Men’s Room: +80 Decor Projects to Inspire

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When thinking about a men’s room, it is common to think about darker colors and sports themes or simply something without much decoration planning, but in this post, we will show that this is not so, men’s projects are increasingly sophisticated, personalized and functional.

How to decorate a male bedroom

Image 1: With a gray wall and brick wallpaper, this room, despite being neutral, gained personality with the colorful plates and pillows.

gray men's bedroom with decorative plates

Image 2: Equally neutral, this room has opted for a sand and navy blue color to match the striped wallpaper and white.

single male bedroom beige and navy blue

Image 3: In contrast, this room bet on gray and yellow, the result was a contemporary and modern environment.

gray and yellow male bedroom

Image 4: Differently, the design of this room created a hollow panel to divide the rest and work areas, the result was discreet and current.

men's room with hollow wooden panel

Image 5: In this project, the work table gained a glass top and illuminated niches, the mirrored headboard brings depth to the environment.

men's bedroom with mirrored headboard

Image 6: With an industrial footprint, this spacious environment chose blue and gray to highlight white and wooden furniture.

industrial blue and white male bedroom

Image 7: On the other hand, this reduced-size room bet on planned joinery to optimize space and opted for neutral colors.

wood and gray men's room

Image 8: Discreet, this room has a beautiful iron bed and classic sconces, the gray tone of the wall makes everything more neutral.

single bedroom with sconces

Image 9: On the other hand, this project invested in black, both in joinery and on the wall, which creates an effect of uniformity and depth.

black single male bedroom

Image 10: The lowered ceiling and the white brick brought modernity, the pillows and paintings add a rock and roll touch to the environment.

male bedroom with exposed bricks.

Modern male bedroom

The modern style can encompass many trends, one of them is graffiti, and another is the use of more striking colors. Regardless of your preference, there are projects for all tastes. Below we’ve chosen some really cool and cool ones.

Image 11: Room designed to fit the sandbag, and study space. The graffiti on the wall gives the urban and modern touch that the resident wanted.

male bedroom with graffiti on the wall.

Image 12: Equally graffiti, this room has opted for neutral colors even in the design, which seems to integrate very well with the rest of the decor.

men's room with graffiti panel

Image 13: For those who love football, framing shirts is an economical alternative that brings personality to the decoration.

men's bedroom with football shirts

Image 14: On the other hand, this project chose yellow, black and white to compose the decoration. The black paneling also supports other objects.

black and yellow male bedroom.

Image 15: Equally modern, this project chose a traditional world map for the decoration, the orange pillows provide contrast and break the monotony of the environment.

Image 16: This large room has graffiti and a mini skate park that serves as a space for a TV. The study table separates it from the rest room.

men's room with metal rail and skate park

Image 17: Black and white, this urban-style room preferred to remain sober.

white male bedroom

Image 18: The joinery project integrated the bed with lighting and workspace. The exposed brick wall brings an industrial touch.

men's bedroom with brick wall and joinery

Image 19: Masculine and neutral, this room has fend woodwork and a textured blue wall.

men's room planned color fendi

Image 20: Young and modern, this project has a slatted ceiling and burnt cement. The neon lamp made the environment fun.

male bedroom with mickey mouse.

Simple Neutral Male Bedroom

Choosing a neutral decor is always a safe way out for those who don’t like to be daring and prefer more discreet and timeless environments. Next, we’ll see how it’s possible to make a neutral decor for a masculine bedroom.

Image 21: Environment designed for two boys, lowered ceiling and unified white headboard make the environment clean.

simple neutral room for two guys

Image 22: Monochromatic, this room has a moon drawn on the wall, the rest of the decoration is very neutral and simple.

simple neutral black and white bedroom

Image 23: Choice of neutral colors and sober furniture resulted in this room very simple and at the same time sophisticated.

Neutral male bedroom, gray, black and yellow

Image 24: Even with a warmer color palette, this room remained neutral with the wooden bed and sisal rug.

blue and orange neutral male bedroom

Image 25: With a beautiful and original headboard, this project used shades of gray, black and white to maintain the neutrality of this masculine room.

bedroom with neutral designed headboard

Picture 26: Simple, neutral room in gray and white, with dark wood furniture.

room for two boys neutral white, gray and wood

Image 27: Yet another example of white and gray, this room has lighted shelves and a colorful frame.

