Kitchen Decor: 80 Photos and Types to Get Inspired

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When receiving visits from friends and family, the kitchen is usually the stage for preparing the meal, whether it is a super dish prepared by the hosts or even for a simple snack. So, to have a beautiful setting, you need to know a little about kitchen decor.

In order for this stage to do justice to the beauty of the food that accompanies it, it is necessary to have a kitchen decor that is up to par, and that is why we are here. So, whether it’s big or small, with a spacious table or just a counter, the items that make up it make all the difference.

To build or renovate, it is very important to accompany an architect who gives the correct instructions so that you have a harmonious, organized space that conveys the personality of the residents. As a result, every detail matters, whether a colorful item, a plant, a chandelier, a painting, a shelf and even the chairs make all the difference.

After all, the important thing is creativity. But what better place to be inspired than in the kitchen, right? There are several ways to innovate in decor if you want to get away from the traditional. So, pay attention to every tip because we have separated different models of decorated kitchen to transform your room into a real spectacle.

Colorful kitchen decor

A colorful kitchen says a lot about the personality of the owners. Even the small colored details can give a different identity to the environment and, depending on the color chosen, it is possible to convey a different kind of feeling.

But if you already have a kitchen covered in neutral colors, don’t worry, we’ll give you some tips on how to transform your room with modernity, elegance and without a lot of work.

Colored Appliances

If you want to get away from the traditional, you can bet on a colorful appliance. After all, whether as a single item in the kitchen or as a set, this touch of color will make your decorated kitchen much more cheerful and exotic.

On the other hand, these furniture do require a little care. There are two ways to make them colorful which are: painting and wrapping. Therefore, it is important to identify which material the appliance is made of in order to assess which of the options is more appropriate and which will not cause damage.

For example, some smaller objects such as a coffee maker, toaster, blender and mixer are easier to find colored already at the factory, so it’s also worth doing some research and leaving everything combining harmoniously and elegantly.

But, in case the apartment or the house is entirely decorated using a color palette, it is still possible to combine the colorful details with the Decorated Room, for example.

Colored details

For those who don’t like extravagance, but still want to have a special touch of color in their kitchen decor, it’s worth investing in small details. For example, a shelf, a counter or just a few colored drawers in the closet will be responsible for a transformation without a lot of work.

There is proper adhesive for wood, in the case of cabinets, which can be changed whenever you get tired of the color, in addition to being easy to put on, there are several colors and even prints to choose from and have fun.

Image 1: Kitchen with yellow refrigerator and eye and mouth stickers.

Kitchen decor with yellow retro fridge with eyes and mouth stickers.

Image 2: Kitchen decoration with yellow niches.

Kitchen decor with yellow niches.

Image 3: Hood, stove and red details in a decorated kitchen.

Hood matching kettle, stove, mixer and pots.

Image 4: Kitchen cabinets with purple adhesive.

Black kitchen decor with purple cabinet doors.

Image 5: Kitchen decoration with a yellow adhesive fridge door.

Kitchen decor with chairs and yellow fridge.

Image 6: Kitchen with cabinet, rug, coffee maker and red stools.

Kitchen with cabinet doors, rug, stools, coffee maker and other decorative items in red.

Image 7: Kitchen with a yellow retro fridge.

Kitchen decor with yellow fridge.

Image 8: Gray kitchen decor with orange table and shelves.

Kitchen decor with orange table and shelves.

Image 9: Blue appliances with white cabinets.

Kitchen decor with blue appliances and white cabinets.

Image 10: Kitchen with blue cabinets.

Kitchen decorated with blue cabinet matching the mixer.

Image 11: Kitchen decor with colorful appliances.

Kitchen decoration with appliances of the same color.

Image 12: Green details in a decorated kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet with green details and utensils in the same color.

Image 13: Refrigerator and matching chairs in a decorated kitchen.

Kitchen decor with fridge and retro chairs in the same color.

Image 14: Green fixtures and cabinets.

Kitchen decorated with cabinet doors, utensils and green chandeliers.

Image 15: Kitchen with black and red cabinet.

Kitchen decor with red top cabinets matching decorative items from a shelf.

Image 16: Kitchen with blue details.

