Kitchen Worktop: +80 Inspirations to Do at Home

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The kitchen countertop is an essential item in this room. After all, it supports food preparation. But, it is not because she is essential that she cannot be different. With creativity, it is possible to invest in different coatings, such as making it with precious stones or wood.

In addition, we brought amazing models of lighted, organized, decorated kitchen countertops, as well as different and unusual models that will make all the difference in your home.

Kitchen countertop stones

Many people are not sure how a kitchen countertop is made and what material is most appropriate to put on it. Therefore, the first photos in this article are of granite and marble stone countertops.

Granite and marble

Image 1: Betting on a light color in the kitchen is essential. After all, in addition to being more difficult to get seasick, neutrality allows you to use colorful decorative items.

Kitchen worktop with gray stone.

Image 2: Want to give it a boost? How about adding a low wooden counter to serve as a table?

Wooden room divider.

Image 3: If the kitchen countertop serves as a room divider, don’t forget to choose a color that matches the floor in both rooms.

White stone on the kitchen countertop.

Image 4: Mainly in small apartments, joining the counter with a dining area is very common. As a result, you’ll have enough space to both prepare your meal and eat.

Black and brown kitchen.

Image 5: Black is synonymous with refinement, elegance and modernity. Therefore, use your creativity when choosing the stools.

Environment with suspended lighting.

Image 6: In this case, the light stools help to highlight the area.

Three pale stools.

Image 7: Colorful kitchen cabinets are trends in decoration. So, use neutral colors on the countertop so as not to overload the environment.

White and blue kitchen.

Image 8: This model is one of the most common and easiest to find.

Gray and black stone.

Image 9: To preserve the stone from the bench, a glass was placed on top. In addition, this technique is widely used in spaces that get a lot dirty. After all, glass is much easier to clean.

Kitchen worktop with glass.

Burnt cement

This is a material that is on the rise in the decor world. As it belongs to a more rustic and industrial style, it offers a feeling of modernity and seriousness to the environment. Also, for those who like colorful decorative items, this is an excellent background color.

Image 10: Another material that is hot in kitchen decor is burnt cement. The advantage is that it can be extended to other areas, such as the floor, for example.

Wooden closet.

Image 11: Wood is the preferred material for decorating with burnt cement.

Small kitchen with burnt cement.

Image 12: But if you’re not a big fan of industrial style, it’s worth investing in colorful wall tiles.

Decorated wall.

Image 13: Stools, shelves, cabinets and white walls bring lightness to the kitchen countertop.

White and gray kitchen.

Image 14: On the other hand, anyone who is a fan of industrial style can certainly invest without fear in burnt cement.

Kitchen worktop in burnt cement.

Image 15: This color is widely used for harmonizing with the gray of appliances.

Room with two-door refrigerator.

Image 16: Metal stools and suspended lamps reinforce the style and help in the composition of the decor in the kitchen.

Wall covered with stones.

Image 17: Do you like American cuisine? With a kitchen countertop in burnt cement, the black hood will be much more elegant and will give personality to the room.

Black hood.

Cement with wood

Image 18: On the other hand, wood offers a little more lightness to space. So, instead of the traditional closet, there are wooden shelves.

Cement with wood.

Image 19: Another way to keep the environment organized using wood is through crates.

Kitchen with organizer boxes.

Image 20: For those who have a leisure area with a wood stove, a burnt cement countertop is the perfect choice. After all, she is rustic!

Burnt cement wood stove.

Image 21: Even a small decorated kitchen can have the privilege of having a countertop. Furthermore, with creativity it can even become a shelf for your TV room.

Bench dividing living room and kitchen.

Image 22: To give lightness and a touch of joy to your countertop, invest in a fruit bowl with several colorful fruit options.

Wall with opening.

Wooden kitchen worktop

This is a highly requested material to make a kitchen countertop. However, care must be taken! After all, we know that wood is a fragile material against water. And, as this is an area that can be in contact with moisture, it is necessary to use a special wood for this area.

Image 23: Another resource widely used in the production of kitchen countertops is wood. But, how about enhancing the environment by putting a wooden pergola?

Cabinet with cups.

