Living Room Colors: 51 Ideas to Transform Yours!

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Bringing colors into the living room is always a way to add personality to the environment and highlight the home’s decor. So, it’s worth finding a way to include colorful pieces to spice up the room with a lot of style.

Besides, it doesn’t matter if to include colors for the room you prefer a neutral base and abuse of nuances in the decorative items. Or if it’s furniture you want to add an amazing palette. After all, what is really important is that the shades are present to bring more grace to the rooms and make the decor surprising.

Remember that walls can also be the basis for adding color to the space. Therefore, before going out painting the whole house or buying the furniture, it is necessary to think carefully about how you will want the decoration of each room, preventing the environments from being out of harmony with the visuals.

We prepared this article to show you that it is possible to use colors for the rooms so that the environment has a balanced and inviting decoration, which conquers the residents.

Room color suggestions

Image 1 – Room with two walls in wine.

Including room colors brings personality.

The preferred environment to gather friends and family for an informal meeting, the living room asks for a decor with a lot of personality. Therefore, investing in living room colors can be a surprising way to bring more charm to spaces in an authentic way.

Colors can appear on a prominent wall on the wall behind the sofa or TV, whether it is wallpaper, adhesive, or paint. For those who are afraid of daring on larger surfaces, such as walls, the tip is to abuse colorful decorative items, such as paintings, vases and pillows. The best thing is that if you get tired, it’s easy to renew the environment.

Colors are also welcome in furniture, whether on a small corner table, on the rack or TV panel or even on the sofa, which is the protagonist of the environment and totally influences the look of the environment.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter which way you want to include colors in your decor, but rather, design an environment that suits you! Therefore, we have separated some inspirations that fit in different tastes, from the most basic ones to those who like a striking and surprising style.

Colors of the year

Those who love color are always thinking of a way to include them in their home environments. Thus, the colors for the living room can appear on the walls of the room. A suggestion that transforms the environment with grace and a lot of charm.

A big challenge is to choose the tone that you like best, consider more expressive and bold tones for the decoration of the environment. Another tip is to keep an eye on the color trends launched by brands. Every year, the main ink brands make complete studies that show the shades that are the bet for the current year.

In Brazil, in addition to Pantone, which is a world reference, the Suvinil and Coral paint brands presented the main shades. For the year 2020, for example, Pantone chose Classic Blue. The more discreet will love the Winter Square, the color chosen by Coral for 2020. Suvinil, on the other hand, brought the Manta, a super-relaxing blue.

Image 2 – Classic Blue, color chosen by Pantone for 2020.

Room colors: Classic Blue, by Pantone.

Image 3 – Winter Square, Coral’s 2020 Color of the Year.

Colors for the room: Winter Square, by Coral.

Image 4 – Mantra , was Suvinil’s color of the year for 2020.

Room colors: Mantra, by Suvinil.

color combinations

Before thinking about the color combination, it is important to know the types of shades within the chromatic table. Basically, there are three classifications for colors: Warm, Cool and Neutral.

Warm colors are those that bring pigments of red and yellow tones – such as orange and pink, and are responsible for making the environment warmer and more cozy.

The cold ones consider blue and green as the main tone, bringing sobriety to the spaces. Neutrals are shades of gray, beige and white and black, which are shades that change according to the incidence of lighting.

It is worth remembering that natural elements such as wood and fibers bring warmth to the space. For the environment to have visual balance, it is necessary to weigh the tones, so that it doesn’t get too cold. Color study is important as it is a lasting choice that will be seen daily. Here are some combinations that work:

Image 5 – For those who are afraid of making mistakes, an idea is to bet on a color and use nuances from the palette, such as shades of blue.

Image 6 – The mixture brought neutral tones, such as raw, coral, which warms the space, and the blue-gray which is more refreshing.

Neutral tones were the choice for the environment.

Image 7 – When applying the colors to the furniture, it is easier to change the chromatic combination. Here, dark green brings a sober mood and mustard warms the space.

Room colors: A dark green and mustard yellow were used here.

Image 8 – In this living room, it was possible to invest in a more youthful environment. In counterpoint, the yellow and the wooden pieces heat up.

Blue wall and neutral tones on other objects.

Image 9 – Cool, the living room brought cheerful colors, as well as the prints on the paintings and pillows.

Youthful tones make the environment cool.

Image 10 – Blue and green were the choice for this project, in which the white base allowed us to bet on these tones without making the environment heavy.

Mix with green and blue combined with neutral base.

Room color ideas

Escape the obvious and bet on different tones for the room. After all, some people love neutral tones for the living room. But, there’s nothing like investing in differentiated graphics and turning a wall into a more prominent place in the environment.

