Leisure Area with Swimming Pool: More than 75 Projects and Photos to Get Inspired

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Who doesn’t like to welcome friends and family at home, right? How about having a pleasant outdoor space, such as a beautiful leisure area and a swimming pool to enjoy the hottest days of the year?

Whether it’s a large or small backyard, with good planning that includes the participation of an architect and a landscaper, every square meter can be put to good use.

There are several types of pools, such as fiber, tile, concrete and even the infinity pool, which are very fashionable. Regardless of what it is, it will be right next to your leisure area, which can include just a table with a few chairs, a gym, a balcony and even the beloved barbecue.

Are you on a very small budget? No problem, we have selected 75 leisure area projects with a swimming pool that fit every budget and in every space, so that you can welcome the ones you love and collect unforgettable moments alongside a beautiful view.

small leisure area

No matter the size of your space, that is, when well used, it is possible to have a cozy place to relax.

In the case of inserting a pool in the backyard or near the garage, it is important to check the size of the space carefully and never buy a pool that is exactly the same size as the space you have.

It is necessary to leave a circulation space close to it, even if it is only on one side.

Image 1: Swimming pool in small space

Leisure area with small swimming pool.

deck + pool

For those who live in building roofs or have a slab as a leisure area, don’t worry, you can also include a swimming pool in your resting place.

The solution is simple: just make a project with the architect of a wooden deck. In addition to being elegant, it will be possible to fit a swimming pool with the appropriate size according to your available space.

This tip can also be very useful for those who don’t want the work of making a very deep hole in the backyard, that is, not too much dirt.

In terms of decoration, it is possible to use creativity on the steps, or even make a sofa with cushions using the wood from the deck.

Image 2: Swimming pool on wooden deck with potted plants

Leisure area with pool on a wooden deck

Image 3: Glass wall on wooden deck

Leisure area with swimming pool and glass wall.

Image 4: Deck with a small covered pool

Small rooftop pool.

Image 5: Covered deck

Swimming pool on wooden deck with sofa.

Image 6: Small pool on wooden deck

Small swimming pool with fountain.

Formats that fit

If you have a garden or tree that you consider part of the house, it is not necessary to give up to have a leisure area with a swimming pool. That is, there are several distributors that make a model according to what is ordered, so you can keep your corner green and have a place to refresh at the same time.

Tile or concrete pools are the most used when it is necessary to make them in a different format, as the builder can adapt them, without the need to place an order with a manufacturer, as is the case with fiber pools.

Image 7: Swimming pool with different shape

Leisure area with swimming pool in abstract format.

Image 8: Swimming pool with small garden on the edge

Leisure area with chuveirão.

Image 9: Drop-shaped pool

Drop-shaped pool.

different colors

A colorful leisure area offers much more lightness and joy to the environment, and why not use the pool to increase the color, right? And in detail, it’s not just the tiles that offer different options in tones and colors.

Nowadays there is a kind of wallpaper for swimming pools, this allows you to decorate it not only with color , but with designs and geometric shapes that will make your leisure area much more fun.

Image 10: Swimming pool with different shades of green

Greenish pool.

Image 11: Swimming pool with shades of blue and gray

Blue and gray pool.

If you like a more colorful environment, check out our colorful room tips !

leisure and safety

One of the biggest concerns of parents who have small children and wish to have a swimming pool in the leisure area is the fear of some kind of accident. This is also common for those who have animals that are loose in the backyard.

The option that will make the environment much safer, without losing its elegance, are the glass walls around the pool. There are two ways to do it:

The first is to make a fixed wall about one meter high, with only one door.

The second form is an accordion wall, which can be folded up when the pool is in use and parents are nearby to watch over the children.

Image 12: Swimming pool with glass wall in grassy backyard

Swimming pool with glass wall.

Image 13: Glass wall in swimming pool

Leisure area with swimming pool and glass enclosure.

The glass, in these cases, in addition to leaving the environment safe, also guarantees sophistication. If you like elegance, read our article on frosted glass .

