Kitchen Flooring: Types +90 Projects to be inspired

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The kitchen is no longer just a space to prepare a meal. This room has already become a special environment to gather friends and family and socialize. Therefore, thinking about kitchen decor is a fundamental step for those who want to build or renovate their home. And one of the elements that are essential at this stage and that make all the difference in the look of the room is the kitchen covering.

Today, the construction and decoration market offers a variety of kitchen lining options, capable of contributing to any style of decoration or project you can imagine. However, the consumer can be confused by so much variety and cannot choose the ideal coating. With that in mind, we decided to share this article with the different types of kitchen coverings, as well as their indications and various decorative project ideas, to help you make the right choice.

How to choose kitchen flooring?

Choosing the right kitchen flooring requires some care. First, it’s important to decide the style of your decoration, because that way it will be easier to find the piece that fits your proposal. It is noteworthy that you can also choose different types of coating to decorate the room. But for that you need to have your design project well defined. Thus, the chances of making mistakes will be smaller.

Furthermore, it is essential to set a budget. Marble coating is quite expensive than adhesive coating, for example, both of which offer different effects on decoration. That is, you need to know which coatings fall into the price range you can afford. This will also make the selection process easier.

Types of Kitchen Flooring

In the next topics we will introduce you to the main types of kitchen coverings available on the market. These are the most used coatings in decoration projects, and they vary according to the composition material, indications and price range. Check out our selection below!


Porcelain tiles are distinguished by being a coating for kitchens with a modern and sophisticated appearance. It stands out for being a straight cut format and for needing a uniform installation, dispensing with excess grout. It can be found in different colors, shapes and sizes, even in versions that imitate other materials, such as wood.

In addition, porcelain tiles can be used both on the floor and on the walls, leaving a more elegant look. However, this coating is more expensive than ceramic, for example, which is a disadvantage.

Image 1: The gray porcelain tiles match the modern look of this kitchen.

Kitchen coverings - porcelain flooring.


Ceramic is the most popular kitchen covering in Brazil, with large pieces being the most used in the country. However, it can be found in several sizes, shapes and colors, being one of the cheapest coatings available on the market. Also, it is quite durable and resistant. However, it is necessary to research quality parts that guarantee the safety and durability of the construction. Remember that cheap can be expensive.

Image 2: You can get away from traditional ceramic kitchen linings and invest in models with geometric cutouts.

Geometric ceramic kitchen linings.

Hydraulic Tile

Unlike ceramic tiles, hydraulic tile is a non-gloss coating with a rustic finish, manufactured in a handcrafted process. Therefore, his pieces are colorful and full of personality. This type of coating does not suffer the effects of expansion and does not require the use of grout during its installation. However, its application requires a specialized professional. Another disadvantage is related to the price, which is high due to its manufacturing process.

Image 3: Hydraulic tile floor transforms the look of any room.

Hydraulic tile kitchen coverings.


In addition to being resistant to moisture, durable and practical when cleaning, the inserts are excellent decorative elements. Therefore, they are frequently used in the decoration of bathrooms and planned kitchens, especially because they can be found in different colors, shapes and sizes. In addition, it is worth remembering that there are tablets with different composition materials – ceramic, glass, adhesive and metallized, with the most durable being glass tablets.

Image 4: Glass tiles are widely used on kitchen countertops.

Coatings for kitchen glass tiles.


The clay brick is the type of flooring widely used in other rooms, because of its rustic and vintage appearance. However, it can also be used as a covering for rustic kitchens or just give a modern touch to your decor. However, brick is a porous material and, therefore, it is not advisable to install it near a sink or stove countertop, as it can also absorb steam and grease.

Image 5: For a rustic look, bet on kitchen coverings with exposed brick.

Coverings for rustic kitchen with brick walls.


The great advantage of using wallpaper in your kitchen decoration is related to the ease of installation and exchange. Also, you can find various types and patterns of wallpaper, which increases your possibilities. However, this is a fragile and less durable coating. Therefore, it is not advisable to install it near wet areas.

A solution often seen in wallpaper projects is to use the same granite or marble used on the countertop as a liner in a small area near the sink. So you can install the remaining wallpaper.