Kitchen decor with gray cabinet and some blue doors.

Organized kitchen decor

Among all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is the one that needs to be better organized so that all the condiments are correctly stored and distributed in a practical way.

Therefore, the more objects and food within reach, the better. After all, with everyday life, it is difficult to find time to have a long meal that requires a certain amount of time to prepare.

Organize with niches and shelves

Placing the most used items in niches and shelves facilitates the preparation of quick meals and, in addition, leaves the kitchen decorated. After all, the niches can be inlaid or not, what counts is to match the rest of the decoration, that is, if your kitchen has a classic, retro design, the inlaid niches will not match as much, as they are part of a more decor. Modern.

As a result, it is necessary that the items that make up the shelves and niches are also organized, in this case, using a collection of identical pots will make the environment much cleaner.

On the other hand, recipe books are also a great option to use in decorating niches and shelves, for example, as well as being beautiful, being within easy reach will encourage you to try new recipes and ideas.

Organizer hooks

On the other hand, another option for practicality, organization and decoration are hooks, as they are very common, few people give them the attention they deserve. As a result, they are mostly used just for hanging dish towels.

But, there are several other functions that can be assigned to the hooks, such as using them to hang large pots and pans. In kitchen decor, where it will be placed, the material it is made of and the style also say a lot about the style of the room.

As a result, the closer this item is to the stove, the more practical it will be.

Image 17: Wall with hooks, shelves and organizing sisters.

Kitchen decor with wall hooks and organizer shelves.

Image 18: Built-in niche beside the stove.

Kitchen decoration with built-in niche next to the stove and knife magnet.

Image 19: Hooks suspended above the stove with pans hanging from it.

Kitchen decoration with various hooks for pots and cutlery on top of the island.

Image 20: Shelves with organizing pots and baskets.

Kitchen decor with matching shelves and pots and organizing basket.

Image 21: Kitchen decoration with inlaid niches with decorative items.

Kitchen decor with built-in niches, wooden shelves and plank hooks.

Image 22: Niches on top of the island with cooking items.

Kitchen decoration with niches on top of the island.

Image 23: Kitchen decoration with small shelf for spices and dishes.

Kitchen decoration with small shelf under the cabinet and niches for dishes.

Image 24: Shelves with identical pots and spoon hooks.

Organized kitchen with wooden structure with equal pots and spoon hooks.

Image 25: Kitchen decoration with niches in the cupboard.

Kitchen decorated with yellow cabinet doors.

Image 26: Kitchen decor with shelves and cabinet to organize cups, saucers and teapots.

Kitchen decor with coffe bar in light green and white.

Picture 27: Wall decorated with shelves.

Kitchen decor with wooden shelves and niches.

Image 28: Wood with fruit baskets.

Wooden frame with baskets for placing fruit.

Picture 29: Organized kitchen with shelves.

Kitchen decor with black illuminated shelves.

Image 30: Kitchen with magnet for seasoning pots.

Magnetic board and seasoning glasses.

Image 31: Bar made of shelves, spaces for hanging cups and lid holders.

Bar made of wood with space to place bottle and glass caps.

Image 32: Kitchen decorated with niches for utensils.

Kitchen decor with wooden niches over the sink.

Kitchen decor even in lighting

The kitchen deserves to have the best lighting in the entire house, as it is extremely necessary to pay attention to the color of the food and if there are any details that need to be seen easily. And why not make lighting the strong point of your kitchen decor?

The most modern kitchens can opt for recessed lighting through plaster moldings, with LED lights. A fairly adopted and very valid trend is also the lighting under the cabinet that serves to illuminate the countertop.

But, if you think it’s better to have light points directed to the most used places like the stove, the counter or a spice cabinet, the directed lighting is the most appropriate. In addition, as it contains several points of light, it can also serve to highlight some decorative item in the room, such as a painting, for example.

The use of chandeliers is also very popular for the room, especially for the table area. As a result, your kitchen decor will be much more beautiful and elegant to welcome guests to a special dinner.

Sustainable lighting

How about having a decor that goes far beyond beauty and elegance, but that values ​​sustainability and respect for the environment? After all, the use of LED lamps, in addition to being economical, is sustainable and does not cause visual pollution.

