Online Makeup Course: How to Create a Successful Online Business?

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Makeup-related videos on the internet are no longer a trend, as they have already dominated YouTube and social media, but they are still on the rise. After all, even though there are thousands of videos on the subject, there is always something new to update the audience that consumes this content. It could be a new technique or a recently launched product line. Therefore, content to be produced is not lacking. But have you ever thought about creating a makeup course?

As this business is still very high, many people still invest in this market and make videos about makeup. There are still those who blog, just as it was 10 years ago when the first beauty bloggers emerged. Some of them are still active on the internet with their blogs to this day, such as Julia Petit and Bruna Tavares. But in addition to blogs, they’re now also on YouTube.

Just like these women, who are a reference in fashion, beauty and makeup, and also anonymous, why not start creating your makeup content? And even better: an online makeup course, where you have the opportunity to scale and impact many more people.

Do you want to understand better about this idea and how it can be a great opportunity for you who are skilled in makeup and like to talk about the subject?

Keep reading this article, as I’ll give you some tips to get you started in the digital world.

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Makeup course: what if it’s not just a hobby?

Makeup is considered indispensable by some, dispensable by others, and there are still those who consider it almost an art. And I’m not talking about artistic makeup or ones that make a “special effect” like those in horror movies.

For people who like, doing all the makeup rituals and talking about makeup is a great pleasure and can even be a passion. Dedicating yourself to such activity thinking about sharing knowledge with those who need to learn is no longer a hobby to becoming a professional.

But not everyone can make it their main job like the famous internet personalities I mentioned. There are those who choose to combine formal work with the production of content about makeup for the internet. And, with that, in some cases, they even become a source of extra income.

So, if you want to start in this market and dedicate yourself to it full or part-time, you must pay attention to some important details. Maybe you can’t monetize your content and create your own digital business?

Start by identifying your niche

First, you must define what kind of makeup content you want to work with. What is your speciality? Traditional makeup? For parties and events? For brides? Define that and then start thinking about the niche you want to target.

Niche? But what is this? Being quite straightforward, the niche market is a more specific segment within your target audience. Generally, the group of people that make up the niche have unexplored needs. This is where opportunities arise for digital entrepreneurs to create content and deliver to this potential audience.

For example, you can teach makeup to Asian brides. Asian women have different skin than Brazilian women and, therefore, it can be difficult content to find, but it may be in great demand. This may be one of the niches to be worked on among others that you can identify before finding and defining yours.

But think twice before working a niche. Don’t tell an audience that you don’t have ownership or identification just because you’ve seen an opportunity for growth in numbers.

Thinking about the example above, it doesn’t make sense for you to be redheaded and talk to Asian women unless you always use an Asian woman as a model in the practical part of makeup. Or talking about makeup for black skin since your skin is not black and the type of makeup you use will not do.

These three types of skins have different needs: redheaded women often have freckles and many seek to cover them up. This type of makeup will be completely different from the yellowish skin of Asians, as well as not meeting the needs of black skin.

You’re much more likely to succeed if you communicate with people who have the same needs as you.

Creating an Audience and Strategy for a Makeup Course

Now that we’ve gone through the critical first step of getting started, let’s move on to the next step.

If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll have to create an audience from your niche. You need to create a sense of community and move this group of people who will follow your work to keep them engaged.

The best way to do this is to produce relevant, quality and different content. The difference can be in your way of speaking or in the format you choose to do. And the quality goes beyond the equipment – ​​which is still important, ok?

You can invest in an Instagram profile and YouTube videos. They are the two most used platforms in the beauty segment and are the majority of content producers about makeup.

Look for some references to find out who the people are who speak to the audience you want to reach as an audience. Then consume a lot of content from them and see what you do that they don’t do yet. What difference can you offer to your audience that is not yet being delivered on the internet by these people?

So you do a benchmarking and start to build your strategy of what types of videos you will make, what you will cover, how you will cover it, among other points. Material on the internet is not lacking for you to analyze and assemble your action plan.

Expanding to the online makeup course

Now that you know your audience well, know who your audience is and what you’re going to offer, how about going one step further and taking an online makeup course? In this way you spread your work on a larger scale and still create a source of extra income! And, depending on your dedication, this online course can become your main source of income.

If you already have engagement on social media, great! Your first students may be among your followers. But if you intend to create your course at the same time as creating an audience, no problem either! The tips I’ve cited so far in this article apply to both scenarios. You will only change the order of steps and the timing of the results may be different too.

Regardless of the stage, you are in, beginner or already inactivity, you will need to rely on your social networks to publicize your course. A good communication strategy will be important as you will be creating your brand in the market.

In such a competitive market, it’s important that your audience always remember you, what you offer and also your online makeup course. So you can get new students from the indications of your followers and those who have already taken your course.

Care with content production

I’ve already talked here about the importance of quality. But, at this point, I’m going to talk about the technical part, whether for your social networks or your online makeup course.

The subject deals with something totally aesthetic and visual, which is makeup. That’s why I can’t stop talking about photos and videos so that it’s more tangible content. Therefore, value the visual quality in terms of the production of your content.

Invest in quality equipment that is not necessarily expensive, but that has a good delivery within a good cost-benefit ratio. Also pay attention to other details such as lighting, video and/or photo quality, scenery, etc.

Also, think about the quality of the products you will be using. They don’t have to be expensive or state-of-the-art. In the beginning, perhaps, you don’t have the start-up capital to invest so much in high-quality products. You can use cheaper products as long as you test them first to see if they can be used in the makeup that you are going to present to your audience.

But don’t worry so much about it! If you are a professional, you already have the right products. If not, as you evolve, you will be able to buy better products. Don’t let this stop you from starting. Make it clear what kind of products you are using and which situations and conditions they serve well and which do not. And try to use those that have minimally an adequate quality to be in your content, as mentioned above.

Putting your makeup course online

Now that you know how to have a foundation for creating your online makeup course and what it takes to get started, it’s important to understand how to do it best. Come with me?

You can choose to make your makeup course classes available online for free or paid. The most popular freeway is through YouTube. In fact, it’s free for those who watch, but for the owner of the channel and videos, it can generate a monetary value, yes!

But beware: for this to happen, you need to have a minimum number of views and be within some criteria of the YouTube platform. So, if you don’t want to depend on it and prefer to secure your extra income, opt for a digital entrepreneurship platform.

By using a digital entrepreneurship platform, you are hiring a service that understands your needs and seeks to meet them. Content creators who use YouTube make a lot of complaints about the platform and many large and well-known YouTubers are dissatisfied with some of the company’s issues with channel owners.

In addition, a digital entrepreneurship platform has a support team prepared to meet your demands and those of your digital business. You will also have better guidance in case of doubt, much more focused on attentive and assertive service.

Just to be clear: YouTube is really cool and valid for educating your audience and offering valuable content, as well as creating your authority in the business. But it’s very difficult to monetize within that platform, so as much as investing in a specialized platform is a little more costly, it’s worth it!