How to put subtitles on video and 4 free tools

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Videos are very successful in digital marketing, but it is important to know how to put subtitles in video so that you can reach your audience in a more optimal way. If you are thinking of adding them to your digital business, stay with us.

The idea is good, but it is necessary to know how to use this format effectively so that it generates better results. Otherwise the effort may be in vain. But do not worry.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to use this effective strategy for videos: subtitles. You’ll discover how to put subtitles on video, generating greater engagement. Good reading!

Importance of knowing how to put subtitles on video

Have you ever noticed that some of the most popular videos on the internet have subtitles? This is not by chance. Search engines on platforms such as Google and YouTube tend to give more prominence to videos with subtitles.

This simple point is one of the main factors responsible for the success or not of a content on social networks and on the internet in general.

For other reasons to insert the subtitle in your video, read on.

1. Featured on the internet

Search and video platforms such as Google and Youtube offer millions of results for a simple search. But how do they rank these results? These sites use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to organize which page the content will appear on.

When content is video, priority is given to those with subtitles. So, if you know how to use subtitles in videos, your video’s chances of gaining an advantage over the competition increase.

2. Accessibility

Another important factor to consider is accessibility. It is necessary to take into account that some people have hearing impairment, such as deafness or poor auditory perception. A video without subtitles, therefore, makes it difficult or even impossible to understand the message.

In this way, your business not only excludes a group, but also gives up more consumers. Thus, those who invest in subtitles, in addition to working on inclusion, still manage to stand out and reach a wider audience.

3. Greater reach

A subtitled video also reaches audiences in other regions of the country and the world. Due to the speed of speech and regional variations in languages, it is possible that, despite speaking the same language, some people do not understand everything that is being said in the video.

Imagine Youtube videos, for example, that are recorded by Brazilians who use various expressions from where they live. A Portuguese who is interested in the message may end up giving up on the content because he cannot follow everything that is being said.

To avoid situations like this, the legend is an excellent ally.

4. Convenience

Did you know that 85% of Facebook videos play muted? The data are from a survey by Digidav that takes us to the last reason for you to start subtitling videos: convenience.

With the convenience of cell phones, people watch videos in public places, such as buses and subways. The problem is that not everyone leaves the house with headphones on and this prevents audio playback, as these spaces are often noisy, there is still a law prohibiting audio playback without headphones.

In a situation like this, your potential customer will only rely on the image and if it doesn’t attract attention or can’t get the whole message across, your company may not be able to sell your infoproducts.

How to put subtitles on video

Now that you know how important subtitles are, it’s time to learn how to subtitle videos. This action starts when editing videos and needs all the lines to be transcribed to text. After that, you must follow these steps:

1. Booking

The first step in inserting subtitles into a video is to know when each line enters. This is the function of marking. In this step, you will time the subtitle and scene duration in order to synchronize text and speech.

2. Translation

Translation usually requires specialized professionals, translators. Unlike what some people think, translating is not just finding words with similar meanings in another language. Therefore, you can hire a freelancer or a translation company.

3. Simulation

In the simulation step, you will need to make sure the audio and subtitle are in sync. This way, you avoid unnecessary mistakes and improve the user experience when watching the video. After all, it’s not enough to know how to put subtitles on video, it’s necessary to do it well.

4. Correction

The correction process is the last step to introduce the subtitle. This is the time to make the necessary adjustments that were identified during the simulation and finally post the video.

Platforms that already have the caption function

Remember that some platforms already have the subtitle function, so you don’t need to use an app for that. This is the case with Youtube, for example. YouTube and Facebook videos can be subtitled even after they are uploaded.

In the first case, all you need to do to add subtitles is go to the video manager, search for creative studio and then video manager. Then just click on the menu of the video you want to subtitle. Finally, click on the “subtitles/CC” icon and choose one of the formats: subtitles or CC subtitles (closed subtitles).

Automatic transcription

There is also the option of automatic transcription on Youtube. However, be careful with this option. Automatic transcriptions are generated by algorithms that perform speech recognition, but proper names, slang and regional expressions run the risk of not being understood. In addition, overlapping lines also interfere with automatic transcription.

Where to subtitle videos

If you still don’t know which editor to use to put subtitles on video, we recommend some totally free ones.

1. Jubler

Jubler is free software, available for Mac and Windows. With it you can create subtitles for videos, synchronize with the scene, and make corrections and much more. What makes this software more interesting is that it accepts different subtitle formats and allows you to change their color.

2. Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Workshop is an application available for Windows in which you can add, edit and convert subtitles. Its use is very intuitive, you don’t need to have great editing skills to be able to use it. Best of all, it’s a lightweight program that lets you spell check and preview your video.

3. Movavi clips

If you are used to editing videos on devices that have Android and iOS as the operating system, then our last two suggestions will be very helpful. Movavi clips is an application where you add subtitles after the file has already been cut. Thus, it is possible to add a description to each of the parts. The app also allows you to choose fonts, colors, size and position on the screen.

4. Video Show

In addition to allowing you to subtitle your videos, in the app you can also add sound effects, filters, transitions, animations, slow motion and much more. Remember that Video Show is an application available for Android and iOS.