Modern House Plans: 80 Original Projects

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Designing a modern house plan is the desire of the vast majority of those who are building or even wanting to redesign the house. But how to define what are modern house plans?

Simple, you will notice that most modern house plans we separate privilege social areas integrating rooms and kitchens, bringing the so-called open concept. In addition to making the environment more modern, integrating environments favors conviviality and adds different functions to the same room.

See below for the tips that we have separated for you.

Important Tips for Your Modern Home Design

An important tip when designing your home or choosing a floor plan is to list all your needs and desires before starting the work. Think about how many parking spaces are needed, how many bathrooms you would like to have, how important storage spaces are, etc.

Also, be sure to assess the size and layout of the land to determine if a one-story house is convenient, or if a two-story house will better suit the layout of all rooms.

Image 1: House plan with a suite with dressing room, two-room living room and large kitchen with access to the garden.

modern houseplant with garden

Image 2: House plan with a suite, a bedroom and a home office. The American kitchen integrates with the dining room and being promoting socializing.

modern houseplant with a vacancy

Image 3: House with a narrower layout, chose to integrate an American kitchen with dining, and used a winter garden to make the division with the TV room.

modern house plan with gourmet area

Image 4: In this floor plan, the social area is on the ground floor, favoring the interaction and integration of environments.

modern houseplant with two spaces and garden

Image 5: Plan projected with angles to create open spaces around the house, this type of project favors the entry of natural light.

modern houseplant with hot tub

Image 6: Small house plan with good distribution of space between rooms. The house has a living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.

two bedroom modern house plan

Image 7: Large house plan, with a suite, and integrated living and dining room. The highlight of this plant is the porch that surrounds one side of the house.

modern house plan with large balcony

Image 8: In this floor plan, the social area is totally privileged with ample space dedicated to the garden, swimming pool, shower, barbecue and terrace.

modern house plan with pool

Image 9: Project that highlights the leisure area with the swimming pool and the large wooden deck, integrated internal social area and bedrooms on the upper part.

modern house plan with Olympic swimming pool

Image 10: This plan used the center of the land for construction and left the back to the service area and the yard.

small modern houseplant

Image 11: With smaller dimensions, this three-bedroom floor plan has a small kitchen and integrated dining and living room.

modern houseplant with a vacancy

Modern house plans

Below we have separated plans of modern houses with different shapes and angles, most of these plans opted for the open concept and integration between the dining and living room, some preferred to leave the kitchen closed, while others chose to open the kitchen, favoring interaction between the environments.

Before going out breaking the walls of your house or designing a model with an open concept, please consider the practical implications, such as installing a good hood or exhaust fan so that the smell of food does not invade the whole house, and keep in mind that the decoration of both the kitchen and the other environments needed to talk to each other and have unity.

Image 12: This plant has a suite and a bedroom, the social area was integrated, while the kitchen remained separate.

houseplant with suite and a bedroom.

Image 13: Of large proportions, this floor plan has three suites, an integrated social area, two parking spaces and a swimming pool with landscape design.

modern house plan with pool

Image 14: Floor plan with suite, bedroom and bathroom on the upper floor and social and service area on the lower floor.

modern house plan with master suite

Image 15: Modern house plan with two suites and integrated social area with toilet.

Image 16: This plan separated the bedroom suites from the living area, making the pool the central focus of this house.

modern house plan with pool and suites

Image 17: This townhouse was designed on a narrow plot, placing the pool in the back and the social area on the lower level. Reserving the upper floor for bedrooms and bathrooms.

modern townhouse house plan with pool and wooden deck

Image 18: One -story house plan distributed in hall, toilet, and dining room integrated with American-style kitchen. The pool and wooden deck occupy the back of the land.

modern house plan with pool and two parking spaces

Image 19: Plan focused on coexistence, with the center of the house dedicated to the living room, dining room and kitchen integrated.

Image 20: Another example of a ground floor plan designed for conviviality, with a large living room integrated with a bar and pool deck.

modern houseplant with wooden deck bar

Image 21: This floor plan favored the landscaping project of the outdoor area and made a pool of organic lines. Note that the master suite in addition to the whirlpool has direct access to the outdoor area.

Image 22: In this plan, the land was well explored, the swimming pool is in the center of the construction, separating the social area from the private area of ​​the rooms.

modern house plan with pool in the center

Image 23: In this plan, the social area and landscaping were highlighted with the construction of two lakes and a swimming pool, the social area was placed in the middle of the plan.

modern house plan with two lakes and swimming pool

Picture 24: Simple and modern house, with one suite and two bedrooms, integrated social area and a small TV room that can be converted into another bedroom.