Image 24: The hollow bench underneath allows the benches to be hidden underneath when not in use. Thus increasing circulation in space.

Open kitchen countertop.

Image 25: On the other hand, some people like this model because it leaves the environment less loaded with cabinets and shelves.

Wooden bench.

Image 26: Wood is very versatile when it comes to changing the color.

Pink kitchen worktop.

Image 27: The wooden bench can also be just a buffer made of another material. In this case, use your creativity and remember that the underside will always be apparent.

Yellow cabinets.

Image 28: On the other hand, the process can also be reversed. In which, the bench is made of wood and the cap of another material.

Blue wall and black stools.


The coating of a kitchen countertop is capable of creating any style to the environment, it just depends on the creativity of the residents. Designed, colored or 3D tiles, they will all look beautiful in your kitchen, the only condition is knowing how to combine them with the rest of the room’s decoration.

Image 29: Since the underside of the kitchen counter will always be visible, why not invest in resources to decorate it?

3D coating.

Image 30: In white rooms it gains even more prominence. Therefore, choose well the colors and designs used.

Black and white tile.

Image 31: A decorated tile on the wall next to the stove helps to disguise the mess caused when preparing food.

Colorful kitchen.

Image 32: Black and white never goes out of style, is it?

American kitchen.

Image 34: 3D coatings have also become the darlings of decoration.

Black and brown counter.

Image 35: Finally, a mirrored design is also very welcome. But because it is flashy, it needs to be used with caution.

High mirrored finish.


With the exception of the bedroom and living room, the rooms of a house need to be very well lit, especially the kitchen. After all, it is on the bench that we check if the color of an ingredient matches its quality. Therefore, investing in spots, suspended lamps, chandeliers and recessed lighting is never too much.

Image 36: It is essential that a kitchen has good lighting. After all, you need to be aware of the colors of food during any preparation.

Illuminated kitchen worktop.

Image 37: Therefore, investing in suspended luminaires never hurts.

Area with six lamps.

Image 38: They can accompany all over or counter. Or, if it’s flush against the wall, it’s worth investing in lighting hidden in the cabinets.

L-shaped lighting.

Image 39: In addition to being decorative, suspended luminaires also serve to direct the lighting in a certain part of the kitchen.

Rosé lamps on the kitchen countertop.

Image 40: There are several models to be chosen according to the personality of the residents and the style of the decoration.

Recessed lighting under the bench.

Image 41: Another alternative to make the area even brighter is to do it next to a window.

Bench on the edge of the window.

Image 42: It is also possible to mix different lighting features such as recessed, luminaire or spotlights.

Balcony in half moon.

Image 43: Finally, if you choose lighting fixtures, don’t forget that it needs to match the rest of the decor, whether in color and/or style.

Area with glass wall.

Kitchen worktop with stove

The kitchen countertop is no longer just a support item and, in some cases, it also serves as a divider between rooms such as the dining room, for example. Therefore, in order not to be so far away and with his back to the guests, an alternative seen was to place the stove on the counter itself.

Image 44: In order not to have your back to the guests, the kitchen countertop was used to place the stove. Thus, it is possible to stir the pans and talk at the same time.

Two modern hoods.

Image 45: The hood cannot be ignored in this case. Because, as the stove will not be near any windows, it is important to have a smoke outlet.

Kitchen worktop with stove.

Image 46: In addition, to prevent the grease from spilling out, it is possible to add a small glass wall on the sides of the stove.

Bench with wooden table.

Image 47: Pay attention to the color! If the coating on the kitchen countertop is black, using a stove of the same color will make the environment more harmonious.

Environment decorated with plants.

Image 48: On the other hand, beware of white. As much as it is an elegant color to be placed in the kitchen, the dirt will be more visible.

Kitchen with woody decor.

Image 49: One way to separate the cooking bench and the dining bench is to divide them at different heights.

Bench and counter at different heights.

Picture 50: Currently, cooktops are preferred to put on the stove in the kitchen countertop.

White counter with black stove.

Image 51: On the other hand, nothing prevents opening the countertop so that it receives the complete traditional stove.

Countertop with whole stove.

