Kitchen with Island: How to Make and +110 Models to Get Inspired

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A kitchen with an island is synonymous with a chic and elegant environment. The strong influence of the American architectural style, which uses this element a lot and favors large spaces and practical spaces for everyday life, makes it an object of desire for many people, who wish to have this kitchen model in their homes.

Furthermore, a kitchen with an island can be a very practical and functional space. As a room increasingly used by families and even to receive visitors, it is important that the kitchen has a design that combines beauty in the decoration, with functionality and practicality, so that people who use the environment feel comfortable in it. .

Image 1: Photo of a large kitchen with an island in the same style as the decoration!

kitchen with black and white island.

With the installation of the island, you will be able to gain more space for cooking, with a large bench where you can make the preparations you want, you will have more space to place seats, whether chairs or stools, which will make this the perfect space for meetings and conversations, you’ll have space to put the utensils and appliances you’ve always dreamed of.

You can still use the space on top of the island, with lamps that will add much more beauty to your decor, or hanging shelves that can be used to store pots, bowls and glasses, among other items used in the kitchen.

Thus, a kitchen with an island guarantees more space and, when well planned, more elegance for the room. In order for it to be done in the best possible way, it is important to be aware of some details. They are: the size of the environment, the size of the island, the material used, among other factors.

Next, we’ll explain which points deserve your attention when planning your kitchen with an island. We’ll show you even more than 100 photos for you to get inspired and plan your own!

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Tips to help plan your island kitchen

In order for your kitchen to be planned and built in the best possible way and stay the way you always dreamed of, you need to pay attention to some crucial points. Not to mention that you should always seek the help of a qualified professional for your renovation or construction!

kitchen size

Nobody wants to be squashed at home, do they? You don’t want to have to dodge furniture and objects to move through your kitchen, nor do you want to deal with a passage obstructed by the decor. Attention is needed to the size of the island.

So the first thing you need to notice is whether you can install an island in your kitchen, taking into account the size of that room in your home. In general, the circulation space around the island should be 70 centimeters.

Picture 2 : Kitchen with all white island, with golden lamps.

White kitchen with gold lamp.

It is also important to remember the furniture and cabinets. You should consider, in addition to the circulation itself, that the kitchen is usually a room with plenty of cabinets, drawers, oven, and other items that you will need to open. Measure everything before closing the project.

If you have a small kitchen in your house, don’t be discouraged. It is possible to have an island in a small kitchen, yes!. But it will be necessary to think about different formats and perhaps build an environment integrated with others, such as the living room, the dining room or an outdoor area. You can also use, for example, furniture to make an island. Count on the help of a competent and creative professional!

Island size in the kitchen

This is another question that may seem simple , but it will make all the difference in the functionality of your island. To define the best size, in addition to considering the size of your kitchen, as we said above, you will have to choose which attributes to put into it and what use you want it to have.

For example, you might want to think about whether it will be a space for dining or more for cooking. Will it be necessary to install and put a lot on it or do you prefer the space to be more empty and free? All of this should be thought of before starting construction or renovation.

Image 3 : Kitchen model inspiration with a more rustic and medium island. See that the size of the island and the kitchen allow circulation through the environment.

Rustic kitchen.

The standard height for a kitchen with an island, so that activities can be done in comfort, is 90cm to 1.10m, on average. Since you will be using stools or chairs around it, it’s good to set aside two feet of depth for your island.

island material

The materials used to build your island should follow the same style that is being or will be used in the rest of the kitchen. If you are going to use the island for cooking, avoid using wood on the countertop. They can take damage that will make your island ugly in the future. If the purpose of your island is cooking, the ideal is for you to cover it with stone or stainless steel, the most recommended materials for this use and which will facilitate cleaning.

Image 4 : Example of a large island, made with wood. With the stools around, the space becomes perfect for gathering family and visitors.

Kitchen with large wooden island.

