Kalanchoe: How to Care, Plant, Traits and 60+ Photos to Inspire

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The kalanchoe, popularly known here in the country as the flower of fortune, is one of the most requested when it comes to decorating the garden and leaving everything colorful.

Its origin is African, so it can withstand the heat of the sun and also the scarcity of water. Another aspect that differentiates kalanchoe from others is its variety of colors.

So, if you have such a plant in your house or are thinking of acquiring some seedlings, you need to understand how to take good care of this beautiful flower. Therefore, here are some incredible tips for your flower of fortune to grow more and more beautiful. Check it out!

Image 01:  Its buds give way to beautiful small flowers.

kalanchoe - what is

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How to take care of the kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is one of the simplest plants to have at home, as it does not require so much care. The only rule is the preparation of the soil in which it will be planted and the local luminosity. So here’s how to take care of your kalanchoe.

Image 02:  Even without all the buttons open, kalanchoe decorates and perfumes any room.

how to take care of kalanchoe

Soil and fertilization

In order to have a well-prepared soil to be able to plant your kalanchoe, it is necessary to have a place rich in organic matter and that is well drained. In this way, all you need to do is prepare a mixture of vegetable earth with some common earth. Then add some sand and you’re done!

If you want to keep the flowering intense, just keep the soil always fertilized with organic matter.


Like cacti and succulents, kalanchoe needs intense lighting so it can grow healthy and look good.

If you don’t have outdoor gardens at home, prefer environments that have plenty of light or even places that are closer to the window. The fact is that this plant needs daily contact with sunlight.

Image 03:  They are great options to be used as souvenirs of events or as a gift to someone you love.

how to take care of kalanchoe

Carry out the watering process correctly

If you didn’t know, kalanchoe is part of the succulent’s family. So, you can’t overwater.

Try to add a little water only when you notice the dry soil. So, to make sure the soil is dry, touch it to be sure.

After all, too much water on this plant causes its roots to rot. So be careful with the amount of watering.

Learn how to make kalanchoe seedlings

Seedlings of this plant is not as complex as it seems, it is a very simple process, but it is necessary to follow some rules. Here are the best ways to make your kalanchoe mount.

Image 04:  Make beautiful vertical gardens on your balconies with this plant.

how to plant kalanchoe

  1. To start molting your kalanchoe, first cut a branch that is less than 5 centimeters long;
  2. If there are more than two leaves on this branch, remove them and leave only two leaves;
  3. Then wrap this branch in a piece of paper towel and let it dry in a shady spot for 3 days straight;
  4. So, after 3 days, just add this branch to the pot prepared according to our recommendations and carry out the first watering. But remember not to soak the soil.

As an extra tip, it is essential that you keep the soil always moist and with the plant in the shade until it finishes the rooting process.

Image 05:  Bet on colored pots to highlight your plant even more.

pots with kalanchoe

Meaning of kalanchoe, the famous flower of fortune

Kalanchoe is a plant with its meaning strongly linked to issues of prosperity and happiness. That’s why this plant is so used as gifts and souvenirs for events, parties and other types of events.

Thus, giving someone the flower of fortune is to affirm your desires for happiness and prosperity in your life.

However, it is worth remembering that each kalanchoe has a particular meaning about its color. So, before giving someone a gift or decorating your house or garden, know what each one means so that you represent the right feeling. See below the main ones.

Image 06:  This little flower tends to attract a lot of butterflies.

plant that attracts butterflies

White kalanchoe

If you believe in energies and want a plant that helps to repel bad energies, then use the white flower of fortune. Furthermore, it also means light and peace.

Pink kalanchoe

For those who are in a moment of romance and like delicate things, the pink flower of fortune is the best option, as it means romance and delicacy.

Yellow kalanchoe

This is the most common color to find in any flower shop. The yellow flower of fortune represents warmth, friendship and joy.

Red kalanchoe

Its red hue draws attention wherever it is. With its meaning about courage and passion, the red flower of fortune is a great choice to highlight these feelings in the environment and also to give a gift to someone you love.

So, now that you know the meanings of the main colors, it’s very easy to choose which color to put in your home, use it in the decoration of your party or give it as a birthday present to someone or even use it as souvenirs for birthday parties, christenings, tea pot etc.

Image 07:  But how about betting on a minimalist decor?

decoration ideas

Inspirations for kalanchoe decoration

Image 08:  Make beautiful color blends.

several colors

Image 09:  Buy seedlings with buds so they can last much longer in your home.