3 bedroom modern house plan

Image 25: This project intended a large area at the back for the garden, the rooms were made along the land and the social area in the center.

modern houseplant with garden

Image 26: Plan elaborated in a spacious land, with garden in the background, master suite with closet and integrated kitchen.

modern house plan with garden and master suite

3 bedrooms

The floor plans of 3-bedroom houses are the most popular, as they allow the family to grow, or even transform one of the rooms into an office, studio, TV room, exercise space or even a large closet.

Before designing, consider whether it’s worth investing a little more and creating another room, thinking about your long-term needs.

Image 27: Floor plan with 3 suites and social area and kitchen that integrates with the gourmet balcony. The project favored the privacy of the rooms.

modern house plan with three suites

Image 28: This floor plan offers private balconies for the suites and a large gourmet area that connects to the social area, favoring socializing.

modern house plan with 3 suites and gourmet terrace

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Image 29: Plant with large glazed wall, allowing natural light to enter, the large flower bed decorates and brings privacy to the rooms.

Image 30: Floor plan for three bedrooms upstairs and maid’s quarters on the lower floor.

modern house plan 3 bedroom townhouse

Image 31: Another example of a townhouse, with three suites on the top and a social area with a pool on the bottom.

modern house plan with pool and two parking spaces

Image 32: Plan of a large house located in the center of the land, with a garden all around it. The highlight goes to the hot tub and the wooden deck in the back.

modern house plan with hot tub and wooden deck

Image 33: Single story house plan in narrow terrain, entrance with balcony, large circulation area that leads to the barbecue and swimming pool.

modern house plan with pool and hallway

Image 34: Simple plan with a suite, two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, laundry, two rooms with access to a balcony.

modern one-suite houseplant

Image 35: Simple distribution plan with three bedrooms, bathroom, living room with balcony and kitchen.

two bedroom modern house plan

Image 36: Plan of two floors. On the lower floor, integrated rooms with an open concept, and storage spaces, and on the upper one, a suite, two bedrooms and a bathroom

floor plan with three bedrooms and one suite

2 bedrooms

The floor plans of modern two-bedroom houses are ideal for couples or small families, they can accommodate everyone in comfort and privacy. For couples without children, the second bedroom can be transformed into a home office or TV room.

For those with children, the ideal is that the room is well planned to meet the needs of residents, regardless of age.

Image 37: Plant with good use of space, two bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen and laundry.

modern house plan with integrated living room

Picture 38: House plan with TV room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, two bedrooms, bathroom, one suite and garden all around the house.

house plan with three bedrooms and separate rooms

Image 39: Plan distributed in a TV room, a suite, a bedroom, bathroom, office, kitchen, laundry and garden around the house.

modern houseplant with office

Image 40: Modern house plan with two bedrooms and two rooms with small balcony.

simple two-bedroom house plan

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Picture 41: This project has two bedrooms and a bathroom and a dining room integrated with the TV room.

modern house plan with 2 bedrooms and living room

Image 42: Small house project with a suite, a bedroom, bathroom, living room, TV room with access to a balcony, kitchen and laundry area.

house with one suite and one bedroom with a balcony

Image 43: Good use of space in this distribution, with an integrated living and dining room with access to a balcony, two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen

integrated dining and living room

Image 44: Plan designed with a focus on coexistence, integrates a TV room, kitchen and gourmet area. The outdoor area received a landscaping project.

house with two parking spaces and gourmet area in the back

Image 45: In this plant, the garden is highlighted in the center of the house, creating a point of natural light for the environment that has an open concept in the social area.

houseplant with two spaces and pergola

Image 46: Here we have an example of a top floor plan with two bedrooms, bathroom, and a master suite with a balcony and a family room with a balcony.

house plan with master suite, balcony and closet

Picture 47: Plant house in L – story with large living room / TV, dining room, kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, a bedroom, a master suite and spacious balcony.

modern house plan with master suite with walk-in closet


Having a good closet is the desire of many, after all, closets and space to store things is never too much, especially if the house is small, below we separate some projects where these spaces figure and make a difference in bedrooms and suites.

Below, we have separated modern house plans with closet for you to see the options and possibilities they offer.

