Modern Homes: 34 Inspirations to Build Yours

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Modern homes are always on the rise for those who like clean, beautiful and sustainable architecture. The architectural style that began in the 20th century, emerged as a counterpoint to the old architectural models that were in vogue until then. Fleeing from an architecture full of ornaments and constructive details that were derived from classical architecture.

Therefore, modern houses are characterized by a much cleaner look and straight lines without major architectural ornaments. Furthermore, the integration between the environments is also present in the style that is conquering more and more followers. This is because it guarantees greater social interaction between residents and guests.

First, some constructive elements are now widely used in modern architecture, such as the glass present in large windows and openings that enhance natural lighting. As well as cement and concrete, which are part of the elements that were present in the first modern constructions.

However, over the years, the modern style has evolved and gained a new look every day, combined with the emergence of new materials and the evolution of construction techniques.

To bring some examples, we look for modern and inspiring house designs that show the modern style as the protagonist, bringing modernism from the construction elements to the decorative pieces.

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Types of modern houses

A modern house brings elements such as wide openings that enhance natural light, integration between environments and ample ceiling height.

Modern houses with striking elements such as wide openings.

Modern homes can have different configurations, sizes and appearances. In common, they always have functionality for everyday life, being suitable for the busy routines of modern life. The concern with the entry of natural light is also present. Just as they also dispense with an architecture made up of ornaments, bringing straight and sober lines.

The most current projects also add architectural concepts that value the environment. In this way, they present sustainable solutions such as solar energy and rainwater harvesting for cleaning and irrigation. Every day there are other ways that save natural resources and are concerned with nature, favoring modern architecture. After all, nothing is more current than caring for the environment.

In summary, the modern house brings in its architectural project attributes that combine practicality, straight lines and sustainability, in a project with a surprising look, which fills the eyes of whoever sees it.

Modern and small

Who said that size influences the style of the home? For those who dream of a house built in the modern style and think that the small footage will prevent this, yes, you are very wrong. While it’s actually the look and the functional outputs that make all the difference in bringing modern style.

First, in smaller houses, it is better to use a light color palette, which helps to visually expand the space, a tip that helps to spread the lighting, for example.

Coatings also have the power to guarantee modernity. Nowadays, technology allows us to bring materials that add thermal and acoustic comfort to environments. As well as the new porcelain tile formats, exposed brick bricks, technocement.

Integration is more than the watchword in small modern homes. After all, in addition to aesthetics, it is what brings more functionality into environments, increasing circulation and bringing light. Check out some inspirations from small modern environments.

The apparent brick brings the background to the sofa in light pink, certainly the tone that is super trendy in modern homes.

Rosa is super hot in a modern decor.

Certainly less than 7 m wide, the small house brought modern architecture with elements such as glass and cement and concrete.

Modern houses like this one feature burnt cement, black frames and glass.

Visual breadth, integration between environments, cement and concrete, these are elements that are beautiful in modern construction.

Visual breadth is the protagonist in the small house.

The glass doors let in light and spread the natural lighting along with white, present on the walls, floor and ceiling.

Small modern houses like this one feature light tones and glass that lets in light.

Neutral base, black frames and wood come into play, ensuring the house’s modern look.

Neutral palette in counterpoint to the colorful tones in the cushions and wood.

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The palette in neutral tones is the main basis for small modern homes, as is the input of natural light.

Small modern houses bring elements like the neutral base.

An element that is present in the current architecture are the exposed bricks, in perfect harmony with the directional light rails.

Perfect trio: exposed bricks, black frames and light rails.

Modern and cheap

Another challenge for those who dream of having a modern house to call their own is the budget available for construction. Even if the budget is restricted, it is possible to achieve the desire with good ideas and a lot of research for materials.

Cheap construction elements, as well as the reuse of materials are great solutions that generate financial savings. To help you build modern and cheap houses, we’ve gathered some tips on materials that are economical, and still bring greater functionality to the project, check out the solutions!

Wood was the protagonist in this country house, and its cost-effectiveness is undeniable. In addition, it has good thermal and acoustic performance.

Modern homes bring thermal and acoustic performance.