Image 10:  Minimalist decorations add a subtle decorative touch to your room.

just one tone

Image 11:  White vases are capable of highlighting each of their colors with great perfection.


Image 12:  It is a beautiful indoor plant option.

decorated house

Image 13:  Create beautiful decorative options by mixing plants and colors.

kalanchoe in the vase

Image 14:  Scenery can also be assembled with nature’s composition.

vase with flowers

Image 15: Be careful with this plant as its composition can intoxicate these small animals.

red kalanchoe

Image 16:  Old broken vases can make room for beautiful vase compositions.

yellow kalanchoe buttons

Image 17:  Bet on translucent cups to create effects.

window decoration

Image 18:  Pieces of cut logs can make amazing pots for your kalanchoes.

wooden vases

Image 19:  See more of this beautiful idea.

succulents and kalanchoe

Image 20:  Mix vase sizes and types to create diverse settings.

rustic decor

Different ideas

Image 21:  Combine with succulents, as they are very versatile plants and suit any environment.

kalanchoe and succulents

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Image 22:  Green highlights the colors of the flowers.

mini garden with flowers

Image 23:  Use decorative pots and other types of plants to create amazing scenery.

basic decor

Image 24:  Use compositions with other species to create beautiful table centerpiece vases.

flower combination

Image 25:  Bet on wicker baskets to decorate.

kalanchoe in the basket

Image 26: There are several color options to match.

several colors

Image 27: The table arrangements with this ornamental plant look beautiful.

different plants and colors

Image 28:  Also decorate with small macramé baskets.

mixed seedlings

Image 29:  The fair crates are beautiful options for those looking for something more rustic and simple.

crate vase

Image 30:  Match vases together with plant colors.

delicate hue for kalanchoe

Image 31:  Use fun pots to compose the decoration of party tables.

cups decorated with flowers

Image 32:  Create suspended scenes to add even more charm and highlight your flowers.

suspended vase

Image 33:  Use metal basins as vases and create beautiful gardens.

low cylindrical vessel

Image 34:  White vases give full prominence to the plant.

mug with kalanchoe

Party decoration with kalanchoe

Image 35: In rustic parties the kalanchoe takes over the scenery.

table decorated with kalanchoe

Image 36:  They can also be used as plants for party favors that are in the center of the guests’ tables.

plants as souvenirs

Image 37:  Its miniature sizes are also perfect for individual party favors for any event.

kalanchoe as party favors

Image 38:  For table arrangement compositions next to larger flowers they add a touch of delicacy.

table decorated with flowers

Image 39: They can also be bet on small bouquets to be given away as gifts with chocolates.

kalanchoe bouquet

Image 40:  Or simply being given away in isolation with more sophisticated packages.

gift vase

Image 41:  For Christmas decorations this red and yellow plant looks amazing!

Christmas decoration

Image 42:  Another beautiful table arrangement model.

wedding decoration

Image 43:  Use creativity and create beautiful compositions.

rustic decor with kalanchoe

Image 44:  So see more of this idea.

sophisticated decor

Image 45:  Did you see how the rustic is even more valued with the flower of fortune?

kalanchoe to decorate

Image 46:  You can also spread small crates decorated with plants around the place.

souvenir with flowers in the box

Image 47: Value around the table.

decoration with flowers in the basket

Image 48:  Make table centerpieces simple but delighting the eye.

table center decoration

Image 49:  Blend your colors together with other flowers. So check out this amazing and colorful idea.

kalanchoe in decoration

Garden Ideas

Image 50:  Make your trails even more beautiful and colorful with kalanchoe.

flowers on the way

Image 51: The kalanchoe is a choice of garden flowers.

diverse plant species

Image 52: With it is possible to color and brighten the external environment.

colorful garden

Image 53: Make beautiful complete gardens.

orange and yellow kalanchoe

Image 54:   Mix colors from kalanchoe and other plants.

diversity in the garden

Image 55:  Make amazing ideas in your garden.

colorful garden with flowers

Image 56:  Plant small seedlings around large pots.

colorful garden

Image 57: Kalanchoe can be planted in the same pot with other plants without any problem.

cacti, succulents and flowers

Image 58:  So look at this other very simple example, but it makes any garden decoration beautiful.

kalanchoe and cacti

Image 59:  Use well-differentiated vases to make your decor even more amazing.

flower garden

Image 60: And finally, beautiful neutral gardens can be made with kalanchoe.

kalanchoe in vases

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