Master Bedroom Planned: 70 Ideas to Transform Your Room

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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a residence. It is in this place that many moments of rest, relaxation and intimacy occur. Therefore, the planned double bedroom is one of the most popular subjects on the internet when it comes to decorating a home. After all, everyone wants a cozier, prettier and more organized room.

But despite being the object of desire of many people, there are still many doubts about how this dream double room should be. And these doubts are well founded, because there are many details in the decoration of this space that need to be considered and that make all the difference in the look of this room.

Certainly the ideal, when it comes to decoration, is always to seek help from a qualified professional who can guide you on the design of this planned double room. But we know that not everyone can afford it. With that in mind, we decided to produce this text filled with tips and photos that can help you plan your perfect double room.

Tips for your planned double room

There are many elements that influence the organization and design of a room. First, when it comes to a planned double room, custom-made furniture or furniture is the most remembered. However, they are not the only elements that make an interior design project unique.

However, in addition to planned furniture, it is still necessary to think about lighting, ceiling design, decorative objects, positioning and types of furniture that will be used. In addition, this whole set must generate a harmonious and pleasant final result, in order to reach the decoration and budget expectations idealized by the couple.

To help you understand each of these decor details necessary to plan a dream double bedroom, we describe below which aspects you should be more aware of when building your perfect bedroom.

Color harmony

One of the first things that are defined in a decor project is the color palette that will be used. In general, couples prefer to use neutral colors to plan their bedroom, but this is not a rule. It all depends on the style of decoration you are going to adopt in your project.

But it is worth remembering that the bedroom is a place of rest, so it is necessary to think about the visual impact of the colors in the room. If possible, give preference to light colored furniture, such as white, earthy and neutral, which do not tire the environment and do not negatively affect the final result of the decoration.

In addition, it is important to reserve the most intense colors for decorative objects, plants, paint, textures and wallpapers. So, all these elements can provide the touch of color, modernity and boldness you want for your room.

If you are a more discreet and classic person, bet on a more neutral and smooth paint job too. So play with the shades of white, grey, nude and blue in your room’s decorative elements. Remembering that using neutral colors doesn’t mean the couple’s room will be dull. It all depends on the set of elements you are going to use.

Image 1: This double room shows that a neutral color palette can also create a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere.

Double room designed in neutral tones and indirect lighting

Image 2: The colorful headboard and wallpaper make this master bedroom modern and full of life.

Designed double bedroom with wooden headboard and blue finish.

Image 3: This is a thoughtful and sophisticated master bedroom, decorated in just a few nude tones.

Designed double room with monochrome decor in neutral tones.

Image 4: The decoration with items in shades of yellow and blue, make this planned double room a cheerful and cozy environment.

Designed double bedroom with white, blue and yellow decor.

Image 5: Wearing colorful bedding can also take away the splash of color your master bedroom lacks.

Double bedroom planned with turquoise blue decoration detail.

Image 6: The use of light colors and glass elements left the room with a chic and luxurious look.

Designed double room with light decor.

Image 7: This room demonstrates how an earthy color palette can make your planned master bedroom beautiful and cozy.

Master bedroom planned with gray and orange decor.

Image 8: In this planned double room, colors are in evidence in the decorative elements and in the bed linen.

Double bedroom planned with colorful decor items.

Image 9: A completely white planned master bedroom can look better with some colorful items.

White planned double bedroom with colorful details.

Image 10: See how important it is to use the bed wall when decorating the room.

Simple and bright planned double room.

Lighting in the planned master bedroom

A good lighting design transforms any room and can make your dream bedroom even more special. This is because, by using the right lighting, you will be able to create an even more cozy and romantic atmosphere in this room.

For this, it is important to invest in products of good quality and durability, pay attention to the energy consumption of the items used and respect the proportions of the environment.

Best of all, there are several items that can be used to compose the lighting of your planned master bedroom. For example: centralized pendant or lampshade, plaster molding, lampshade, spot, chandelier, LED tape, among other objects can be used to light up your room in a special way

Remember that the type of lighting used must be in accordance with the dimensions of the room. So, if you don’t have a very large ceiling height, it will be difficult to use a huge chandelier as a decorative element, for example. It might be better to work with indirect light or spotlights, which can also be used with excellent decorative elements.

In addition, certain types of lighting, such as the plaster molding and the spot, must be accompanied by a plaster ceiling design, as they are embedded in the ceiling. Therefore, we have already prepared a text full of tips to help you plan your plaster ceiling.