If you just want one more space to receive friends and family and have family meals, you will have more freedom to choose the material. It can be made of wood (both the simpler and more rustic types), imitate burnt cement, be made of marble or granite .

It is also important that you know how to make the most of all the resources that your island can offer you. This extra space in your kitchen can help you in many ways, if you know how to use them. See these tips:

Attributes to be used on the island

It is essential, first of all, that you know what function you want your island kitchen to have! It can be for receiving people and having meals or it can be a dedicated space for cooking.

Image 5: Kitchen with island with cooktop , made with marble and with benches around. The luminaires make the environment more chic.

Kitchen with island with cooktop.

So, you can choose to put a cooktop, a sink, choose a material that is easier to clean or more comfortable to eat, among other options available on the market.

If you want to use it as a table, you can leave the island freer and with more empty space, which will make it easier when you’re having meals.

Island Kitchen Storage

Kitchen with an island is synonymous with well-used space. A good way to take advantage of this space that a kitchen with an island will give you is to use it to store things. Take advantage of the island to install more cabinets and drawers in your kitchen and thus gain more space to store your utensils.

Image 6: Beautiful used bench with island, with decorative objects on top.

Kitchen with bench.

enjoy the lighting

Another factor that can be used in a kitchen with an island, giving a more elegant decoration, is the lighting. Place fixtures on top of your island and work with more targeted lighting!

Image 7: In this project, three striking lighting fixtures were installed on top of the wooden island, with a sink.

Kitchen with island and lamps.

Tips for decorating your kitchen with island

After thinking of everything and developing your kitchen design with a central island, you can pay attention to other details, to make sure you make this environment as beautiful and comfortable as possible, for you and your family and to receive friends and friends .

This type of kitchen can have the most different styles of decoration, ranging from the rustic, through the classic, to the most modern and minimalist environments. It is also worth thinking about whether your island will be integrated with other rooms in the house, in addition to the kitchen. If so, it is important to consider that the decoration of all environments speaks to each other and matches.

Kitchens with modern islands

When decorating modern kitchens with an island, always choose cabinets and furniture with a clean and minimalist design, represented by straight lines and geometric shapes. Painting can also be a good alternative.

It is also possible to choose different coverings, from the simplest models, to different textures and colors. They will ensure your kitchen has more character! If you are more classic and elegant, you can opt for marble. Now, if you like warmer and more organic materials, it’s worth making your island out of wood. The material can have a touch of modernity too!

Rustic island cuisine

The rustic decor for kitchen with island is synonymous with a super cozy environment. And to give this rustic and simple touch to the environment, it is very important to know how to carefully choose the materials for this environment.

Therefore, in your kitchen with island and rustic decoration, opt for cabinets made of wood with a rawer finish, the walls can be covered with stone and even, if you prefer, it is worth investing in exposed brick or burnt cement, which are super well seen for a rustic kitchen decor.

Below, we’ve separated another 103 photos with ideas of kitchens with an island for you to be inspired. See all the photos, organize the ideas and plan yours according to your taste and the decoration you want for your home!

Image 8: Beautiful choice of material, which matches the floor and kitchen decor.

Small kitchen with island.

Image 9 : Island used as a dining space in this cozy white wood kitchen.

Light kitchen with island.

Image 10 : Large marble island, combined with wood and industrial-style benches.

Large kitchen with island.

Image 11 : Another inspiration from a wood and marble island.

Mobile island in white kitchen with wood.

Image 12: Kitchen with a minimalist island all in black and white and with striking lighting.

Kitchen with minimalist island.

Image 13: Another example of a simple and elegant kitchen.

Kitchen with white island.

Image 14: Kitchen with gray and white island. Decor combined between the island and the rest of the environment.

Kitchen with gray and white island.

Image 15: Island in small kitchen.

Small kitchen with island.

Image 16: Idea for a large, modern kitchen with a large island where you can cook and have meals.

Large modern kitchen.

Image 17: Kitchen with Scandinavian style decor.

