How to Remove Mold from the Wall: Foolproof and Step-by-Step Tips

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A nuisance in the home of a large part of the Brazilian population is mold on the wall. In addition to being aesthetically ugly, they can cause a great deal of inconvenience in the construction. But if you’ve searched for different solutions on how to remove wall mold and still haven’t found an effective method, you’ve been looking in the wrong place.

Read on and learn all about this nightmare: what is mold, how to prevent it, the harmful effects of mold, how to remove it and whether or not you can paint the stain. Don’t worry, we’ll give you homemade tips that won’t need a lot of knowledge or the help of an expert in the field, we believe in you!

What is mold?

Mold or mildew, as it is also known, are those dark stains that form on the walls of more humid rooms like a small bathroom and kitchen, for example. The danger of this seemingly harmless stain is that it is fungus.

These microorganisms need a moist area to reproduce, so they stay away from windows and other ventilated areas. Therefore, it is very important to fight them as quickly as possible, reducing the rate of proliferation.

On the other hand, if you’ve reported mold in ventilated areas that aren’t in the kitchen or bathroom, you might be wondering how they got there, right? Especially in the summer, when there is a lot of rain across the country, the season is more favorable to help the accumulation of moisture on the wall, which also results in the poor appearance of the room.

In the latter case, when the problem is the infiltration of rainwater, there is not much to do, the best solution is to talk to a mason to find a solution to seal the entry of water into the house.

The health hazards of mold

Mold is not simply a stain on the wall that can be covered with paint or hidden by furniture, it must be remembered that it is made of mold and, as we learned in school, mold can be highly harmful to health.

There are more than 50 types of microorganisms that can now be present on your wall and this can cause serious respiratory problems. People who suffer from rhinitis, sinusitis and asthma quickly feel the presence of these fungi and, in more severe cases, leading to a severe respiratory syndrome.

Now that you know what mold is and how bad it is for your health, it’s time to figure out how to get rid of it once and for all, isn’t it?

How to remove mold from the wall

Wall with mold and a spray bottle, gloves and brush on the floor.

Knowing that the wall is the most common place for mold to appear, regardless of the room in the house, and that not everyone has the financial resources to hire a specialized professional to solve the problem, we brought you 5 infallible tips on how you can remove mold from the house. Your wall with products easily found in markets.

It seems like an obvious tip, but keeping the place airy and well-ventilated is the first step in preventing the spread of these insistent bugs. Now that you’ve opened all the doors and windows in the room, let’s go to the first tip on how to remove mold from the wall:

Using hydrogen peroxide

This is an item easily found in markets and pharmacies and you may also find it hidden in the back of the closet, after all, it has many uses.

To remove mold from the wall using hydrogen peroxide, you don’t need a large amount, although it all depends on the size of the stain found. In this case, make only one measurement, if necessary, redo the same amount.

Take a glass of water and mix it with a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, place in a spray bottle and shake until the contents are well mixed. Then spray on the wall and wait at least 10 minutes.

To facilitate the removal of mold, take a dry cloth and soak it with vinegar, it may be the one you have there in your house, and pass it along the entire extension of the mold on the wall. Vinegar will help remove not only mold but also hydrogen peroxide. Easy, isn’t it?


Of course you must have bleach at home, but if you don’t, it is possible to find it in the market and stores with cleaning products. In this homemade recipe that will help you remove mold from the wall, you will need to mix three tablespoons of water to one of bleach. If that’s not enough, repeat the process.

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Unlike the previous example where you had to wait for the product to act, here you will spray it on the wall and with a stiff bristle brush, you will scrub the moldy area.

Here is an important tip, as soon as the product is rubbed it should come out instantly, do not mix other products as bleach is a strong solution and can cause serious chemical reactions when mixed with other agents.

How to remove mold from the wall with white vinegar

This alternative is milder compared to the others, as a result, it should be used at the beginning of mold formation or in smaller stains.

The easiness of this solution is that it is not necessary any type of combination, just put the product in a spray bottle and spread it all over the stained area. Leave on for 10 minutes and remove with a clean, dry cloth.

Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is a very effective compound for cleaning many kinds of things and with moldy walls, it’s no different. As a result, with a small amount of white powder it is possible to do a great cleaning of your room, including the ceiling and wall.

The combination is simple: dilute a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water. But, be careful, it is very important that the water is warm so that it helps to remove the fungus from the wall.

After diluting the entire solution, apply it to the wall and let it act for 10 minutes. Then just remove it with a damp, dry cloth.

Vinegar with lemon

The saying went “if you have a lemon, make a lemonade”. This fruit is often found in Brazilian homes, but what you may not know is that its acidity, combined with that of vinegar, makes it an efficient reagent against mold.

The proportion is very easy, put one spoon of vinegar and one of lemon juice for every two spoons of water. Remember that it has to be the fruit juice, the ones that are sold in powder are not valid, ok?

In all tips, if you want to facilitate the removal of products, you can change the cloth for a bush. Also, always wear a mask to avoid inhaling the fungus and gloves so as not to harm your hands.

How to prevent mold?

Corner of wall with mold and person spraying product to take away.

If you managed to get the mold off the wall, you must be wondering how to prevent it from coming back, right? So that you don’t have to redo the process of getting the mold off the wall, there are some golden tips.

The first is to remember to leave the environment open for at least a few hours a day. This will help with ventilation, which helps to dry out any moisture in the room. Secondly, for those who have air conditioning at home, it is worth activating the dehumidifier option. This tip is essential to be used on the rainiest days of the year.

It sounds crazy but putting chalk, charcoal and cedar pellets in the environment can be the salvation of mold prevention. That’s because they suck up any kind of moisture in the room.

Disinfecting the area frequently is an excellent solution in preventing wall mold. Therefore, whenever you clean the house, remember to clean the area well with a disinfectant or bleach. The last solution to prevent mold from returning to your wall is to paint it with waterproofing paint. But, is it a preventive measure or does it disguise the stain?

Can you paint the wall with mold?

Yes, you can paint your wall with mold. However, if you don’t remove the fungus before painting, as it spreads, your wall will become stained again. But then what is the solution?

A lot of people use wallpaper as an alternative measure, but it doesn’t work either, as it helps to further stifle the area of ​​contributing to the spread of mold rather than prevention.

As a result, before painting the wall, the mold must be completely removed. After using one of the above tips and seeing that you are finally free of fungi, you can paint your wall without fear and, to prevent the return of the terrible stain, bet on waterproofing paints in your colorful house.

If you have tried all the tips on how to remove mold from the wall and the stain is still there, the problem may be more serious than you expected, so it is necessary to call a bricklayer who will assess if there is any kind of infiltration from rain or a leaky pipe.