Image 52: If the countertop is dark, invest in good lighting to facilitate food preparation.

Gray closet.

Image 53: Finally, if there is no hood, be careful with the material from the cabinet that will go right above.

Hood built into the closet.

Decorated kitchen bench

Any corner of the house can be decorated. But when it comes to kitchen countertops, you need to be a little more careful. After all, a lot of decoration in the area can end up interfering with the preparation of meals.

Image 54: A decorated kitchen encourages the preparation of meals with more joy and fun.

Kitchen with wooden pergola.

Image 55: Therefore, the minimalist style is one of the favorites in this environment.

Frosted closet.

Picture 56: The plants are very welcome in the small kitchen decor. In addition to being colorful and brightening the room, it helps to purify the air in the environment.

Small kitchen with gray cabinet.

Image 57: In the case of sculptures and decorative objects, opt for models with colors that match the kitchen countertop, for example.

Decoration with sculpture and plant.

Image 58: Niches are very useful to delimit the amount of decorative objects in a kitchen.

Niche with books.

Image 59: But remember that the counter is a space that should be as free as possible so that there is no need to keep removing things before making a dish.

Shelf on top of the kitchen counter.

Image 60: Therefore, to keep the place decorated without losing space, invest in the wall covering.

Wall with 3D black coating.

Image 61: To add color to your kitchen countertop, choose the food itself as decorative elements.

Decorative shelf support.

Image 62: Rugs and potted plants on the floor also help to decorate the countertop itself, albeit indirectly.

Rustic style kitchen.

Image 63: Pictures and objects that hang on the wall, without necessarily taking up space on the bench, are also welcome.

Decor in neutral colors.

Different models

The phrase “get out of the box” is also useful when it comes to kitchen countertops. With the help of planned furniture, it is possible to make anything, any model, anywhere, just use your creativity. Also, it can be molded according to your need.

Image 64: Instead of a low wall like a bench, how about a simpler style like a small table?

White hollow kitchen worktop.

Image 65: The use of stones indoors is not very common. But with caution and creativity it is possible to add this coating without making the environment heavy.

Stone cladding.

Image 66: An irregular countertop is for those who need extra space especially because of cabinets.

Irregular model with diagonal stove.

Image 67: In addition to being different, this style awakens creativity in decoration.

Stove area forming a semi circle.

Image 68: Did you buy a stove that is wider than the countertop? Don’t worry, it’s possible to create an extension in the desired area.

Cabinet in front of the rest of the workbench.

Image 69: How about joining the kitchen countertop with a rounded sofa for the table?

Integrated wardrobe with sofa.

Image 70: A half-moon bench is certainly perfect for those who have plenty of room. After all, as much as it takes up more space, it also takes up more people sitting.

Round kitchen worktop.

Image 71: This is another slightly rounded bench alternative.

Kitchen with six stools.

Image 72: Finally, the more people in the same room, the more integrated they will be. In this case, the strategy was to place the table as a continuation of the bench.

Integrated counter with table.


You know when someone tells you at the last minute that they’re coming to your house and you run out to put everything in order? Have you ever thought that if everything was always in place you wouldn’t need to have this despair?

Image 73: An organized kitchen offers several advantages to residents, one of them is the ease of cleaning.

Organized kitchen worktop.

Image 74: On the other hand, whoever owns shelves needs extra attention. After all, every pot out of line appears.

Kitchen with laundry.

Image 75: But it is not only what is visible that needs to be organized. Keeping drawers and cabinets organized makes it easier to find an item.

Organized drawers.

Image 76: The use of niches in the middle of the kitchen countertop cabinet makes it possible to leave the most used objects on display or decorative items.

Kitchen worktop with decorative items.

Image 77: Cookbooks can be placed in niches on the sides of the countertop.

Bench only with flowers.

Image 78: If the space does not have doors, always remember to keep the environment clean and organized.

Rustic Wood Shelves.

Image 79: Near the stove, leave the space reserved for the pots and near the counter leave the cups available.

Kitchen without cabinet.

Image 80: Finally, baskets can also help keep kitchen countertops tidy.

Small kitchen organized with baskets.

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