Mini guide how to record video on Samsung mobile

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Do you know how to record video on a Samsung phone? If you intend to use audiovisual content in your online courses, it is essential to learn how to use this equipment. That’s because it’s more affordable than a professional camera.

In addition, it is worth noting that 78% of people watch videos every week. And the trend is for this consumption to increase over the years, as people are increasingly adept at absorbing content through audiovisual means.

That way you can’t stay out of this trend. So, read on and see how to record video on an Android phone. Come on!

How to record video on a Samsung phone

There are several Samsung cell phone models on the market, each one of them has its own features, functionality and prices. Therefore, it is easier to have access to a device of this brand with Android operating system.

Samsung invests a lot in developing mobile phones with advanced technology for video recording. Thus, this device is a good option to prepare for your online course classes.

Also, if you already have the video script prepared, just know how to record video on your Samsung cell phone. So, check out the walkthrough that we’ve set aside especially for you. Follow up!

Review cell phone camera settings

It is important to review your camera settings before learning how to record video on your phone. But, after all, what is it necessary to check? The first step is to know what the camera’s resolution is. In this case, it is ideal for it to have 1920 x 1080 pixels, that is, it should be Full HD.

Keep in mind that the higher the number of megapixels, the better the image quality of your video. Generally, the smartphone has a front and rear camera. So you need to see which one has the highest resolution.

To know this information, it is necessary to access the main menu of the cell phone and click on the camera image. Then choose the video option and click settings. Thus, you can verify this information, as well as configure it, if necessary.

Make manual camera adjustments

Once you know the camera settings, it’s easier to make manual adjustments. Therefore, you can adjust the focus, light input, exposure time and white balance.

To do this, you need to locate the phone’s main menu and click on the camera image. Next, choose the video option and click on more. Once that’s done, choose the PRO option so that the settings menu appears for you to make the adjustments.

Also, keep the camera lens clean. This sounds silly, but it can make a lot of difference in image quality. Therefore, before recording, clean the lens with a smooth cloth. That way you get a sharper image.

Activate cell phone aeroplane mode

Imagine you start your video introduction and are interrupted by WhatsApp messages or a call. This can distract you as well as make your recording noisy.

Therefore, it is essential to activate your phone’s aeroplane mode. So you avoid this kind of problem. To do this, slide your finger on your smartphone screen, find and click in aeroplane or offline mode, and activate the function.

Use the mobile in horizontal position

The ideal is to record the video with the phone in a horizontal position, as most platforms and applications use this format. This way, you avoid making videos available with black bands on the sides. Furthermore, it is easier to frame using the rule of thirds.

In this case, on smartphones you can enable this function in the configuration. This rule emphasizes that the person being recorded must be positioned at the crossing points of the grid. In this way, it is possible to obtain a more harmonic image.

Stabilize your smartphone with a tripod

Shooting a video without stabilization is a shot in the foot as the image will be blurry. This can result in poor quality content and people will feel unprofessional.

Therefore, use a tripod to support the cell phone during recording, as well as take the opportunity to adjust it at the correct height. The selfie stick is not very recommended as you can’t control your movement. The tripod, on the other hand, provides more security and you focus on delivering the content.

Record in environments with good lighting

Lighting makes a big difference in video quality. Therefore, always opt for natural light. It’s the best choice, but if you’re recording in a very dark environment or with no windows to let in sunlight, look for other alternatives.

It is possible to use artificial lighting, such as softbox, ring light, lampshade, among others. It is worth noting that there are many videos on YouTube teaching how to make this type of homemade equipment. That way you reduce your costs.

Use separate audio equipment

Audio is a very important element in recordings, as it is very bad to watch a video with external noise. As Samsung cell phones have a directional microphone, it is more difficult to capture a person’s sound without the ambient noise.

Therefore, the idea is to use separate audio equipment, such as a lavalier microphone connected to the cell phone, a recorder or even another cell phone. In the last two cases, when editing the video, it will be necessary to manually insert the audio.

After all the preparation of the camera and the scene, just access the main menu of the phone and click on the camera image. Then choose the video option and click more. After that, choose the PRO option and click to start recording.

Details make the difference when it comes to how to record video on your Samsung phone. If your intention is to create an online course, watch the video below and increase your chances of success:

Edit the video

By the time the video is ready, you need to edit it . For this, you can use video editing applications or programs. In other words, you can make the cuts, colour corrections, audio insertion and the addition of effects on the cell phone or on a notebook.

Remember that if you don’t have the skills to edit the video, you can look for a person who specializes in this service. This way, you can guarantee the final quality of your content production.