experience, from the process of providing data for download to delivery.

Also, it is essential to do price research to find out how much it costs to host an e-book.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to invest money for this. HeroSpark is a free and complete platform for digital producers to host, sell and distribute their digital products in an intuitive, easy and fast way.

Don’t worry, you don’t need any advanced computer, programming or design knowledge. The entire interface is ready, you just need to fill in the information related to your business, upload the e-book and that’s it.


Finally, the time has come to make your creation public. Follow the most suitable medium for your business, which fits the marketing strategies that bring more efficiency.

The e-book can be advertised as digital bait, that is, free content, or sold as a product. To find out which is better, check out this video prepared by the HeroSpark marketing team.

Disclosure can be done on social networks, through a content site, or sent directly to those who express interest by filling out a form, for example.

For that, you must create a landing page (capture page), where your reader will fill out this form to receive something in return (the e-book, in this case). Upon completion of this process, in addition to having access to your e-book, he will no longer be a simple visitor and will become a lead for your business.

Therefore, landing pages are used to promote your e-book, as well as to capture relevant data from your future customers.

From this data (such as email or phone number), you can start sending content to them, creating an email marketing campaign, SMS, among others. That way, you establish closer contact and don’t let the lead forget you exist.

How to create a landing page?

There are several platforms available on the market. Most of them are paid and, if free, may have several limitations.

HeroSpark, after a lot of studying digital product conversions, developed a free platform for creating landing pages that helps in all steps of creating a sales funnel:

  • Lead tracking;
  • Email marketing flow automation;
  • Support for showing webinars;
  • Metric reports for each step of the funnel;
  • Templates for landing pages with tried and tested structures.

After creating the landing page to capture leads and make your e-book available, it’s time to start promoting it. For this, you can invest in all platforms and formats that make sense for your business: email marketing, social networks, etc.

However, the fastest and most effective way to bring more visitors to your landing page is to invest in paid traffic, that is, traffic that depends on financial investment. After all, with the constant changes in algorithms, it’s almost impossible to scale a business without paid traffic these days.

Of course, this investment depends on your goals and your financial possibility at the time, but knowing this possibility is essential.

The importance of the e-book in digital marketing

E-books are very important in digital marketing because depending on the niche you are included in, they can be useful to delve into a certain subject that you might not be able to cover in a post or in a publication.

Even if you have a good interaction with your customers and produce a lot of content, it is very difficult to delve into certain topics: this is when the e-book may be needed.

With it, you’ll be able to distribute the content you wanted to cover in-depth and, as a bonus, you’ll make it clear to your audience that you’re a kind of authority on what you present.

The e-book can also capture emails from many potential customers and allow you to start a relationship with them. You just have to distribute it through a landing page.

By striving to create content that is relevant, useful, and helps others solve their problems, you will automatically attract more people to your page. To access the book’s content, the user makes their email address available.

It’s very good when you can increase the number of registered emails. And once that happens, you need to constantly nurture a new relationship between you and your prospects.

Don’t worry if you can’t sell the first time, just going through this process will increase your business’ visibility and still gain credibility. Don’t forget: you must have a sales funnel-style strategy so that you can achieve great results in your business.

Advantages of Creating an E-book

It’s a way to take advantage of internet opportunities

Nowadays, it is common for information of the most diverse types to be searched on the internet to bring the resolution of many problems. But the online environment can also help you earn money in many ways.

If you have a good idea and good planning, you may be able to make your income increase and, in some cases, make it your main source of income. Thus, it is possible to live only from the sales of products and services online.

There are many possibilities: 

  • Create a blog;
  • Create a website to make money from affiliate marketing;
  • Set up an e-commerce (virtual store) and earn money selling products;
  • Create an online course;
  • Work as a freelancer;
  • Sell ​​services to social networks;
  • Become a digital influencer;
  • Create a Podcast;
  • Sell ​​products on marketplaces and buy and sell sites
  • work as a copywriter
  • Monetize videos for Youtube

And the list doesn’t stop there! The possibilities are endless, just be creative and know how to identify what people are looking for, so you can solve their problems.

Although there is a vast field of action, when it comes to making money online, things still look murky. In addition, many people fall into miraculous promises, and forget that setting up an online business is like starting any business: it requires a lot of work.

But in addition to those looking to the internet as their main source of income, currently, even those who have their traditional physical companies need to innovate and participate in digital reality. Also because it is common that, before buying a product, the customer searches for it on the internet and compares prices in stores.

That’s why, as an entrepreneur, you must stay one step ahead of these people and step into this new reality.

There are at least three great advantages that a good internet positioning can bring to a business:

  • Be easily found: as we mentioned, nowadays, when searching for a product or service, people tend to search on the internet, due to its convenience and efficiency. With a well-structured presence on the internet, your business can be well positioned in search engines, which facilitates customer contact with your brand.
  • Winning new business: even if your store is physical, the internet brings several possibilities to obtain new sales. Whether through a menu, a catalogue or sharing exclusive offers.
  • Build a relationship with your customers: Through the internet, you have the opportunity to build a relationship with your customers and future customers. For this, it is important to have relevant content, promotions and other strategies that convince your customer to keep in touch.

But how to offer relevant content to strengthen the relationship with your customer? One option might be to create an e-book.

The main benefit of an e-book in a marketing strategy is to strengthen your company’s online reputation. If you want to be a leader and reference in your area of ​​expertise, it is important to provide materials that convey this perception to your readers.

By offering creatively written material, great sources, and relevant information to your readers, they will realize that you’ve written a digital book on the subject, which will help establish your status as an authority.


Traditional books usually involve a lot of costs and the expenses range from production to printing, inventory and shipping.

But with an e-book, the only thing you’ll need is your imagination and a computer that has an internet connection to distribute it, plus any expenses with text and art (which also exist in print publications).


The portability of the e-book is incredible: you can use your computer, notebook, mobile phone, iPad, e-book devices or a tablet.

The possibilities are endless: you can have your ebook anywhere, any time of the day, in the palm of your hand.

Therefore, due to the ease, many people who were not used to reading began to be more encouraged to consume digital content.


In short, scalability is being able to grow your business without increasing costs: that’s exactly what an e-book proposes.

So, if you think about it, they don’t have to spend on printing, much less on physical storage space, not to mention that the work will be unique in having to write.

You can still distribute your material to unlimited people, even from other countries, without demanding higher costs.

But, don’t think the benefits are just for those who produce. Quite the contrary, those who consume the content will also benefit.

Even because, to get an e-book, all you have to do is download it, order this material by just providing an email or buy it at a cheaper price.

Work with what you love

Due to advances in technology, it is possible for you to make money doing exactly what you love in digital media. If you have some kind of positive experience, be it personal or professional, and you want to share it with people, an e-book is the best way to do it.

You can think of a subject that makes you highly motivated and write about it, sharing your passion with others.

Many opportunities

We cannot forget the range of opportunities and the “doors” that will be opened by becoming a digital entrepreneur. Think about what it would be like if you could earn your money without having to hire a team or having to rent a physical structure.

When writing e-books, you will see that you can leverage your business with low investment and the possibility of making a profit in a short period of time.