Leisure area with a two-in-one pool

A second tip that offers safety to parents with young children is the two-in-one pool. In it, it is possible to have a shallower mini pool for children to play without worrying their parents.

The whirlpool is also an excellent option to help you relax during your leisure time.

Image 14: Swimming pool with children’s area and whirlpool

Swimming pool with whirlpool.

Image 15: Swimming pool two in one

Two pools in one.

Sunbeds inside the pool

Sunbathing is an important routine not only to maintain a tan, but also to boost vitamin D in the body. The problem is that this activity often ends up leaving the body warm too quickly, making it necessary to get up all the time to go cool off in the pool.

So how about putting the sunbeds inside the pool? Indicated for those who have a larger space in the leisure area, just plan a large shallow step in the pool according to the number of loungers you wish to place.

Image 16: Green swimming pool with three sun loungers

Green swimming pool with sun loungers.

Image 17: Large swimming pool with sun loungers inside and outside

Large swimming pool with sun loungers.

Image 18: Swimming pool in front of a balcony

Leisure area with swimming pool and sun loungers.

Image 19: Swimming pool with space for two sun loungers

Swimming pool with coconut tree in the middle.

Lighting matters in your leisure area with swimming pool

Every leisure area must be well lit, after all, most of the meetings between family and friends take place at night. But, to make the place even more charming, elegant and well-lit, it’s worth betting on the lighting inside the pool.

Image 20: Illuminated “L” swimming pool

Leisure area with pool in "L".

Image 21: Lighting on the pool deck

Illuminated pool deck.

Image 22: Swimming pool with internal lighting

Illuminated swimming pool.

Image 23: Leisure area with terrace and illuminated swimming pool

Leisure area with lighted swimming pool.

Different leisure areas

Each person enjoys their leisure time in a way, that’s a fact. And when planning your own environment, there are different ways to make this connection with the pool.

It can be with a balcony, a gourmet kitchen , a barbecue , sofas, or even a simple table with some chairs. The important thing is to be nice.

Image 24: Leisure area with table, chairs, sofa and sun lounger

Leisure area with table.

Image 25: Outdoor leisure area with ample space

Large leisure area with swimming pool.

Image 26: Leisure area with mini kitchen

Leisure area with mini kitchen.

Image 27: Leisure area with barbecue

Leisure area with barbecue.

Leisure area with pool and vertical gardens

The plants, in addition to giving life to the environment, leave the landscape colorful and reminiscent of nature, which ends up bringing a feeling of peace and tranquility.

In this way, even with the space compromised by the pool, it is possible to create a vertical garden that will bring all these benefits to your leisure area.

The only care needed is in relation to plants or trees that change their leaves many times a year, if they are near the pool, you may have to do maintenance and cleaning more frequently.

Image 28: Small vertical garden beside the pool

Vertical garden with swimming pool.

Image 29: Vertical garden on the entire side of the pool

Swimming pool with vertical garden.

beach at home

The Brazilian population is known worldwide as the most beachy. But unfortunately, with the rush of everyday life, it is not always easy or even close to go to the coast, is it?

Have you ever thought about having a beach right there in your backyard? This is possible thanks to the concrete pools. With it, it is possible to plan a ramp so that the depth increases with the length. It is possible that this mini beach is a junction between the concrete ramp and the fiber pool as well.

And want a tip to make the place even more tropical? The stones are the big bet when decorating the leisure area with swimming pool. It can be on the edges, with the larger options or even on the floor.

Doing it around a lawn can also bring tranquility and a feeling of closer proximity to nature. However, care must be taken here in relation to dirt that can be brought into the pool.

Image 30: Swimming pool with beach effect

Swimming pool that looks like a beach

Leisure area with an infinity pool

This is a very modern and futuristic concept in relation to pool trends. The infinity edge has the function of giving a feeling of spaciousness to the environment.