Neutral room with graphite and green frame

Image 28: As an example of the Tumbrel style, this room has white and gray as a base and black accents.

tumbrl male bedroom black gray and white

Picture 29: Super masculine, this single room has a headboard that rises to the ceiling, geometric painted walls and a leather cushion.

single male bedroom with wood panel

Image 30: Project with simple lines and neutral colors that received a light floor and light rail.

neutral room with lighting rail, gray.

Rustic male bedroom

The rustic style in the decoration is usually used to bring more coziness and give a relaxed air, in addition to seeking more contact with nature through stones and wood. Traditionally used in country houses, the rustic style migrated to the cities as an alternative for those who want the country atmosphere.

Image 31: This original room, with a stage for music, has been given a rustic feel with the wood paneling and floor.

rustic bedroom with yellow wood panel and wood

Picture 32: With a rustic effect, this room has an exposed brick wall, a demolition wood bench and a loom rug.

rustic men's room with wall and black exposed brick

Image 33: Not only with rustic furniture, but very neutral, this project has a wicker ceiling and sisal carpet. The solid wood cabinet completes the decoration.

rustic bedroom with thatched roof.

Image 34: This room has exposed beams on the ceiling and a headboard made of demolition wood, exposed bricks complete the rustic decoration.

rustic bedroom with metal chandelier and demolition wood headboard

Image 35: All in demolition wood, this rustic room preferred few decorative objects.

entire room of demolition wood

Image 36: Project with slate effect wall and lots of wood, natural fiber lamps and ceiling with exposed beam.

bedroom with rustic black wall and handmade chair

Image 37: Everything in this project is rustic, but the highlights are the rough wooden beams that support the mattress.

wooden bedroom with beamed bed

Image 38: With white paint, the wooden panel serves as a headboard and hides a sliding door.

large wooden panel with built-in sliding door

Image 39: Slatted ceiling and neutral painting to highlight the headboard made with demolition wood plank.

simple bedroom with demolition wood headboard

Image 40: The rustic touch of this room was due to the wooden beam and ceiling, the light floor and the lamps bring modernity.

Rustic rock and roll bedroom hardwood flooring and wooden lining


The minimalist concept follows the motto that less is more, and with this it aims to favor the use and use of space only as necessary, often dispensing with decorative objects. Below are some examples of this style for men’s rooms.

Image 41: With the base completely white, the oriental bed and the black lamps gained prominence. The streak of light on the plaster ceiling brings the feeling of natural light.

Black and White Minimalist Men's Bedroom

Image 42: Equally minimalist, but with a warmer color palette, this project opted for gray and wood.

minimalist room with dropped ceiling

Image 43: Without a doubt, the bed is the star of this project, being the only furniture in the room. Neutral colors and lighting complete the decor.

Minimalist large male bedroom

Image 44: Another minimalist example with neutral colors, the highlight is the large abstract frame and the white carpet.

Minimalist bedroom with shaggy white rug.

Image 45: In this project the joinery designed a beautiful bed with side tables and black cabinets, the large illuminated marble wall is the highlight of the room.

Minimalist masculine bedroom with marble wall

Image 46: Multifunctional, this project has the bed, the headboard and the desk in a single piece of furniture. Sliding doors separate the closet.

men's room in burnt cement

Image 47: In this project, the burnt cement created an illuminated niche that serves as a headboard and base for the giant clock hands.

Minimalist men's room with clock

Image 48: In contrast, this room chose light colors for the environment and smoked glass for the closet doors.

minimalist male bedroom

Image 49: In a version for two, the suspended beds without visible feet bring the concept of minimalism

minimalist room with bunk beds

Image 50: With neutral walls, the joinery has chosen different colors for each piece of furniture: white cabinet, light wood table and darker headboard.

Minimalist white and gray male bedroom


A style that has gained a lot of space and has been a trend for some time, the industrialist tends to be very successful with the boys, precisely because it adds dark colors, many metals and differentiated lamps that always result in modern projects and with a very urban footprint.