Kitchen with Scandinavian style island.

Image 18: Huge island, with space for meals and several cupboards.

Wide island.

Image 19: Modern and elegant kitchen with island. Decor and furniture all in black and white and straight lines.

Black and white kitchen with island.

Image 20: Traditional kitchen with beige travertine marble island .

Kitchen with white and beige island.

Image 21 : Beautiful inspiration for those who like minimalist style.

Kitchen with minimalist island.

Image 22 : Example for medium environments.

Medium kitchen with island.

Image 23: Island installed in small kitchen.

Small kitchen with island in the center.

Image 24: Beautiful modern example, with strong luminaire.

Large kitchen with island in the center.

Image 25: This is for those who like brighter environments!

Light kitchen with island.

Picture 26 : Light kitchen with golden detail.

Light kitchen with golden stove.

Image 27: White kitchen with green central island.

Kitchen with green center island.

Image 29: All white kitchen.

Kitchen with white island.

Picture 30: Kitchen with rectangular island.

Kitchen with island.

Image 31 : How not to love this kitchen all blue?

Kitchen with blue island.

Image 32 : Inspiration for those who prefer more chic environments.

Kitchen with green and gold,

Image 33: Beautiful wooden island!

White kitchen with wooden island.

Image 34: All marble island.

Kitchen with marble island.

Image 35 : Imagine what a delight to bring the family together in this kitchen!

Large kitchen with island.

Image 36: All white kitchen, with wood details.

White kitchen, with wood and iron details.

Picture 37 : Black kitchen with wood.

 Black kitchen with wood.

Image 39 : What to say about these lamps?! They made up the decor of this island kitchen very well.

Kitchen with small island.

Image 40 : The color chosen for the island matched the rest of the environment and the wooden floor.

White kitchen, with wood and shades of gray.

Image 41: Wood texture combined well with the whole kitchen, which has a more minimalist decor.

Brand kitchen with wooden island.

Picture 42 : Very chic kitchen, mixing colors and elements.

Kitchen with large island.

Image 43 : Another inspiration for those who enjoy white environments, with touches of color and texture.

White kitchen with iron, wood and gilt.

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Image 44 : Beautiful combination of green, gold and wood.

Kitchen combining green, gold and wood

Image 45 : Beautiful island in a small kitchen, with straw stools and a striking lamp.

Island in small kitchen.

Image 46: Beautiful kitchen with exposed bricks. More rustic and industrial decoration.

Kitchen with bricks.

Image 47: Kitchen with beautiful shade of grey.

Kitchen with gray island.

Picture 49 : White kitchens are beautiful!

White kitchen.

Picture 50 : Kitchen in dark tones, integrated with light room. Combination worked fine!

Kitchen in dark tones.

Image 51: Kitchen with dark and heavier decoration.

Kitchen with island and black and gold items,

Image 52: Island works as a table in this example.

Kitchen with island.

Picture 53 : Huge kitchen with marble island.

Large kitchen with island.

Image 54: Beautiful kitchen with green and wood tones.

Kitchen with green and wooden island.

Image 55: White kitchen with dark fixtures and black island. Wooden benches matched the decor.

White kitchen with dark fixtures and black island.

Image 56 : Ilha integrates with other rooms in the house.

Kitchen with integrated island.

Image 57 : Despite the reduced space, the island fits in very well in this kitchen.

Small kitchen with island.

Picture 58 : Wall with bricks gives the name to this kitchen.

Kitchen with island.

Picture 59 : Simple and light wooden island, matching the rest of the kitchen.

Kitchen with wood island.

Picture 60: Kitchen with a modern touch.

Kitchen with modern decor.

Image 61: Kitchen lit with natural light!

Kitchen with island.

Image 62 : Wooden island in an all white environment, matching the floor.

Kitchen with wooden island.

Image 63 : In this example, the black island matched the decoration of the whole house.