For that, you need to look for colors that have to do with your personality, so you don’t get seasick. For those who have no idea where to start, look for color ideas in your wardrobe. That’s right, there you’ll find out more about the nuances you like and feel safer to innovate in decor.

To help you in this endeavor, we have separated some inspiring environments with different tones on the walls, showing that it is possible to leave the comfort zone and bring different prints to the living room without fear of making mistakes.

Image 11 – Here, colors from the same palette were used for the graphics on the wall, with bands and triangles.

Graphics on the wall are the main highlight in the room.

Image 12 – Living room received a geometric panel made with paint in shades of gray and millenial rose.

Graphics is the highlight in the living room.

Image 13 – Geometric panel brings blue, grey, yellow, orange and black. Therefore, the geometry was even used to camouflage the air conditioning in the living room.

Colors for the room: geometric panel is highlighted in the environment.

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Image 14 – The architect bet on colored triangles to delimit the living room, entrance hall and dining area.

Triangles painted on the wall delimit the functions of the integrated room.

Image 15 – Of course, the geometric shapes are the main protagonists on the wall at the back of the sofa, the idea was to use two tones, millennial pink and mint green.

Geometry on the wall behind the sofa transforms the environment.

Image 16 – In this room, the graphics were used on the TV wall, so as not to disturb those who are watching the device, the residents’ idea was to use shades of gray on the surface.

Colors for the room: Gray palette was used behind the TV.

Image 17 – The wall brought four different shades: Gray, yellow, blue and white. The mixture worked out really well and left the look modern and inviting.

Graphics on the prominent wall of this room.

Living Room Colors

Walls as protagonists of environments are in fashion. That’s why we’ve brought you tips for not missing your hand. The first step is to choose the wall you are going to paint. Veja is the first one you see when entering the space, after all, this is the best one to be highlighted.

The next step is to select the color, think about your favorite nuances, and what effect you want to bring to the room. For the more daring, however, we indicate that in addition to a specific color, the wall should receive some technique that is in high demand, such as ombré, and geometry, which can come in different graphics.

The last tip is important not to make mistakes: So, when choosing strong nuances, bet on a more neutral palette for the other walls.

Image 18 – Wall with tile panel brings color to the room.

Tile panel in blue used behind the sofa.

Image 19 – Green brought a different look when applied from wall to ceiling. This strategy only works in environments with high ceilings.

Dark green tone was used on the wall and ceiling.

Image 20 – Azul-royal is the highlight in this living room that has a wall decorated with paintings.

Royal blue marks the living room wall.

Image 21 – To innovate: How about creating a print made with ink stains on the wall? In this way, the choice for warm tones warmed the environment.

Room colors made the look more modern.

Image 22 – One way to innovate is to paint only part of the wall. Just like in this living room, where pink was used on a banner in the living room.

Pink color is featured in the living room.

Image 23 – Mint green is increasingly popular in decoration. However, in order not to become monochromatic, baby pink came into the scene in the objects.

Mint green is featured in the room.

Image 24 – The project brings graphics on the wall in three tones: white, gray and pink. The idea is more affordable than using wallpaper.

Triangular graphics went to this office room.

TV Room Colors

The TV rooms are more intimate environments that bring together the residents’ personality. Colors for living rooms can give life and transform environments, as well as provoke different sensations, such as spaciousness, coziness or freshness.

Remember that colors can influence the psychological state, as well as influence the body, increasing cardiorespiratory frequency, for example. See now how colors can influence environments.

Image 25 – Red is a warm and stimulating color. In this way, the tone speeds up the heartbeat and breathing. Also, it warms the environment.

Living room colors: Burnt red is a good choice for the environment.

Image 26 – Half blue wall brings calm to the environment, despite being cold, it brings tranquility to the environments.

Half wall in blue was the choice for this project.

Image 27 – Green brings balance and calm. Therefore, it is widely used in the health area.

Green was used on the wall, channel shelf and pad.

Image 28 – Yellow is a cheerful and vibrant tone, capable of lighting and warming environments.

Wall in two colors: Yellow and violet combine very well in the environment.

Image 29 – Purple is a striking, energetic color, beside blue, violet appears to be a warm color, while beside red it is a cool color.

Purple was the choice for this TV room.

Image 30 – Orange is a warm and inviting hue, ideal for social environments.

The choice for the wall was to use shades of orange.

Colors for small rooms

Unsurprisingly, to guarantee visual amplitude, it is necessary to invest in neutral tones, which guarantee the sensation of visual amplitude.

For small rooms, this is no different! However, this is not to say that environments need to be lifeless or graceless. The tone palette may even be clear, but it is possible to bet on more vibrant tones in details, such as decorative items or graphics on the wall.