Finally, it is important to remember that the ideal is to use lighting in warm tones, as this type of light temperature is ideal for resting places, such as the bedroom.

Image 11: The pendants hanging over the nightstands make this planned double room more sophisticated.

Designed double room with suspended pendant and neutral-toned decor.

Image 12: The use of the central paflon and the hanging pendants made this environment more charming.

Designed double bedroom with suspended pendants and central chandelier.

Image 13: The indirect lighting provided by the plaster molding made this planned double room even more beautiful.

Designed double room with indirect lighting and black decor.

Image 14: The lighting project with chandelier, spots and plaster lining made this room even more sophisticated.

Designed double room with chandelier and indirect lighting.

Image 15: The LED strip above the head of the bed, as well as the wall lamp and the spotlights on the ceiling made this double room, with a simple heart, more beautiful and cozy.

White planned double bedroom with blue decor.

Image 16: Another example of how the LED strip above the headboard can create a beautiful effect on the room.

Designed double room with neutral decoration and LED tape.

Image 17: The lamps are the protagonists of the lighting project of this planned double room, making the environment more intimate.

Designed double room with bright decor and lamp lighting.

Image 18: Rose gold pendants add color to this room decorated in light tones.

White designed double bedroom with suspended rose gold pendant.

Image 19: A chandelier with a differentiated design can also make a difference in decoration.

Double room planned with central chandelier and spotlights.

Image 20: This lighting project stands out due to the plaster molding, the spotlights on the headboard wall and the chandeliers above the nightstands.

Designed double bedroom with lighted headboard and suspended pendant.

Double bed

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the planned master bedroom. In addition to being the coziest element of the decoration, it is from this furniture that the location of all the other furniture in the room is determined.

Ideally, the bed is located in front of or beside the bedroom door, so that people can see who enters the room. In addition, it is important to think of a location that allows people to move around the room, allowing them to enjoy as much space as possible and having access to other furniture in the room.

It is also important to remember that the bed is not only a resting place, but that it can also function as a decorative and functional item in your dream master bedroom.

For example, one of the bed items that most work as a decorative element is a headboard. There are headboards made of several different materials and with varying lengths and sizes. Among these models, the padded headboard is the one that most conveys the feeling of coziness and comfort to this environment.

But maybe this is the item that will transform the decor of your perfect double room.

Image 21: The ceiling-to-ceiling padded headboard makes this master bedroom more luxurious.

Designed double bedroom with upholstered headboard.

Image 22: The pink upholstered headboard makes this master bedroom more cozy and romantic.

Designed double bedroom with pink upholstered headboard on boards.

Image 23: In contrast, the gray upholstered headboard makes the environment more sober and elegant.

Designed double bedroom with gray upholstered headboard.

Image 24: An example of how a bed with a padded headboard makes the environment more modern.

Designed double bedroom with gray decor and upholstered headboard.

Image 25: A planned double bedroom with a wooden headboard can also be an interesting option to decorate your room.

Designed double bedroom with wooden headboard in dark gray.

Planned wardrobe

Along with the bed, the wardrobe or wardrobe is one of the most important decoration items in a planned double bedroom. And this is not only due to the functionality of the furniture, but also due to the possibility of using it as a decorative element.

And when it comes to closets, it is essential to be aware of the space available in the room. It is important that its location does not interfere in a harmful way with the movement of people or that it occupies the place that could be used for other properties in the room. Also, have the measurements of this location handy when ordering your planned wardrobe.

Remembering that, in this case, in addition to the aesthetic issue, it is essential to think and choose well the internal partitions of this wardrobe. After all, this piece of furniture is, above all, a functional piece of furniture. Remember the type of clothing and material you intend to store in this place, so it will be easier to choose the doors, niches, drawers, shelves, etc.

Regarding its decorative function, there is a universe of possibilities. There are several different materials and colors that can be used to give your project the right style for your planned double room. Here, it is essential to know whether it will be necessary to use 2, 3 or 4 doors, whether these doors are sliding or opening, whether the material will be wood or MDF, and what the finish will be.

One of the most used decorative elements in association with the closet is the mirror, which adds sophistication and breadth to spaces, giving the feeling that the room is even bigger. In addition, the mirror can be a key element to make room lighting even more beautiful and cozy.