There are two ways to do it in your pool, the first one is the most traditional and charming one, which is made with glass. Widely used in building roofs or slabs, on one or two of its sides, a glass is placed that is like a false side of the pool.

The water that should be retained on the inside of the glass, passes through it and falls on another kind of edge that is very close to the ground outside the pool. This gives the feeling that the pool is leaking, when in fact there is a container beside it.

However, this option is for those who are not concerned about shelling out a good amount in the leisure area. Because the glass needs to be of good quality so that it can withstand the water pressure and, in the event of a collision, it is resistant and does not break easily.

But if you really want to have an infinity pool at home but don’t have that much money to invest, the second option might be perfect for you.

It is possible to make one of the edges of concrete brick and, with the help of an architectural design, it is lower than the rest of the edges, thus causing the same effect.

However, this is a more dangerous option as the risk of actual leaks is much greater.

Image 31: Large pool with brick infinity edge

Brick Infinity Pool

Image 32: Swimming pool with the top forming a waterfall

Pool leisure area in which one of the parts is higher forming a waterfall that falls at the bottom

Image 33: Leisure area with infinity pool and marble sofa

Leisure area with an infinity pool

Image 34: Infinity edge pool of glass

Infinity pool with glass

Image 35: Leisure area with infinity pool in front of nature

Infinity pool

rectangular pools

Several buildings are designed to make a leisure area with a barbecue or a playground for children, often without the pool not being included in the project.

The result is an area well used for other leisure activities, leaving only an unused corridor. If you’ve changed your mind and now want to have a pool at home and think it’s too late now, you’re wrong.

With the help of an architect, any small space can become the pool you desire. To make the environment even more decorated and attractive, it’s worth betting on a font built into the wall or a textured wall.

Image 36: Rectangular pool in “L”

"L" swimming pool

Image 37: Leisure area with swimming pool in corridor

Swimming pool in corridor

Image 38: Rectangular pool with fountain built into the wall

Recreation area with rectangular pool

Picture 39: Covered rectangular swimming pool

Indoor rectangular pool

Leisure area with swimming pool and fountain that highlights

Have you ever stopped to think that a pool fountain can make all the difference in a play area? Well, many people give little importance to this detail.

The best known are the pipes made with the fiber of the pool itself, or the metallic ones. In addition, there is a multitude of models being dolphins, abstract and modern design or even a font built from tile.

Image 40: Leisure area with silver fountain

pool fountain

Image 41: Leisure area with planned fountain

Tile fountain in the pool

Image 42: Stone fountain

stone fountain

Swimming pool with wood

There are several rumors that it is not recommended to put a wooden floor or clubs in the leisure area near the pool as the chlorinated water ends up damaging the floor.

However, there is no evidence that this is true. When well cared for, these are durable and even stand out due to the contrast between the dark brown of the wood and the light blue of the pool.

However, if you didn’t want to worry about the special care that wood needs, a wood flooring is also worth it, which simulates its shape and texture.

If you are a fan of wood and, if you could, you would have an entire house made with it, know that this is possible. Check out our exclusive article on wooden houses.

Image 43: Leisure area with wooden details

Leisure area with wood

Image 44: Wooden deck beside the pool

Wooden stage next to the pool

Image 45: Leisure area with swimming pool and wooden deck

Wooden Play Area

Image 46: Leisure area with wooden wall

Wood wall

Image 47: Leisure area with playground, barbecue and wooden floor

Leisure area with playground

Image 48: Leisure area with half of the wooden floor

Wooden floor beside the pool

Image 49: Leisure area with wood floor

wood floor

Image 50: Outdoor leisure area with a floor that simulates wood

Floor that simulates wood

Image 51: Small wooden area beside the pool

small wooden deck

Image 52: Pool edge made of wood

wooden pool edge

Image 53: Deck with wooden steps

wooden steps

Image 54: Leisure area with all wooden floor

Wooden floor in a leisure area

Image 55: Recreation area with gate and wooden floor

Wooden gate in a leisure area

Covered area with swimming pool

For those who are not a fan of the sun or who do not have any free space outside the house, it is possible to build a swimming pool inside the house. It sounds crazy, but it’s more often than we think.