Also, being white, it lights up the room better. LED lighting can also be used in other rooms, such as living room, bedroom and even the Decorated Bathroom.

Image 33: Kitchen decoration with two types of chandeliers suspended on the table.

Kitchen decor with three chandeliers on the table and recessed lighting in the ceiling.

Image 34: Lighting under cabinets and lamp on the countertop.

Kitchen with chandelier and recessed lighting under the cabinet.

Image 35: Kitchen decoration with multiple directed luminaires.

Directed lighting on black rails.

Image 36: Kitchen decoration with recessed lighting in niches, counter and ceiling.

Kitchen decoration with illuminated niches and LED lighting.

Image 37: Lighting made with a chandelier on the table and three lamps on the wall.

Chandelier on the table and three lamps on the wall.

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Image 38: Large LED lighting area on the ceiling.

Lighting under cabinets and a large ceiling light entry.

Image 39: Kitchen decoration with four identical chandeliers.

Four black futuristic chandeliers.

Image 40: Large chandelier decorated with artificial fruits.

Kitchen decoration with big straw chandelier with artificial fruits.

Image 41: Kitchen decoration with chandeliers on the countertop and crown molding.

Modern kitchen with crown molding lighting and five white chandeliers.

Image 42: Kitchen decoration with four chandeliers in different sizes.

Kitchen decor with four pendant lamps.

Image 43: Kitchen decoration with two large bronze chandeliers.

Kitchen decor with two large chandeliers on the table.

Image 44: Two lights suspended over the sink countertops.

Balcony with two large hanging lamps.

Image 45: Kitchen decor with recessed lights and three hanging chandeliers.

Kitchen decor with recessed lighting and three small hanging chandeliers.

Image 46: Directed lighting and under cabinets.

Kitchen decoration with lighting received on one of the decorated walls.

Image 47: Lighting built-in in the ceiling.

Kitchen lighting made entirely from recessed ceiling lights.

Image 48: Kitchen decor with directed lighting and table lamp.

Kitchen decor with table lamp and targeted lighting.

Items from a decorated kitchen

A decorated kitchen is not only made of utensils and food, it takes a touch of creativity to make it more relaxed and beautiful. Therefore, kitchen decoration does not necessarily have to be made with useless items, it is possible to include paintings made of blackboards or that house small plants, for example.

Frames and blackboard

Responsible for giving personality to the environment, the frames can also be used in the kitchen to decorate and bring inspiration when cooking, whether large or small. And since we’re talking about bringing decorative items useful, why not add a small blackboard to serve as a frame?

Therefore, for those who like to innovate and get away from the traditional, it is possible to cover an entire wall with wallpapers that are made of a blackboard material to write with chalk. In this space, creativity must reign, after all, it serves to write and draw.

Whether to take an important message, add a shopping list or even a positive message, the blackboard is very useful, in addition to leaving a relaxed atmosphere. As a result, even children can have fun and scribble on the walls without worry.

Kitchen decoration with plants

In addition to bringing an air of tranquility in the countryside, the plants offer a freshness to the environment and are also responsible for giving color to more neutral rooms, as is the case in most kitchens.

So it doesn’t matter the size, whether they’re big vases on the floor or small ones on the table or cupboard. Using creativity, vases can also stand out in kitchen decor, ranging from the most colorful to the most exotic shapes.

And once again this item in the decoration can have a great functionality when preparing food. That’s because it’s possible to have a small vegetable garden at home, right there in your kitchen.

Just have a small space to store the pots and start growing your vegetables. As a result, you will have freshness not only for the environment, but also for your food.

Image 49: Kitchen decoration with blackboard, paintings and plants.

Kitchen decor with chalkboard wall, comics on shelves and three small plant pots.

Image 50: Kitchen decorated with flowers on the table and three paintings on the wall.

Kitchen decor with small flower pot on the table and three pictures hanging on the wall.

Image 51: Kitchen decoration with hanging flowers.

Kitchen decor with several plant pots hanging on the island.

Picture 52: Kitchen decoration with colored frames.

Kitchen decor with two colored frames on the wall and two black and white in front of the countertop.

Image 53: Potted plants on hanging shelves and frames.

