Kitchen in L: +90 Innovative and Modern Projects

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The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most used models in homes and apartments for being, in addition to being democratic, it allows for various types of compositions in different sizes of environments.

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, the L-shape can be adapted both for those with a reduced size, as well as for larger spaces, accommodating islands, peninsulas and even integrating other social areas.

Below, we have selected several projects, with different styles of decoration and finishing for you to be inspired.

L-shaped kitchen models

As mentioned earlier, this is a practical design that is widely used for kitchens, either because it can accommodate more cabinets or because it provides space delimitation without losing its integration with other environments.

Image 1: This project has a beautiful bench that also supports the industrial pendants.

L-shaped kitchen with wooden countertops and industrial pendants

Image 2: Discreet and neutral, this L-shaped kitchen has a gray granite countertop and dining counter.

L-shaped kitchen with gray countertop and stainless steel hood

Image 3: Feminine and cheerful, this kitchen has pink lacquer joinery and white countertops.

L-shaped kitchen in pink lacquer

Image 4: This kitchen chose tiles in neutral colors for the wall of the hood and metallic tiles for the pediment of the sink.

copper insert and stainless steel hood

Image 5: This project bet on light and gray wood to make the decor clean and contemporary.

L-shaped kitchen with gray and white tiles

Image 6: Compact, this kitchen has a stovetop and built-in oven. Cabinets create a good space for storing utensils.

kitchen in L integrated with the dining room.

Image 7: This kitchen created a suspended china cabinet to accommodate glasses and glasses, the sideboard serves as a dining table, leaving the countertop free.

suspended glass cabinet in L-shaped kitchen

Image 8: Small, but with a functional joinery design, this kitchen has gained storage space.

white cabinets with black wall

Image 9: With a neutral base, this small kitchen has gained sophistication with the marble pediment and lighting design.

L-shaped kitchen with marble pediment.

Image 10: Wooden benches are not the most used, but they bring comfort and warmth to the decoration.

 wooden benches and blackboard wall


Choosing the finish and the type of material that the countertops will have is a very important factor for the result of your project. Stones, wood, silestone, porcelain and stainless steel are just some of the many options the market offers, to define what is the best material for your kitchen, keep in mind the style of decoration you want and the needs that this countertop will need to meet.

Image 11: Rustic wood appears in this project to contrast with the gray silestone countertop.

wood cabinets and gray countertops

Image 12: The mixed floor is a trend that has been appearing in many projects and brings sophistication and modernity, here, it served to integrate the dining room decorated with industrial pendants.

wood cabinet with mixed flooring

Image 13: This project bet on colorful tiles and a red bench to match the chairs and make the environment fun.

red silestone countertop with colorful tiles

Image 14: This kitchen took advantage of the window wall to create a dining bench, making the environment more functional.

turquoise cabinet with dining counter

Image 15: The pad bench and the blue roof wheel gave character to the neutral environment.

neutral wallpaper and chip countertop

Image 16: This project chose the meter tile grouted in black to match the cabinets, the wooden countertop makes for a cozy atmosphere.

white L-shaped kitchen and small wood

Image 17: Green in a lighter tone is a strong trend for the next few years, here it appears contrasting with gray wood and stone.

kitchen in L green and gray

Image 18: With exposed brick wall and industrial pendants, this small kitchen is very charming and modern.

kitchen in black and white L with small bricks.

Image 19: Small and simple kitchen with red tiles and beige cabinets, resulting in a functional and discreet design.

kitchen in l with red tablets.

Image 20: This small kitchen gained charm and joy with the colorful wallpaper, the utensil bars make the kitchen functional.

small l kitchen with wallpaper


Having an island in the kitchen is the dream of many people’s consumption, but before asking your architect to place an island in your kitchen, consider the function it will have: will you receive the stove and oven? Is it just for quick meals? Will it have a tub? Would the space I use for the island be better used in another way? Before answering these questions, look at the projects we’ve separated.

Image 21: This kitchen has an L-shaped island that accommodates a stove and stools for quick meals, the white base highlights the chairs in dark brown.

white L-shaped kitchen with island and dining room

Image 22: Natural light and neutral colors made this project broad, industrial pendants gave it an industrial and modern feel.

L-shaped kitchen with island in neutral colors

Image 23: Elegant, this project has a large island with double oven and stainless steel hood, the wooden panel accommodates the TV and decorative objects.

L-shaped kitchen with large island and TV panel

Image 24: With double height, this kitchen needed a good lighting project, the island has a support tub and accommodates high stools.

L-shaped kitchen with double height

Image 25: In this project, the L-shaped countertop serves to separate the decorated living room from the kitchen. The pediment received metallic inserts to create a standout.

L-shaped kitchen with island and metallic tablets

Image 26: White kitchen with recessed ceiling and central island. The carpentry created niches for built-in appliances, leaving everything organized.

L-shaped kitchen with white center island and stainless steel hood

Image 27: Unusual, stainless steel countertops brought modernity and contrast to the turquoise cabinets.