Image 6: Use the tile-patterned wallpaper in your decor.

Coatings for kitchen wallpaper.

Burnt cement

The burnt cement finish adds a modern, industrial feel to any decor. You can use it in the traditional way, that is, with mortar prepared on the spot, or purchase ready-made mortar. But remember not to apply it in places in contact with moisture, so as not to damage the wall. The good news is that burnt cement kitchen cladding requires a low investment.

Image 7: The burnt cement wall left this kitchen with a modern and industrial feel.

Modern kitchen cladding with burnt cement wall.


Wood is a classic material in room decoration, as it makes the environment look more cozy and comfortable. However, in kitchen decor, the ideal is to use this coating in areas away from moisture and heat, so as not to damage it. Remember that you can use porcelain tiles and wallpapers that feature the wood pattern, which will also create a warm effect in your decor.

Image 8: Kitchen finishes that imitate wood make the decor cozier.

Modern kitchen coverings with wood.

Stones as a kitchen coating

There are several types of stone that you can use as a kitchen covering. If you want a more rustic material with a strong and striking appearance, you can use São Tomé stone or iron stone, for example. However, if you prefer a more elegant or sophisticated look, you can use granite or marble. In fact, in this type of coating, marble and white granite are preferred and most used, due to the beauty and versatility of these stones.

Image 9: The São Tomé stone cladding gives texture to the decoration.

American kitchen coverings with stone.

Adhesives as a kitchen coating

Adhesives stand out for their low price and their resistance to moisture and heat, since they are made with a plastic film. This type of coating can be installed and replaced with ease, in addition to having several print options, including those that imitate tiles. However, adhesive is a more fragile material and therefore has a shorter durability.

Image 10: In addition to the wallpaper, you can use tile-print adhesive in your decor.

Colored adhesive kitchen coatings.

+80 projects with different kitchen coverings

Check out our selection of kitchen designs decorated with different types of coverings and get inspired to decorate this room in your home.

Image 11: The colorful hydraulic tile floor complements the cheerful and cozy look of this kitchen.

Colorful decoration with hydraulic tile floor.

Image 12: For a luxurious decoration, it is worth investing in marble flooring.

Minimalist kitchen with marble cladding.

Image 13: But if you want to innovate and protect your flooring, you can use glass plates installed over the burnt cement finish.

Modern kitchen with burnt cement wall and glass.

Image 14: And if you want to innovate in your choice of kitchen coverings, it’s worth investing in this ceramic with a shape that resembles scales, creating a beautiful effect on the decor!

Ceramic decoration reminiscent of scale.

Image 15: In this kitchen, in addition to the blue brick tiles on the wall, tiles were also used in the structure of the island.

Decoration with hydraulic tile and blue ceramic nameplate.

Image 16: But you can also use the hydraulic tile floor in your decoration.

Small American kitchen with hydraulic tile floor.

Image 17: However, if you prefer a more delicate and luxurious decoration, you can invest in white granite cladding.

Decorated with marble and white minimalist cabinets.

Image 18: In addition to composing the structure of the countertops, white granite can also be used to cover the entire wall.

Granite decoration on the countertop and wall.

Image 19: However, if you prefer a flashier decor, you will like this example of a kitchen decorated with gold metallic tiles.

American kitchen with metallic and gold glass tiles.

Image 20: In this modern black kitchen, white ceramic tile flooring and burnt cement were used.

Modern black kitchen.

Image 21: But you can also use three-dimensional tiles in your decor.

Small American kitchen with embossed ceramics.

Image 22: In the small kitchen, it is worth investing in white ceramic on the walls. To add a touch of color, you can use hydraulic floor tiles.

Small room with decorated floor.

Image 23: In this blue kitchen project, even the ceramic tile is this color.

Blue kitchen.

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Image 24: And you can still use Portuguese tile on your kitchen countertop.

Room decorated with Portuguese tile-type kitchen coverings.

Image 25: However, if you want to innovate the decoration, it is worth investing in wallpaper with modern designs.

Modern kitchen linings with geometric designs.

Image 26: However, if you prefer a classic look, you can invest in the kitchen with island and meter white finishes.

Kitchen with white island with ceramic nameplates.