Kitchen with black island,

Image 64 : White with shades of pink and gray made this kitchen very inspirational and modern.

Kitchen with white, gray and pink island.

Image 65: Island complete with stove, dining space, cabinets and shelves. Very well done project!

Kitchen with large island,

Image 66 : The most modern island model, which speaks to the entire kitchen.

Modern kitchen.

Image 67 : This project used the area on top of the island to place a pan support. Good idea!

Coxinha with island with pan support.

Image 68: Another example for those who like more modern kitchens .

Modern kitchen.

Image 69: This project integrated the island to a table!

Kitchen with island and table.

Image 70 : Another example of an island with a table. The size of the kitchen made an island of this size possible.

Kitchen with island and table.

Image 71 : Beautiful wooden island, with black walls and white stones.

Kitchen with wooden island.

Image 72: This example used the island to install a TV on the site.

Kitchen with island and TV.

Image 74 : Kitchen with darker colors guarantee elegance to the house.

Kitchen with gray and black island.

Image 75 : One of the inspirations we love the most!

Kitchen with black, white and wooden island.

Image 76 : Another minimalist inspiration.

White kitchen with wood.

Image 77: Another more traditional example.

Traditional cuisine with island.

Image 78 : See how beautiful this space with books and dishes was.

Large kitchen with island.

Picture 79 : Kitchen with industrial style.

Kitchen with industrial decoration.

Image 80 : Another example of the good use of the combination of white and wood.

White kitchen with wood.

Image 81: Another white kitchen for you to be inspired by.

Kitchen with white island.

Image 82 : The touch of color in this kitchen was due to the red chairs.

White island kitchen with red chairs.

Image 83 : This kitchen has united the modern with more traditional touches.

kitchen with modern island.

Image 85 : Great example of how a small kitchen can have an island!

Kitchen with island and wood flooring.

Image 86 : Another beautiful inspiration.

Kitchen with island.

Image 87 : Beautiful example for people who prefer to have a more modern kitchen with straight lines.

Kitchen with modern island.

Image 88 : The light fixtures gave a wonderful charm above the island.

Kitchen with island and modern lamp.

Image 89: The ceiling is the main kitchen item.

Kitchen with island and wooden ceiling.

Image 90: Another example for the most modern.

Modern kitchen with island,

Image 91 : Once again, the ceiling is the protagonist. In this example, it is made of glass and brings natural light to the island kitchen.

Kitchen with island and wooden ceiling.

Image 92 : Beautiful house all integrated.

Modern house with an island kitchen integrated into the living room.

Image 93 : Another beautiful example!

Kitchen with white, black and wood island.

Image 94: Another inspiration for people who like integrated environments.

Integrated kitchen.

Picture 95 : All white kitchen.

All white kitchen with central island.

Picture 96 : White is a trend for kitchens.

White kitchen with island.

Image 97: Beautiful light fixture installed on this central wooden island.

Wooden island kitchen.

Image 98: Super modern and minimalist design.

Modern and minimalist kitchen.

Image 99 : Speaking of lighting fixtures, see what a beautiful project!

Island kitchen with multiple light fixtures.

Image 100: Huge central island in this large kitchen.

Image 101: Example for those who like wood coverings.

Island kitchen with wood flooring.

Image 102: Inspiration from modern lighting fixtures.

Island kitchen with light fixtures.

Image 103: Example for those who like white environments.

All white kitchen.

Picture 104 : Kitchen all in black and white.

Black and white kitchen.

Picture 105 : Beautiful ceiling with wooden slats.

White kitchen with wooden ceiling.

Image 106 : Another similar example.

Image 107 : White, black and wood, once again, making a beautiful environment!

Kitchen with white island.

Picture 108 : Beautiful wooden lamp.

Kitchen with island and wooden lamp.

Image 109: Kitchen with island and more traditional lamps.

Kitchen with island and more traditional lamps.

Image 110 : Inspiration for those who like the rustic style.

Kitchen with rustic wooden island.

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