We show here that it is possible to include tones in addition to neutrals even in small rooms. Check out some ideas for bringing colors to small rooms.

Image 31 – The neutral base allowed to bet on decorative items in royal blue. Just as it is present in the armchair.

Blue objects bring color to the room.

Image 33 – Example that shows that the neutral base brings visual amplitude to the environment, the highlight is the gray carpet, in addition to the geometric pillows in orange and turquoise tones.

Colors for rooms: bet on neutral base and colored objects.

Image 34 – Gray base was the perfect choice for decorating the small room . To add color to the environment, the project brings the little plants, as well as the geometric rug.

Another room where colors came into play in decorative objects.

Image 3 5 – The architect painted colors on decorative objects, however, the star of the room was the checkered rug.

Carpet stole the show in the living room.

Image 36 – Small rooms ask for color in smaller items, no wonder the colors entered the rack, rug and pillows of this TV room.

Colorful furniture breaks the neutrality of the environment.

Image 37 – The two-tone wall brought grace to the small room, which shares space with the dining room. The boiseries are highlighted and bring the Coral in evidence.

Colors for the room: half wall is highlighted in the environment.

Image 38 – In doubt about the colors for the room? Choose a shade that is all about your personality, like in this bubblegum pink room.

Pink color is the perfect choice for the living room.

Dining room colors

With increasingly smaller kitchens and no space for a pantry, the dining room became the meeting point for families for meals.

Therefore, the environment requires special attention when it comes to decoration. As in other areas of the house, thinking about colors for the dining room must have to do with what you want to convey in the environment. That needs to bring an inviting mood, so warm tones can be the choice to make the space cozy.

In doubt which colors to choose for the environment? Check out the references we have separated to inspire you to decorate the room.

Image 39 – For this dining room, the choice was to use tiles in hexagonal shape and shades of blue. Undeniably, as a counterpoint to the cold tone, wood and yellow came into the picture.

Dining room has blue on the wall and yellow on the chairs.

Image 40 – The bet in this dining room was to use sky blue on the half wall of the room. The millennial rose was also used, however, on the table chairs.

Half wall in blue and pink chairs.

Image 41 – When we refer to colors for the dining room, we are not just talking about vibrant tones. Thus, here the lead gray was used from the walls to the ceiling, ensuring a unique look to the environment.

Lead ash was used on the wall and ceiling of the dining room.

Image 42 – Surprisingly, the colors for the room came in different ways: Salmon wall, colored Eames chairs, red table and green buffet.

Super-colored dining room with red table, rose wall and chairs in different colors.

Image 43 – Primarily, olive was used on the wall of this dining room next to the bouseries.

Olive green is the main tone in the makeup.

Image 44 – Mix that works to include colors for the dining room: Gray, red and yellow base. See that it was harmonic dosed in furniture and decorative objects.

Color palette consisting of grey, red and yellow.

Image 45 – Turquoise was the choice for the wall of this dining room. Although the tone brings freshness to the environment, the choice for wood made the atmosphere more cozy.

The choice of colors left the light and youthful atmosphere in this room.

Colors for modern living room

No matter how big your living room is, the modern style fits in any space . The concept of modern decor in the living room matches a functional and practical space for everyday life, in addition, ensuring elegance and sophistication in the measure.

One of the pillars of modern style is the concept of functionality. In this way, everything that makes up the environment brings a reason and function, which brings greater practicality and comfort to everyday life.

To make it easier, the integration between the environments is another striking point in modern environments, which is why American kitchens and an integrated dining room are present in the new developments.

In terms of colors, I want to use neutral tones, such as gray, fendi and, of course, the black and white duo. Conquering, in this way, the lovers of a sober and elegant decoration. Metallic ones are also welcome, among them, gold, silver and copper are beautiful in the composition of the environments. Get inspired!

Image 46 – Modern items make up the environment, including: brick wall, gray upholstery, coffee table with geometric base and the presence of black in the decoration.

Modern room with exposed brick.

Image 47 – Gray wall, beige upholstery and wooden floor. The composition ensured a sophisticated decoration for the environment.

Neutral palette makes up the modern living room.

Image 48 – Sofa in gray, wood panel and rug with large print. That was the unmistakable combination of this living room. Note the copper-finished side tables.

Modern living room with a timeless palette.

Image 49 – In addition to the gray base, with wooden elements for heating, the living room has integration with the dining room.

Modern combination composed of gray and wood.

Image 50 – Black guaranteed a sophisticated air to this living room, as well as the wooden panel that makes up the space.

Black and wood form the perfect palette for this elegant room.

Image 51 – The dark gray on the wall was the perfect background for the geometric frame.

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