Image 27: Already in this black American kitchen, the owners invested in ceramic tiles in the countertop area.

Coverings for small American kitchen.

Image 28: But if you prefer a simpler and timeless decor, you can invest in porcelain flooring and white ceramic flooring.

Runner-type kitchen linings.

Image 29: In addition to the porcelain floor, this kitchen also has wallpaper on the countertop and a burnt cement wall.

Kitchen linings with blue cabinets.

Image 30: This vintage kitchen has wooden floors and ceramic flooring.

Coatings for simple kitchens.

Image 31: In compensation, this colorful kitchen used hydraulic tiles above the countertop and white brick tiles in the rest of the room.

Coatings for colorful kitchen.

Image 32: However, if you prefer a more modern kitchen, you can invest in black ceramic tiles.

Coatings for modern and dark kitchens.

Image 33: The contrast between the white marble flooring and the black cabinets creates a beautiful decoration effect.

Black kitchen with marble finish.

Image 34: The Portuguese tile coating made this kitchen more delicate and cozy.

Clean decor with Portuguese tiles.

Image 35: However, you can also opt for the polished concrete floor and black porcelain tile flooring.

Modern decor with porcelain tiles on the walls.

Image 36: Three-dimensional tiles can make your small kitchen more modern.

Simple decoration with 3D tile.

Image 37: This example demonstrates that ceramic tiles, blue cabinets and the burnt cement wall can result in a modern and innovative decoration.

Modern decor with blue granite.

Image 38: And you can even invest in countertop wallpaper and porcelain flooring for your simple, small kitchen.

Plain white kitchen linings.

Image 39: This American kitchen stands out for the combination of black and white tiles on the countertop.

Black and white simple kitchen linings.

Image 40: And you can also invest in hexagonal and decorated ceramic tiles for your kitchen.

Colored coatings for white kitchen.

Image 41: Ceramic kitchen linings can also be used in modern decor.

Modern kitchen fittings with wooden cabinet.

Image 42: But if you prefer a different material, you can opt for hexagonal ceramic platelets, which make a beautiful effect on the decoration.

Coverings for Scandinavian cuisine.

Image 43: Another minimalist white kitchen with ceramic tile that imitates fish scale.

Fittings for modern small kitchen.

Image 44: However, if you want a cheerful and flashy decoration, you can invest in the hydraulic tile and the colored wall.

Coatings for colorful and cheerful kitchen.

Image 45: Hydraulic tile flooring can transform your decor.

Coatings for simple kitchens.

Image 46: But you can also invest in three-dimensional tile to transform your kitchen.

Decoration with glass table and three-dimensional tile.

Image 47: Wallpaper coating that imitates wood can be an excellent tool to modernize your kitchen.

Coverings for American kitchen with wooden decoration.

Image 48: However, you can also choose black brick tiles to make the look more modern.

Modern decor with wooden cabinets.

Image 49: In addition, you can use colored ceramic tiles, creating a gradient effect on the wall.

Coatings for modern and discreet kitchen.

Image 50: In this room, the ceramic covering with a modern design draws attention.

Coverings for small and cozy American kitchen.

Image 51: Remember that you can opt for more discreet and gray finishes to contrast with the green and flashy kitchen cabinets.

Coatings for green kitchen.

Image 52: However, it is also possible to invest in black ceramic tiles and black and white flooring to modernize your white kitchen.

White kitchen linings with black and white flooring.

Image 53: In this example, black brick tiles and tile floors with a modern print were also used.

Coatings for modern kitchen with grill.

Image 54: This U-shaped kitchen has gained a more modern look due to the geometric floor and the green colored wall.

U-shaped kitchen linings with green wall.

Image 55: But if you prefer a simpler decoration, you can invest in gray porcelain and tiles with geometric designs.

Kitchen linings with wooden cabinets.

Image 56: In this example, the three-dimensional tiles made the kitchen look more sophisticated.

Decor with minimalist cabinets and three-dimensional tiles.

Image 57: However, you can also use silver metallic inserts to get that touch of sophistication in the environment.

Decoration with silver metallic inserts.

Image 58: You can still use the same white tile on the floor and walls.

Coverings for small kitchen with wooden cabinets.