Image 51: This project has a metal rail and a sliding container door, the bed is on top of a platform that has drawers.

male industrial room

Image 52: In this project, a bed with a yellow frame, a suspended chair and white bricks are the industrial elements of this beautiful project.

male industrial room with yellow bed

Image 53: This room, despite being childish, became masculine and captured the industrial style very well with the chandelier and the metal cabinet.

industrial male children's room

Image 54: Industrial project with room separation made by an iron grid, the burnt cement wall and lighting complement the decoration.

industrial men's room with iron railing

Image 55: On the other hand, this room has a beautiful photographic panel and burnt cement wall, the metal headboard and the modern lamp complete the industrial look of the project.

Image 56: With a more retro style, this project has industrial pendants and exposed brick wall, which is always a classic in this style of décor.

industrial male bedroom with batman.

Image 57: The project below has a concrete slab with apparent electrical piping, the iron grid serves to place decorative objects and separate environments.

Image 58: This room has a more discreet industrial style with the brick wall and the separation of rooms with hollow wooden panel.

industrial room with exposed brick

Image 59: Black and white, this project has a large iron panel above the bed to support the frame, lamp and bedding complete the industrial style of the environment.

industrial male room with cast iron panel

Image 60: Room with burnt cement ceiling and wall and large iron bookcase. Recessed lighting and neon sign are the highlights of the environment.

Black male bedroom

Black always appears as a strong option for men’s rooms for bringing sobriety and sophistication, in addition, it is a neutral color that makes up several styles and palettes.

Image 61: With black walls and carpet, this room received colorful photographic panels and a burgundy armchair.

black male bedroom with photo panel

Image 62: The black wall serves as a background for the world map, the headboard was designed to serve as a shelf and support for objects.

black room with world map

Image 63: Here, black appears more discreetly to contrast with blue and yellow. The result was a modern and functional room.

modern male blue and yellow bedroom

Image 64: Above all neutral, this all-black room has the light leather rug as its focal point.

black bedroom with male bisote mirror

Image 65: This contemporary design has black walls and white woodwork for the headboard, the lighter floor unifies the bedroom and the enclosed porch.

black and white male bedroom

Image 66: Unlike the previous one, this project chose to put black only on one wall.

modern bedroom black and white

Image 67: Very minimalist, this completely black room received a headboard in demolition wood.

modern black male bedroom with wooden headboard.

Image 68: Softer, black appears punctuated in this room through the furniture, the walls and the joinery are in different shades of gray.

bedroom with gray and black headboard

Image 69: This design with geometric black paint highlighted the door and landscape using black.

bedroom with black geometric work

Image 70 Equally modern, this project chose a huge black upholstered headboard and white plaster ceiling.

men's bedroom with large black headboard

Men’s room with home office

Currently, residential spaces are increasingly reduced, and many people have migrated or are migrating to home office work. Whether for quality of life, having a job that can be done from home or even a place to support studies and occasional work, often the only environment where it is possible to have a space reserved for the home office is the bedroom.

Image 71: Neutral design with functional joinery that created a bench, shelves and cabinets, in addition to a support rack.

male room with home office

Image 72: With a wider environment, this project has a work table just behind the head of the bed.

men's room with desk

Image 73: Neutral and smaller room, managed to create a work space overlooking the balcony.

simple neutral male room with home office

Image 74: With a well-executed carpentry project, this room gained ample workspace, niches and chests of drawers.

male bedroom with office.

Picture 75: Room with office separated by joinery and glass wall.

room with male office

Image 76: In this project, the L-shaped bench created an outstanding environment for work and studies. Neutral colors make the environment clean.

Neutral male room with home office

Image 77: In this project, the area around the window was used by the joinery to create a cabinet and a workbench for studies and work.

gray room with home office

Image 78: Large room with space for work, rest and reading. Neutral colors and the large gray panel unify the entire environment.

room with neutral home office

Image 79: Black and white, this men’s room has a joinery that designed the integrated work table and headboard.

bedroom with black and white desk

Image 80: Here, the joinery managed to unite the bed and the home office in a single piece of furniture, the lowered ceiling with recessed lighting brings warmth to the environment.

men's room with wooden home office