Working at Home: 8 Tips for 2021

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Have you ever thought about working from home, earning money on the internet? If you follow our blog, you’ve probably already read about starting a digital business, acting as social media, selling digital courses and products, and even working as an affiliate. The internet brings us infinite possibilities, which arise every day. Knowing how to take advantage of them, it is possible to obtain incredible results, without having to leave the house.

During the Covid-19 pandemic that began in the year, many people experienced working from home for the first time. For others, the idea of ​​working remotely was already well known. This work format is really attractive to many people, as it has several advantages.

In this text, you will see what the advantages of working from home are and will have access to several tips to make this work format more productive, rewarding and profitable. Come with us!

Advantages of working from home

Better quality of life: working from home can generate a big behavioural change in your habits. Without having to waste time on transportation and other activities that traditional work requires, you no longer have to live in a constant race against time, which often creates stress and anxiety. Even working at home gives you much more time to exercise and eat healthy, for example.

Flexible hours: this is one of the main advantages, and it is the one that most attracts professionals from different areas. In this format, you can organize your schedule according to your daily tasks. You can choose to work in the morning and at night, for example. You decide!

You control how much you earn: having a steady job, you usually have a set salary every month. Now when you work from home, you are your own boss. There is no earning limit.

Less pressure: Working from home, you can get rid of the pressure that usually exists working in a company. Of course, this varies a lot, as you can have a lot of customers. However, working from home, there is a greater possibility of being immune to this type of pressure, as you create a favourable environment for your work, avoiding unpleasant situations.

You can become a digital nomaddigital nomads are people who work remotely while travelling. The name is due to the fact that they do not have a fixed abode.

Tips for working from home

When deciding to work from home, you need to consider all the positives and negatives and bet on the organization. It can be decisive for you to succeed in this new lifestyle. With that in mind, we’ve brought you some habit tips and tools that can make all the difference if you want to work autonomously from home in 2021:

  • Have a routine

Regardless of whether you are a freelancer, launching an online course, working as an affiliate or any other field, having a routine is important.

A tip is to organize your routine the day before so that you get out of bed knowing what you need to do. That way, if you haven’t been able to finish a task during the workday, you can relocate it as a priority for the next day.

Another tip is to work based on a priority order. This is a way to avoid delays and, consequently, get rid of any kind of stress. In addition, you can choose to leave the most difficult tasks for the start of the day, when your brain is more rested, so the work can flow more smoothly.

  • Know how to price your time

Remember: time is money.

How much do you think your time is worth? To arrive at a value, conduct market research and find out how much other professionals charge to provide a service similar to yours. But don’t limit yourself to just that. Also consider your differentials, such as the quality of your work, your length of experience and your differentials.

Another point to consider is how much your customers are willing to pay for the service. Negotiating is always important so that you don’t devalue yourself and can grow more and more.

By the way, before reading further, we recommend that you discover the 6 things that every entrepreneur should know before starting a business:

  • Use organizing apps

The technology is there to make our routine easier. Using it as an ally in your day-to-day work at home is a great way to organize your workflow and increase your productivity.

The Trello is a project management tool that works over the web or through a mobile application. Its structure is based on Kanab, an agile workflow management methodology created in Japan.

Remember that Trello is a free tool. Just register and start using.

In it, tasks are presented in tables. Through them, it is possible to know what is being worked on, who is carrying out each work and in which stage of the process a project is. There is no limit to how many people can access a project and they all see the same frame simultaneously.

The tool has a super intuitive interface. It is a list of tasks, divided into cards. When opening a card, you can add comments, upload attachments, create checklists, and add tags and deadlines. Trello operates in real-time. When someone moves a card to another list, all participants automatically receive the change.

It can also be a great option for approving materials with your customers. If you work with social networks, for example, you can create a list referring to the posts of the month and add cards that represent each post. That way, you can attach the image(s) of the post and add the text (caption) in the description. Your customer can add comments on the card, and communication can take place directly through the platform. Cool huh?

In addition, whenever there is new in the project, the involved users receive notifications within the app, via email, on the desktop via the browser and via push notifications via the mobile phone (if enabled).