L-shaped kitchen with stainless steel countertops

Image 28: Designed in neutral colors and straight lines, this L-shaped kitchen has large windows that favor natural light and a center island.

white L-shaped kitchen with island and frosted porcelain floor

Image 29: Simple, this environment has black granite countertops and white cabinets, black windows complete the decor.

L-shaped kitchen with glass pediment.

Image 30: Gray cabinets and natural stone countertops, this L-shaped kitchen gained elegance with crystal pendants.

L-shaped kitchen with spiral glass pendants


With the shape and design of the kitchen in mind, it’s time to choose the finishes: tiles, floors, sinks and paints. Remembering that vats, faucets and hoods are accessories, and chosen and installed last.

Image 31: Modern and sophisticated, this kitchen has large lead gray cabinets and wooden countertops.

modern wooden kitchen

Image 32: Bold design with yellow cabinets and blue checkered floor, the tiles in neutral tones complete the project.

L-shaped kitchen with geometric tiles

Image 33: This project created a tone-on-tone palette and the result was a discreet and functional environment.

kitchen in L beige and nude

Image 34: In contrast, this kitchen chose a closed shade of brown to contrast with the white of the cabinets and floor.

L-shaped kitchen with brown and white cabinet and porcelain floor

Image 35: Modern, this project invested in two colors for the cabinets and lighting project, note the floor delimiting the area.

green and white kitchen with mixed floor.

Image 36: The black wall is modern and looks great with wooden shelves and white countertop.

L-shaped kitchen with black wall and white countertop

Image 37: Very bold, this kitchen has chosen an orange countertop and colorful tiles. The wall of hollow elements completes the decoration.

L-shaped kitchen with orange countertop

Image 38: Another example of a colored countertop contrasting with neutral colors, the decorative panel and the lowered ceiling make the project more current.

orange countertop with white cabinet.

Image 39: This project chose matte tiles for the pediment and white lacquered cabinet, the result is a neutral and classic environment.

kitchen with slate on the wall

Image 40: Cool, this environment is illuminated by spots and colorful tiles, the chairs in pink complete the project.

kitchen with pink chairs

How to decorate kitchen in L

As it is a very common kitchen model, when decorating always take into account your style and how you use this kitchen. Kitchens that will be used to prepare many meals and store many utensils need more cabinets, on the other hand, if you are the type who uses the kitchen more sporadically or just for quick meals and does not collect utensils and pots, you can invest in fewer cabinets.

Image 41: This project chose a smaller size gray tile for the entire kitchen, creating a contrast with the red cabinets and stainless steel countertop.

kitchen with gray tile and stainless steel worktop

Image 42: Here, the project created an illuminated niche with only shelves and lighting. The gray of the wall follows the tone of the cabinets.

modern L-shaped kitchen with gray wall

Image 43: This kitchen has placed the tile on just one part of the wall, above the shelf, creating an original point of attention.

neutral L-shaped kitchen with slate and cabinets.

Image 44: This modern kitchen has wooden niches, plenty of natural light and white double-tub countertops.

modern L-shaped kitchen with double tub

Image 45: Small kitchens ask for light colors, this one opted for white cabinets and chose colored tiles to make the environment happy.

L-shaped kitchen with colorful tiles and black granite countertops.

Picture 46: Retro style kitchen, has a rustic wall, stone countertops and wooden floor. The large stove with golden details is a highlight of the project.

L-shaped kitchen with island and rustic wall

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Image 47: With beautiful blue and white wallpaper, this kitchen chose white cabinets for contrast.

blue kitchen and white cabinets.

Image 48: Planned kitchen with orange lacquer cabinets and geometric flooring, the balance comes from the gray of the wall.

orange kitchen with geometric floor

Image 49: With a deep gray and white countertops, this kitchen has been given a retro style with metal handles and pendant.

green and white kitchen with shell handles

Image 50: Traditional, this kitchen chose light gray for the woodwork and black for the countertops, resulting in a functional kitchen with plenty of storage space.

light gray kitchen with black countertop

Planned L Kitchen

Planning is always the best option, mainly because all the differences in the space will be taken into account and normally, the finishes and finishes are much superior to those of modular or ready-made cabinets.

Image 51: The carpentry design may be classic, but the yellow brought originality and contrast to the project.

yellow kitchen with black countertop

Image 52: Gray kitchen with hacienda style tub and wooden countertops give the rustic tone of this project.

kitchen in gray l with resined wood worktop

Image 53: The pine green of the walls and cabinets makes a beautiful contrast with the marble and the golden handles.

dark green and gold kitchen

Image 54: In this project, the joinery appears much darker to contrast with the white of the countertops and walls.

kitchen with island and rustic wooden floor

Image 55: This environment chose petroleum blue for the cabinets and gray granite for the countertops, the result is a modern and discreet kitchen.

blue kitchen with checkered floor

Image 56: This environment gained sophistication with the gourmet faucet and glass inserts, the silestone countertop creates a contrast with the joinery.

kitchen with silestone countertop and gourmet faucet

Image 57: This project chose industrial sconces to solve the lighting of the countertops, the white wall leaves the environment bright and neutral.

kitchen with sconces and blue joinery

Image 58: Simple and neutral kitchen with granite countertops and lowered ceiling, the joinery created spaces for appliances.

simple, neutral kitchen with dropped ceiling

Image 59: If the goal is to create a modern and clean environment at the same time, bet on a neutral base and choose a brighter color for the woodwork.

blue counters and white wall

Image 60: With a large wood panel, this neutral kitchen has gained warmth and sophistication.

modern kitchen with wood paneling and joinery

Simple L Kitchen

Even if you choose a simple kitchen, this does not mean that it needs to be lifeless and dull, it is possible to have a neutral kitchen, but with charm, elegance and modernity.