Image 48: Floor plan with master suite with dressing room and integrated social area. The kitchen is integrated with the service area.

house plan with two bedrooms and balcony

Image 49: Large house plan with suite with large closet, two bedrooms, bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and laundry.

house plan with dressing room and master suite

Image 50: Floor plan with large kitchen, laundry area with bathroom, a master suite, two-room living room with access to a gourmet terrace.

house plan with three bedrooms and terrace

Image 51: Focusing on comfort, this plant has two suites, one with a large closet, home office, and toilet, kitchen integrated into the living and dining room, laundry

modern house plan with gourmet porch

Image 52: This project integrated a dining and living room and has a large balcony with access to the suite.

plant with balcony and suite

Image 53: Large house plan with entrance hall, open concept integrating living room, dining room, kitchen and gourmet space, a suite with dressing room, two bedrooms, bathroom, laundry and garage.

floor plan with two-car garage and master suite

Image 54: In this plant we have a master suite, two bedrooms, bathroom, garden offering natural light, living room with two rooms, and kitchen with pantry, laundry, external circulation area and garage.

master suite with walk-in closet and two parking spaces

Image 55: House plan with swimming pool and terrace, master suites with dressing room and garage for two cars.

modern house plan with pool and closet

Image 56: Ground floor plan with a dining/living room with access to the garden, office and master suite.

house with closet and office

Image 57: Plan of two floors. On the ground floor we find a kitchen, two-room living room, central garden, toilet, a suite with dressing room and garage. Upstairs to three suites.

modern house plan with a winter garden and three suites

Image 58: Small house plan of a suite, one bedroom, bathroom, living and dining room, kitchen, laundry and leisure area.

modern house with a parking space and a suite with dressing room


Sometimes, all you need is a small house, increasingly popular in big cities, houses with just one bedroom or smaller size are created to meet the specific needs of those who will inhabit this space.

Small modern house plans usually prefer to integrate the social area with the kitchen to create a feeling of spaciousness in the space, but there are also options with the closed kitchen for those who do not like the open concept.

Image 59: Small house plan with a suite, kitchen and living room.

modern small houseplant

Image 60: Great choice of plant for small land, with a bedroom with dressing room, bathroom, kitchen, living room with balcony.

small modern house plan with walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom

Image 61: This project transformed the second bedroom into a closet and office, the living and dining room were integrated and have access to a small balcony.

modern home with walk-in closet and master suite

Image 62: Plan of three bedrooms, one bathroom, living/dining room, large kitchen, laundry area.

large houseplant with closet and closed kitchen

Picture 63: Small house plan with a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

small houseplant with one bedroom and closet

Image 64: In this plan we find only one bedroom, note that the laundry was placed inside a closet between the suite and the entrance hall.

house plan with integrated rooms and suite with dressing room.

Image 65: Simple plan of two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room two rooms with balcony creating a great social environment.

modern house plan with integrated rooms and balcony

Image 66: Plan option for small house, with two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen and living room.

modern house plan with two bedroom and living room

Image 67: Another great option for a small house plan with well distributed rooms with two bedrooms, bathroom, living/dining room, and kitchen and laundry area.

plant with two bedrooms and a bathroom

Image 68: Here we have a floor plan of two suites, both with balconies, living room and kitchen.

Image 69: Ideal plant for small space, with a suite, living room and kitchen.

simple floor plan with a suite and kitchen

Image 70: Small one-story house plan and privileged living area with integrated environments.

modern house with balcony and two bedrooms

10 Free Modern House Plans

Below we have separated ten modern house plans, with unusual and original styles and formats for you to analyze and think if you really want a standard house with an open concept or if you prefer to be daring and opt for a plan with different angles, walls in rounded shapes or even, take advantage of an asymmetrical terrain.

Image 71: In this modern two-story floor plan, the entrance hall with high ceilings and the cinema room are worth mentioning.

modern house plan with suite

Image 72: Here we have a single floor plan, with the pool inside and four suites.

modern house plan with rounded corners

Image 73: Example of plan for the upper part of the house with two suites, balcony and vestibule.

house plan with balcony with suite

Image 74: In this two-story floor plan, the rooms are separated, guaranteeing privacy.

floor plan with swimming pool and gourmet area

Image 75: Plant designed to ensure comfort with four suites and an office, as well as a garden with a swimming pool.

house plan with pool and yard

Image 76: Plan of a large house with a focus on living areas, using an open concept to integrate the kitchen, living room and dining/living area and outdoor area. It also has an intimate room.

house plan with pool and large social area

Image 77: Here is a plan where the environments are separated, and the landscaping project is highlighted.

house plan with wooden deck and master suite

Image 78: With an extensive outdoor area, the swimming pool is highlighted in this project, which also has a large room two environment integrated with the balcony.

house plan with pool and garden

Image 79: House plan with swimming pool, large gourmet area and outdoor space, inside, two suites, and integrated living and dining room.

plant for narrow terrain with two car spaces

Image 80: In this ambitious project, we find four suites and seven living areas, several terraces and two large balconies.

large house project with balconies