Image 59: To transform your small kitchen decor, you can invest in blue three-dimensional tiles.

Blue three-dimensional tile decoration.

Image 60: In this case, the tiles with modern designs complement the minimalist look of the kitchen.

Kitchen linings with green wooden cabinets.

Image 61: In this kitchen, white brick tiles were used, which contrast with the blue cabinets.

Kitchen linings with island and blue cabinets.

Image 62: But you can also opt for wood flooring in any environment.

Kitchen coverings with wooden floors.

Image 63: Already in this pink and modern kitchen, the hydraulic tiles are present on the wall above the countertop and on the colored floor.

Coatings for modern pink kitchen.

Image 64: You can also transform the simple look of your kitchen using black and white hydraulic tiles.

Small kitchen coverings with hydraulic tiles.

Image 65: The hydraulic tile on the floor also draws attention in this small kitchen.

Coverings for small kitchen with red cabinet.

Image 66: However, you can opt for granite and white metro tile cladding in the same decoration.

Pink kitchen linings with marble countertops.

Image 67: Already in this white and modern kitchen, the white tile coverings allow the blue niches to stand out.

Coverings for American kitchen with blue niches.

Image 68: You can still invest in exposed brick walls to give your decor a rustic touch.

Decorated with white and small brick tile.

Image 69: In addition, it is possible to invest in vinyl flooring and gray ceramics to create a clean and modern decor.

Kitchen linings with modern island.

Image 70: Hydraulic tiles also complement the decor with black and white cabinets.

Kitchen linings with black and white decor.

Image 71: But if you prefer a more delicate and feminine look, you can invest in tiles with geometric and colorful designs.

Coatings for simple and feminine kitchens.

Image 72: In this example, the colored hydraulic tile floor stands out in the environment.

Floor with geometric hydraulic tile.

Image 73: This green kitchen takes on a luxurious appearance due to the presence of the white marble flooring.

Kitchen island linings with green cabinets.

Image 74: In this example it is the decorated floor that catches the eye in the white kitchen.

Modern floor for white kitchen.

Image 75: You can still opt for a ceramic tile with a three-dimensional print.

Decorated with wallpaper.

Image 76: Another kitchen decorated with colored hexagonal ceramics.

Modern kitchen linings and LED strip.

Image 77: However, if you prefer a simpler decoration, you can invest in tiles with geometric prints and vinyl flooring.

Coverings for simple American kitchen.

Image 78: In the small kitchen, it is important to invest in light and neutral colored elements. Therefore, in this case, gray brick tiles on the walls and white porcelain floor were used.

Fittings for small kitchen with laundry area.

Image 79: But if you prefer a gray decor, you can invest in ceramic tiles in that shade.

Kitchen linings with gray island.

Image 80: In this kitchen with blue cabinets, the black and white hexagonal tile floor stands out in the decoration.

Kitchen linings with blue cabinets and geometric flooring.

Image 81: In this example, the delicate tiles with relief make the decoration more delicate.

White decoration with three-dimensional tile.

Image 82: However, it is still possible to use copper metallic tiles to decorate your black kitchen.

Decor with black cabinets and copper inserts.

Image 83: But you can still decorate your kitchen with adhesive that imitates the tiles.

White kitchen linings with wallpaper.

Image 84: This wall covered in ceramic with geometric print makes a beautiful effect in the white kitchen.

Geometric tile decoration.

Image 85: Another example of how black and white printed hydraulic tiles can make a difference in your decor.

Black and white hydraulic tile decoration.

Image 86: This U-shaped kitchen has been decorated with a neutral color palette. Therefore, a white ceramic coating was used on one wall and gray on the others.

Small U-shaped kitchen linings.

Image 87: In this example, the decorated tile-patterned sticker matches the neutral decor of this American kitchen.

Simple decor with granite countertops.

Image 88: But if you prefer a modern and feminine kitchen, you can bet on the pink tiles and the blue hydraulic tile floor.

Decorated with pink tile and neon sign.

Image 89: For a luxurious kitchen, white granite is the ideal flooring.

Luxury kitchen with marble finish.

Image 90: White ceramic can be the perfect choice for your gray and discreet kitchen.

Neutral decor with gray cabinets.

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