Image 61: This L-shaped kitchen has a tile panel matching the countertops and walls.

kitchen with designed tile panel

Image 62: With a simple line, the joinery left the environment functional and very neutral, the highlight of this kitchen is the entrance of natural light.

simple l kitchen

Image 63: Another example of a simple kitchen, with raw wood cabinets on the bottom and white on the top.

simple and neutral kitchen

Image 64: Although simple, this kitchen gained charm by choosing glass inserts for the hood panel.

glass insert panel

Image 65: With darker wood joinery and stone wall, this neutral kitchen is sophisticated and discreet.

kitchen with dark wood and stone.

Image 66: This project chose gray tiles and white cabinets to create a neutral and functional environment.

matte gray tiles and recessed ceiling with spotlight

Image 67: With a minimalist footprint, this kitchen chose gray cabinets and white tiles placed in fish scale.

fish scale tiles

Image 68: The highlight of this environment is the printed floor, which was only harmonious because the rest of the project is neutral and has simple lines.

black and white designed floor

Image 69: Neutral and with simple joinery, this small kitchen is elegant and discreet.

beige and white joinery

Image 70: This super neutral kitchen bet on white joinery with indirect lighting for the countertops.

simple kitchen with white cabinets

Small L Kitchen

The small kitchen is perhaps the most common, especially for those who live in apartments, and the solution for these environments of compact size is to invest in good finishes to bring elegance, and occupy as much air space as possible to create cabinets.

Image 71: With completely white cabinets, this project chose the milky glass for the stove’s pediment.

kitchen with glass on the stove wall

Image 72: This project chose a small recess in the ceiling to include the lighting, the stone on the countertops between the hood and the stove left the harmonious environment.

gray granite kitchen pediment

Image 73: Compact, this kitchen chose a stove with only 3 burners to save space and invested in wood for the countertops.

small L-shaped kitchen with 3-burner stove

Image 74: Even though it’s narrow, this kitchen managed to accommodate a double bowl and two-burner stove.

narrow and small kitchen

Image 75: Another narrow kitchen model that chose tone-on-tone neutral colors to make the environment clear and neutral.

gray kitchen with gray wall

Image 76: Very compact in size, this kitchen has chosen a shade of grayish green for the matte gray porcelain tile countertops and cabinets.

kitchen with green lacquer cabinet

Image 77: This kitchen bet on shelves to accommodate utensils and appliances, and invested in overhead cabinets and counters to generate more space.

simple and small kitchen

Image 78: Although small, it accommodated appliances, cabinets and even a TV. The result here is a functional and neutral kitchen.

neutral kitchen with tv

Image 79: With neutral cabinets, this kitchen chose tiles with high gloss and relief to highlight the pediment.

L-shaped kitchen with raised pediment

Image 80: Modern design with black tub and functional joinery. The wooden countertop left the cozy and discreet environment.

rustic wood cabinets and shelves and black tub

Modern L-shaped kitchen

The modern style of decoration is one of the most comprehensive, ranging from minimalism to rustic, the important thing here is to keep in mind that what is in fashion today, five years from now, could be very dated. Therefore, opt for material colors that will bring modernity without leaving your project loaded. The tip is to keep a neutral base and leave to print a style in accessories and finishes, which are easier to change over the years.

Image 81: The light green leaves the environment stripped, and the copper pendants bring modernity to the project.

green wall with patterned tiles

Image 82: The predominant blue that goes from the cabinets to the floor brought joy and modernity to this project.

blue and gray floor

Image 83: Here, the joinery was planned to have its own lighting, the golden handles give the project a retro vibe.

cabinets with gold cup handles

Image 84: Small and practical, this kitchen has cabinets in the same color as the countertop and metro tile tiles.

gray cabinets with white metro tile wall

Image 85: Scandinavian style, this kitchen has white cabinets and tiles, light green comes to break the monotony and bring charm.

Scandinavian style kitchen.

Image 86: The highlight of this project is the black and white floor, which matches the black wall and sconces. Modern and simple.

black and white floors and white cabinets

Image 87: This kitchen received burnt concrete countertops and a niche built into the wall to accommodate books and spices, the result is a rustic and modern kitchen.

rustic kitchen with blue and gray geometric floors

Image 88: Small, this kitchen favored the creation of cabinets and shelves and opted for a smaller tub.

Image 89: With a different design, this kitchen created small niches and received several copper pendants in place of the traditional spots.

niches and wooden benches

Image 90: With printed tiles in more neutral colors, this environment chose aqua green to highlight the woodwork and white countertops.

neutral hydraulic tiles with green cabinet.