  •  Use apps that help you be more productive

One of the problems some people encounter in becoming their own boss is having the focus and discipline to stay productive. It is at this moment that the Commodore technique emerges.

The technique was created in the mid-1980s, by the Italian Francesco Carrillo. It helps you to focus more on the tasks you need to accomplish, stop procrastinating, to succeed in your work.

The proposal is for you to time and fully focus on what you’re doing until it’s time for your break. In other words, with it, you mix work and rest moments. The timer is divided into 25-minute periods with brief breaks of about five minutes in between. But this is not a rule. If you are a person who has no difficulty staying focused for long periods, you can work for 45 minutes and stop for 10, for example.

There are several online apps for this technique, such as App Focus Keeper, for example.

  •  Understand what times and environments you can be more productive

Each person works in a different way, and one of the advantages of working from home is precisely being able to work in your own way. There are people who perform absurdly better at dawn, for example. Others wake up early, in good spirits and in good spirits. Over time, you can analyze what kind of person you are and then choose to work at your favourite times.

In addition, you can also find out what your preferred work environment is. Some people really find it difficult to work at home, as the home can be a source of distraction – because of family members, pets and neighbours, for example. Thus, there are many professionals who choose to work in cafes, bookstores, colourings and other favourable environments for their needs.

  • Remember: unforeseen events happen

When you become a self-employed professional and start working according to your own schedule, you are not 100% free from the unexpected. Therefore, planning is essential.

One of the things that usually happens is that professionals are surprised by the amount of free time that is leftover from leaving a formal job. Then, they commit to many tasks and end up feeling “small” amidst so many responsibilities.

So, remember to leave space in your calendar for small unforeseen events. Your client may ask for some change, you may wake up with a migraine that prevents you from working, and many other sudden situations may arise, ending your plans. So, don’t leave everything to the last minute and free up that space on your agenda to solve unexpected problems, OK?

  •  Consider hiring a virtual assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is an alternative that has helped many professionals with the organization of their work. This professional is someone who works remotely, who can help you in different activities.

A virtual assistant can act in several roles, such as:

Administrative tasks

One of the most common areas of activity for these professionals is administration. A virtual assistant can perform functions such as answering the phone, managing appointments and meetings, organizing schedules, booking travel, and more.


Do you have difficulty organizing the financial part of your business? A virtual assistant can help you carry out sales and pricing studies, market analysis and much more. Having someone to help you with this gives you more time to devote to new opportunities and strategizing.

Email management

Can’t manage to read and respond to all your emails? A virtual assistant can help you with that too! Of course, it depends a lot on your industry, but this professional can filter all your emails, eliminate SPAMs, answer questions from your customers, schedule meetings and much more!

In addition, a virtual assistant can act in designing email marketing campaigns. So, you start using this platform, too, as a prospecting tool.

Market research

No matter what your business is, staying current is essential to your growth strategy. If you don’t have time to conduct market research, you can also count on a virtual assistant specializing in this segment.

Every professional has a productivity limit. Also, everyone has only 24 hours a day. Therefore, optimizing time more and more and investing in multiplying it, delegating tasks, is essential for your business to grow strong and healthy. So, having a virtual assistant can be a great alternative to help jumpstart your business, save time and reduce costs.

  • Diversify your income sources to work from home

If you’ve ever worked a traditional job, you’ve probably felt that fear of getting fired and losing your source of income, right? One of the advantages of working as a self-employed person and working from home is precisely the possibility of having different sources of income.

Diversifying your business and investments across multiple uncorrelated income sources is important so that you never rely solely on one of them.

Despite being an idea widely used by entrepreneurs, freelancers can also bet on new flows. They can be obtained in many ways, such as investing your money or creating online courses to teach you something you know.

By investing, you make your money work for you. Instead of wasting your money or keeping it in a bank account at minimal interest rates, you can watch it grow by investing wisely. There are several content producers that talk about investments. Do a search and find the format that best suits your profile.

With an online course, you can work for a certain period and continue earning money for months or years. With this alternative, you have a low production cost and no limit on the number of students, in other words, you can sell the course to thousands of people.