The cost of the house was low, but it yielded several awards. With a tight budget, the architects bet on concrete blocks on the walls and machined concrete on the floor, which did not require any finishing.

Modern homes can bring concrete as a differential on the walls and floor.

Prefabricated house made with two overlapping containers bring modernist architecture in an innovative way, and the best, with reduced cost. See that the models brought wide glass openings and the predominant straight lines.

Modern and cheap houses bring containers as a constructive element.

Another stylish house made from the container. Showing that to have modern and cheap houses, creativity is enough. Note that this one also has two floors, integration between environments and a neutral color palette.

Modern houses in container.

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Sustainable house with simple, austere and low maintenance architecture. Among the elements implemented in the construction, two stand out: the concrete blocks and solar hot water collectors that guarantee energy savings.

Modern houses with construction elements such as cobogó.

Modern and cheap houses bring solutions such as concrete, which is present here in beams, stairs, and even in the concrete blocks on the wall.

Concrete is the foundation of construction.

Concrete blocks, wooden beams, glass as an opening to the outside area and rail lighting mark the design of a modern house with a more affordable value.

Modern country houses

A consumer dream of those who love nature, country houses with modern decoration have increasingly fallen in people’s tastes. Especially those who are tired of the daily rush in search of a private refuge.

Here, the rustic and the modern look come together in the same composition to bring more warmth to the architectural project. In this way, straight lines are mixed with wood, Glass and pilots, present in modernism, meet nature, in surprising landscapes.

Therefore, modern country houses were highlighted in this article.

No wonder we separate projects from modern country houses to inspire you to build an architectural project that fills your eyes, brings modernity, as well as ally’s practicality to country houses. If you are looking for environments as a reference for your modern home

The country house combined burnt cement and wood, bringing a modern and super cozy look

Modern country houses combine comfort with the current look.

With this view, nothing else was needed! For this reason, the wide glass opening gained prominence in the living room of this modern house.

Modern country house has breathtaking architecture.

Integration between internal and external is the great highlight in the construction that unites modernism with stunning nature.

Integration between external and internal is highlighted in the construction.

Modern house in the countryside brings total integration, neutral base and standout elements such as the blue partition and the coral wall.

Neutral palette brings modernity to the country house.

Wide opening for natural light to enter, as well as glass and integration mark the designs of modern houses.

Impossible not to dream of that dream of modern living room of this country house. Openings to the outdoor area allow you to integrate the beauty of nature with modern interior elements.

Modern country houses bring integration between outdoor and indoor areas.

Modernism marked by the wide opening of glass, furniture with cane and prints with abstract shapes.

A modern house brings wood and straw as an infallible pair.

A mix that works: wood and straight lines combine rustic with modern.

Straight lines join the rustic.

Modern homes with a pool

On hot days, the swimming pool is a great darling to gather friends and family. Already on cold days, it becomes a stunning constructive element in construction. For those who have the budget and available space, the element cannot be left out of the architectural project program.

It is worth remembering that in addition to choosing between the various types of materials, before construction one must consider which filtration and purification systems will be used. See some projects that are perfect to inspire those who dream of a pool at home.

The Rio chaise longue, designed by modernist icon Oscar Niemeyer, is in front of the pool in this modern house.

The Rio chaise longue, signed by icon Oscar Niemeyer.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this modern house where the pool follows the side of the building.

House in pilots with pool at the bottom. Can you be more modernist?

Modern house with landscaping brings integration between urban and nature.

The pool at the end of the plot is the project’s highlight, however, the vertical wall garden is the icing on the cake in the perfect setting.

Deck pool, vertical garden and porcelain tiles that imitate burnt cement

Glass openings allow access to the swimming pool of this modern house, after all, they guarantee perfect integration between the areas.

Modern houses can bring geometric elements such as the panel inspired by Athos Bunco beside the small pool.

Straight lines mark this super modern architectural project. What a dream, isn’t it?

Modern homes with a pool are a consumer's dream.

Modern houses with a swimming pool bring the perfect integration between outdoor and indoor areas.

Modern two-story house with black sashes and swimming pool.

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