Image 26: A mirrored wardrobe can give the room a feeling of spaciousness.

Designed double bedroom with mirrored wardrobe.

Image 27: A wardrobe with only one mirrored door can also be a good option to decorate your planned master bedroom.

Designed double bedroom with mirrored wardrobe and sliding doors.

Image 28: Remembering that you can also use the wardrobe to install your television.

Designed double bedroom with wardrobe with built-in television.

Image 29: Wardrobe with opening doors can also be a stylish option in your decorating project.

Designed double bedroom with wardrobe with opening doors.

Image 30: Another example of how it is possible to associate a wardrobe and a television in the same space as your planned master bedroom.

Designed double bedroom with white wardrobe and built-in television.

Master bedroom decor planned

Now that you’ve met some of the elements that need to be considered when designing your perfect master bedroom, let’s talk about decor styles. After all, defining the type of decoration you dream of having in your room will definitely help you define all the items discussed above.

In addition, it is worth remembering that there are several possibilities for organizing, designing and decorating a planned room. So, to help you come up with design ideas for your dream bedroom in the midst of this world of possibilities, you’ll find four styles that can be used as a reference for your planning.


The simple double room is one of the most sought after option when thinking about decoration. In short, this occurs both because of the possibility of carrying out a project with a low budget, and because of the few elements used to compose the final result.

And let it be clear that despite the few decorative elements and furniture, this is a room without grace and character. It is possible to adapt the entire project to the couple’s taste. In addition, it is important to emphasize that this simpler style of decoration can be applied to any room, regardless of the size of the room.

Remember that we’ve also separated several tips to help you decorate small environments.

Picture 31: This planned master bedroom may be simple, but it’s not bland. Here the colors of the decorative items contrast with the cool tones used in the rest of the environment.

Designed double room with simple and colorful decoration.

Image 32: Another example of how a simple decoration with light colors can be cozy.

Designed double room with simple decor.

Image 33: The mirror and the heart objects make all the difference in this double room.

Designed double room with simple and romantic decoration.

Image 34: Double room planned with simplicity and neutral tones.

Simple designed double bedroom with mirrored wardrobe.

Image 35: This all-white room with a burnt cement wall proves that simple can be stylish too.

White and simple planned double bedroom.

Image 36: Planned furniture and a good lighting project make a difference in the environment.

Simple planned double room.

Image 37: Simplicity and wood as a decorative element make this planned double room cozier.

Designed double room with simple decor and wooden headboard.

Image 38: Simplicity in the decoration and an apparent brick wall that makes the difference.

Double bedroom planned with brick wall.

Picture 39: A white designed master bedroom can also be a comfortable and stylish environment.

White and simple planned double bedroom.

Image 40: The highlight of this environment is the nightstands and decorative objects in black, contrasting with the light colors of the rest of the environment.


Another style of decoration that has caught people’s attention is the so-called minimalist style. Firstly, this style can be confused with the simple decorating style. However, the proposals are quite different.

The main feature of the minimalist decoration is the appreciation for functionality and practicality. Above all, excesses are avoided here as much as possible, which coincides with the line of thought advocated by the minimalist lifestyle.

It is noteworthy that minimalist decor is not necessarily related to a low budget. As with the luxury or modern decorating style, the purchase of quality furniture and decorative items that are durable is encouraged. For example, decoration and furniture items with more natural materials are also widely used.

Also, it is important to remember that many people associate minimalist decor with an environment without intense colors or details, creating a dull environment, but this is not true. It is possible to create minimalist spaces using the most varied colors, decoration and furniture, to make your double room perfect for you.

Image 41: An environment with minimalist decoration, without many decorative objects.

Image 42: This planned double room can be considered minimalist because of the cleanest decoration proposal, that is, without many decorative objects.

White minimalist planned double room.

Image 43: When gray tones and wooden decor make the environment more elegant and cozy.

Planned double room with minimalist wooden decor.

Image 44: The wooden ceiling, as well as the headboard, the burnt cement and the white cabinet make this environment more intimate.

Image 45: The completely white furniture and no details bring simplicity and comfort to this planned double room.

Designed double bedroom with white minimalist wardrobe.

Image 46: Another room in which the contrast between white, burnt cement and wood makes the difference.

Image 47: This room was beautiful with few decorative objects and a touch of green.

Designed double room with simple, minimalist decor.