Mostly heated, these pools are mostly used by those who like to swim regardless of the time of year, whether hot or cold. As a result, in these cases it can be next to a balcony, or a leisure area consisting of sofas and loungers.

Image 56: Leisure area with small indoor pool

indoor pool

Leisure area with swimming pool and integrated environments

This is an excellent option for anyone who has a sauna at home. So have an explanation is quite simple. Characterized by being hot and making people want to immediately cool off in a cold bath, placing the pool strategically placed between the sauna and the outdoor area is perfect.

Another tip is to put an “L” swimming pool that starts with the steps inside the leisure area room, such as a balcony, or a gourmet kitchen. In short: you will have a modern environment with a lot of sophistication.

Image 57: Integrated swimming pool with sauna

Leisure area with swimming pool and sauna

Image 58: Leisure area with gym and kitchen

Leisure area with swimming pool and gym

Image 59: Recreation area together with the garage

Garage and leisure area with swimming pool

Image 60: Balcony with pool

Balcony with pool

Image 61: “L” swimming pool in a gourmet kitchen

Gourmet kitchen

Image 62: Leisure area with swimming pool and gourmet space

Gourmet pool

Image 63: Leisure area with swimming pool in front of a balcony with kitchen

Pool front porch with black and white gourmet kitchen.

Image 64: Swimming pool with sofas

Swimming pool with sofas

outdoor swimming pool

For those who have an extensive leisure area, whether in farms, farms or even a farm, putting a pool in the middle of nature is an excellent option even to decorate the view.

In this option, the size can be explored without moderation, as well as the format. Want to make it blend in even more with the landscape? Then, bet on a color that resembles a lighter blue like the sky or a greenish one to match the trees.

Image 65: Farm with swimming pool

Swimming pool in farm

Image 66: Open-air swimming pool

Big pool

Image 67: Leisure area with large pool and nature views

Swimming pool overlooking nature

Image 68: Swimming pool in the middle of the forest

Swimming pool in the forest

Leisure area with corner pool

Any corner of the house can be transformed into a leisure area with a swimming pool. This is also an excellent option for those who don’t want to have the trouble of cleaning a large pool or don’t even use the pool for swimming, just to cool off.

What counts here is the decoration, using a striking font or placing it on a wooden deck can enhance the environment and make it much more intimate.

Image 69: Triangular pool shape

triangular pool

Image 70: Corner pool decorated with mosaics

Mosaic pool

Beach atmosphere in the leisure area with swimming pool

There is a very simple way to give a beachy feel to your leisure area, even if you don’t have a swimming pool that mimics the beach. This option requires only one item: sand.

Just put sand around the pool. However, this tip is only intended for people who have pools at a higher level than the rest of the backyard, so there is no risk of sand entering with the wind.

Image 71: Leisure area with swimming pool and surrounding sand

High pool with sand path

mini waterfall

For those who live in the interior, there is nothing that brings you closer to nature than a good waterfall, is there? As with infinity pools, to build one of this at home, simply plan one side of the lower pool so that it forms a waterfall into a second pool at the bottom.

To make it even more beautiful, it’s worth a lot of decorating, for example, stones on the edge, a garden and even a lawn.

Image 72: Swimming pool that simulates waterfall

Swimming pool that simulates waterfall

Image 73: Leisure area with a swimming pool that has a waterfall

Swimming pool with waterfall

Image 74: Swimming pool with waterfall fountain

Pool with waterfall fountain

Image 75: Leisure area with large pool and waterfall fall

Leisure area with a large pool with a waterfall

Have you ever heard about Pedra Ferro ? It is used for various decoration areas, including the leisure area.

In conclusion, do you already have a pool at home? Write in the comments which thread it fits in and send us a photo.