Two hanging shelves with two plant pots each and a square.

Image 54: Kitchen decorated with frames of different formats.

Kitchen decor with paintings of various shapes and colors hanging on the wall.

Image 55: Kitchen decoration with niches with succulent plants.

Niches decorated with white pebbles and succulent plants.

Image 56: Kitchen decorated with potted plant on the floor and table.

Kitchen decor with plank, large potted plant on the floor and small and medium ones on the table.

Image 57: Several small colored potted plants on a shelf above the sink.

Kitchen decor with small colorful vases with vegetables on top of the sink.

Image 58: Kitchen decoration with blackboard.

Large frame made of blackboard with wooden frame.

Picture 59: Kitchen decorated with a chalkboard wall.

Kitchen decor with blackboard placed on a dividing wall between the kitchen and the counter.

Picture 60: Kitchen decoration with chalkboard and blackboard wall.

Chalkboard wall and frame in decorated kitchen.

Picture 61: Kitchen decorated with plant pot and frame.

Frame on shelf in small potted plant on top of cabinet.

Image 62: Small vegetable garden in a decorated kitchen.

Kitchen decoration with small vegetable garden.

Image 63: Wall covered with chalk board.

Chalkboard wall with writings in chalk.

Image 64: Kitchen decoration with potted plants on shelves.

Plant pots in sink and on shelves.

The Role of Chairs in a Decorated Kitchen

Gone are the days when chairs were just essential in a kitchen, nowadays, due to the wide variety of colors and styles, they are also important when defining the style of the room’s decoration.

Kitchen chairs should match the rest of the decor. If the decorated kitchen has a more classic feel, wooden chairs with a more traditional design are perfect. On the other hand, if it refers to modernity, it is extremely important to choose chairs that have a bolder and more futuristic design.

The colors of the chairs also add a very special touch to the decor. They can match some detail or be the center of attention. If your kitchen is covered in neutral colors, betting on the most striking shades is a great option, or even putting one of each color, as long as they suit each other.

Kitchen decor with stools

For small houses or apartments that don’t have room for a table, the newsstand ends up taking that place. That’s why the chairs here are replaced by high stools that also become more than useful, but essential in a decorated kitchen.

Therefore, the rules for colors and models are the same for chairs. Above all, the tip is to pay attention to the comfort it will provide, after all, they are not as comfortable as chairs, but they should offer the most.

If you would like to combine all the chairs in the house, including the outside, see how, for example, the sun loungers can be placed in a Leisure Area with a Swimming Pool!

Picture 65: Kitchen decorated with white modern chairs.

Three white chairs that look like armchairs.

Image 66: Kitchen decoration with three wooden stools.

Kitchen decor with three wooden stools with modern backrest.

Image 67: Three stools of different colors make up the decorated kitchen.

Three high-backed stools, one of each color.

Image 68: Black chairs with cushioned seats.

Kitchen decorated with black iron chairs with upholstered accent.

Image 69: White benches around the counter.

White kitchen with four modern stools of the same color.

Image 70: Minimalist benches made of wood.

Kitchen decoration with stools with slender feet and the same color as the wooden structure in the kitchen.

Image 71: Kitchen decoration with two different types of chairs.

White chairs being of two different types.

Image 72: Traditional wooden benches with legs painted white.

Kitchen decorated with three simple backless wooden benches.

Image 73: Kitchen decor with yellow modern chairs.

Kitchen decor with yellow modern and exotic chairs.

Image 74: Classic wooden chairs with white net.

Classic wooden chairs with rounded structure.

Image 75: Blue chair that matches the cabinet.

Kitchen decor with four blue chairs with braided accent.

Image 76: Kitchen decor with yellow chairs in the same shade as the wall.

Yellow chairs in the same shade as the wall.

Image 77: Stools with back in a decorated kitchen.

Kitchen decor with three wooden stools with white upholstery.

Image 78: Yellow iron stools in decorated kitchen.

Yellow stools, door and niches.

Image 79: Kitchen decor with modern stools with blue accents.

Upholstered stools and futuristic structure.

Image 80: Kitchen decoration with traditional wooden stools.

Three tall wooden stools with a back.

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