Image 48: In this planned double room, the decor in wood and exposed white brick left the environment lighter and cozier.

Image 49: You can also create a minimalist bedroom using color such as blue.

Minimalist and blue planned double bedroom.

Image 50: This environment with several wooden elements and few objects can also be considered minimalist.

Double room planned with minimalist decor and wood.


Unlike the decorating styles presented above, the modern style plays with excesses and the materials that compose it. In the same way as the luxurious style, the double rooms planned with this style can feature intense or unusual colors, as well as decorative elements with leather, glass, metal and wood, which give this more modern look.

In this context, with so many possibilities for use with such different materials, the challenge here is to make the final result harmonious and cozy for the couple. It is important to pay attention to the contrast between the textures of the materials used, so that the decoration does not become heavy, unless this is the intention of the room users.

Remembering that a modern bedroom is not necessarily associated with a futuristic or technological look, although these possibilities exist. In addition, this is a style that is also linked to simplicity and sophistication due to the materials used.

Image 51: See how the mirrors, elegant pendants and headboard to ceiling made this room more modern and sophisticated.

Designed double room with modern decor.

Image 52: The modernity of this planned double room is the result of the use of visible installations, the neon object and the burnt cement on the walls.

Designed double room with burnt cement wall and neon decoration.

Image 53: See how black decorative objects make the decor more elegant and modern.

Ambience with modern decor and black details.

Image 54: But it is also possible to create this effect using only dark tones such as grey.

Modern and gray environment.

Image 55: A planned double room with a more minimalist look can also be considered modern, especially if the furniture arrangement creates a different environment.

Room with modern, minimalist decor.

Image 56: In this environment the combination of wood and glass left the environment more modern.

Modern room with wood and glass details.

Image 57: Another planned double bedroom in which wood is the element of modernity.

Modern room with wooden details.

Image 58: This double room was given a more modern style due to the more sober colors used.

Room with modern decor and dark tones.

Image 59: Pay attention to this suspended bed with recessed lighting, as well as the headboard and differentiated chandeliers, which left the decor with a more modern look.

Room with modern decor and suspended bed.

Image 60: Leather objects also make the environment more modern.

Room with modern decor in leather and wood.


Although there are different definitions of the concept of luxury applied to decoration, there is a consensus that luxury is being able to enjoy the comfort and beauty provided by the use of excellent quality materials.

And as this consensus opens up a universe of possibilities regarding objects, colors, texture and furniture, it is difficult to define this style. But it is possible to say that, in general, people associate the luxury of a double room with the use of elements such as a chandelier, glass, mirror, lighting and other materials that create that kind of room that seems to exist only in the film.

In this sense, depending on the type of material used and the intended end result, this style of decoration can also be considered modern, carrying elements of this type of decoration, such as the materials used.

Remember that the purpose of using a luxurious decor style is also to provide comfort to the couple. Therefore, it is necessary to think of a project that combines these more refined items with the functionalities of a planned double room.

Image 61: The luxury of this double room is a result of the combination of this beautiful chandelier, with a well-planned lighting project and the use of light colors.

Room with white and luxurious decor.

Image 62: This master bedroom, designed with various golden elements, luxurious chandelier and light furniture, left this room luxurious.

Room with sophisticated and luxurious decoration.

Image 63: But if your dream is to have a master bedroom planned with classic and luxurious decor, you need to see this image.

Room with luxurious and classic decor.

Image 64: Another double room planned with classic, sophisticated and luxurious decoration. Also, see how the decorated mirrors and distinctive dresser, along with this golden chandelier, have changed the environment,

Designed double room with luxurious and refined decoration.

Image 65: See how it is possible to find sophistication and luxury in the all-white decor of this planned double room.

Luxurious white bedroom.

Image 66: The highlight of this planned double room is the delicate curtains, the suspended bed with lighting and the sophisticated chandelier.

Room with suspended bed and luxurious decoration.

Image 67: This environment is distinguished by its baroque and sophisticated decor.

Classic and luxurious room.

Image 68: The elements in gold and white, in addition to several mirrors, draw attention in this planned double room.

Room with golden and luxurious decoration.

Picture 69: This planned double room is full of luxurious elements, such as the chandelier, the earth tones used and the white and gold decorative objects.

Room decorated in earth tones and luxurious items.

Image 70: In this case, luxury stands out for the lighting design and the giant mirror that are used.

Bedroom with luxurious lighting design.